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  • I'm surprised you changed the bingo hall bit, it's still laugh-out-loud hilarious but the original made more sense with Nodi being able to blend in and you no longer have the humour of Mal, the dissenter himself, being wildly outdone by Nodi's chaos making abilities.
    I was worried that you'd given up on it.

    Cool profile pic btw, wouldn't look out of place on a movie poster.
    Btw, this doesn't feel like too much of a long-shot given that I've seen you post in the comic thread before, but if you wanted to read any of Junji Ito's comics (Uzumaki, The Spiral) I've found this stash recently: http://justmegawatt.com/images/junjiito.html

    They're short stories I've been working through. Most are pretty good, Enigma of Amigara Fault is awesome though :D
    Oh whew! I thought you might have taken things the wrong way. I would love to see the torment you are causing. You have a way of making everything funny. I can't tell you the number of times I almost fell off my office chair from laughing at something you wrote. I could send you an invite to my FB page but I don't know if you wish to keep your anonymity or not. I kind of like to keep my anonymity somewhat so if you want me to send a friend request don't share it with everyone else. I think it's funny that everyone on this forum thinks I'm a guy. I do my best to keep it this way. Hee hee.
    Hi Nod. I hope you don't think I was being harsh with you on that last thread. I did time on the Christian forums a few years ago. I got horrified and left. For a while there (before I got horrified by something) I participated, but I became frustrated with the vast numbers of mindless idiots. Anyway, it was refreshing whenever an atheist got on the forum. They did a lot to challenge their system of religious beliefs. They would play with them as if they had a cat toy. I also learned that you can't talk with them about anything complicated (hence my advice). I only got ignored and then the feeling of isolation encompassed me once again and I had to go outside and ease the pain with a glass of crown and coke with my neighbors but then I realized they were not much fun either and the effects of alcohol are temporary. I digress. Anyway that's all I meant by my comments. I hope you didn't take it the wrong way.
    I'm sure it will be absolutely horrendous. :D
    And you should know, I will continue to bother you about writing until you'll probably want to put yourself through a wood chipper...but it's out of genuine hope that you finish this book of yours.
    Walking home from school today, I saw an indiscernible creature lying mangled in the street gutter. You really should keep your children on leashes.
    (I'm still waiting (im)patiently for that book.)
    I'll have to drop you a PM later on Noddy, as I have to go to work in a minute. The drudgery of Data Entry! :P Interesting list though, I look forward to speaking to you soon.

    Yeah... would be nice to know how long it'd take to be over it... if you need a proofreader or anything, let me know. I wouldn't pass on an opportunity to work with you on something.
    Oh yeah? I don't think I've heard anything about your novel. Self-publishing?
    But...I can't wait for the rest of your lifetime for you to finish the second draft! I'm impatient and curious--it's a terrible mix.
    I'm actually really...pleased? that you're working on a novel. Your devilish wit just seems like it would lend a good style for novel writings and such. Obviously I already want to read it. Keep me updated, k?
    A novel! What's it about, what kind of novel, how long is it, how long did it take you for the first draft, can I read some of it?
    (Novels get me excited. :o )
    Aww. Looks like my curiosity made you self-conscious again. But the damage is done, my impression of you as a slimy, pestilent, horrendous monster was overwritten.
    I thought you looked rather nice. Charming, even.

    What've you been up to in your absence of the forum? Anything new or exciting, or did you go into a monotony coma?
    Pretty good actually. Got a decent job, nice apartment, car that just won't die. Oh, and I just bought a web server, so I'm gonna try another web project. How do you like the name the Architectuary?
    The lack of disfiguration is pretty alarming...but I'll survive the trauma.
    Out of curiosity, what made you decide to include a picture now? I remember you always being so coy before. Don't tell me you've lost your touch. :eek:
    That's more like it. :D
    also AHHH you have a face and it's not blue. Reality. Broken.
    Nice comeback to the forum. You managed to derail some threads and get in on some arguments about God. It's like old times.
    Lurking? That's no sort of behavior for the sewer king. You must be an imposter, and therefore we must dissect you. Alive. With blunt tools. Sans anesthetics.
    Actually, lurking does sound probable for one who lives in the sewers...but then I lose the probable cause needed for dissection...
    (It's good to see you too, my blue-faced friend.)
    Noddyyyy, come back and grace us with your ever-tasteful humour and wit as sharp as a bludgeoned walrus!
    Oh mi god, it's your birthday!!! How on earth did you make tat happen!?

    Well, enjoy your path to death. Are you not posting in fear of breaking your 4000 round number? I once had a aunt who had that, OCD. She had to throw pieces of bread to the local ducks every morning, or else she couldn't go on living. Her loyalness and gentle nature towards those birds... Often she told me "those are angels reincarnated". Ah, I learned great wisdom from her. But in the end her OCD drove her to ruin. Unable to pay the neighboring baker, she had to sell everything she owned and then she died. You can learn a lesson from that, chap!
    I mean the picture you made!
    With T rex Lor and her fairy wings chasing Sephiroth in a vaseline advert!
    It would make her nostalgic!
    I thought you might be able to relate, and if you had any tips for banishing these religious after-effects once and for all. Or is it just a matter of time and distance?

    I rather like zombie noddy btw. :p
    We're rather similar in a sense, both being ex-christians. I only have a vague idea of the type of Christian you were in the past, but I was a full blown agressive Evangelical. I generally consider myself from that period to be both brainwashed and insane.

    I was wondering if you ever had any residual guilt, and ligering religious thoughts and ethics. For example there are many things that ethically shouldn't bother me, given my rejection and disgust with religion. Yet sometimes I still find myserlf concerned over it. It almost feels like there were certain things programmed into to me, that I still haven't managed to shake after all these years. After I first became an Atheist I'd keep catching myself 'talking' to God among other things. I'd get rather frustrated with myself for things like this. The effects are much more subtle now, but they're still there and it bothers me a great deal.
    Personally, when I'm asleep and dreaming, I organise gladiatorial death-matches for my egos, the winner gets to be me, the losers get eaten.
    Ah thank you.

    Well I hope you stay, the noddy thread is brilliant (you've lured both IB and lor out).
    Although are there any other type of threads that potentially catch your interest?
    Never mind me, I'm second-guessing everything I say >>

    Let's hope some funny sods come along to join in the abuse. ;)
    The ugliness is in what we feel inside, and in what we perceive. In so much accumulated experience in the face of an unnaccepting world.

    I used to think that finding a blind companion was the only way to be accepted for one's self. The eyes are such impossible thieves to please. :D (I think someone important actually wrote the eye-thievery stuff - or was that an errant shred of bible text that survives deep in my wretched soul?)

    Anyway! You're still our wicked noddy and no one can take you away!
    oh, I'm not sure why I'm still here. I'm tempted to say it's my only world, and the familiar brings comfort.

    I guess I keep wanting to run from the shadows, but then I try to understand again.
    You know, I think the reality is we're all horrific. Even the 'pretty' ones. In the end we're all just flesh and gristle and blood, and we only admire what we think is beautiful because it is so far removed from all that flesh and gristle and blood - it promises something better than the human animal we are.

    In fact the pain of our existence (or joy) shows on the outside, and most other people don't want to deal with how ugly our psyches become under adversity. We lean away from that which stirs our fear and awakens the corresponding weakness/ugliness in ourself. Look at us all, trying to run away from our shadows and monsters. Fair enough too, in some instances it's too much and we have to show ourself a little compassion. We have to step out and breathe. There'll be another day.

    So long as we understand what we're doing. There's no blame.
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