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  • I reduced the racist argument to one about cats at one point!

    I'm lost without all the non-verbal info which i rely on heavily so i do scrutinize people's posts on here in an effort to discern character.

    I highly recommend the Tressell - it's kind of a cross between Dickens and Orwell. Hilarious despite the tragic subject matter. I've found myself gifting/lending it to a few 'hopeless' cases in hope of a conversion.
    It seems to me that you always see both 'sides' quite clearly - the one enormous grey area. It was something you said about playing devil's advocate for white supremicism (an extreme position which i've played in certain discussions). Does this sound stalky - it's really not, i just notice things alot.
    Anyway, i'll keep it to myself.
    (or move this to psycho-analysis battle :twisteddevil: )
    Well, this is awkward! You have further proven my perception of you as Owen with that reply. It's not about socialism really - i've just picked up on a vibe from you that reminds me of his patience and kindness despite frustration at other's blindness. (ugh sorry it's a struggle to explain and might just be totally wrong. i didn't think i'd have to explain myself :eek:)
    It was a ha, i see what you did there on the job search thread i.e. 'i agree with george' having said that that was not the sort of thing you usually bothered to post in that other thread. Query due to my wondering if that connection was entirely in my own head due to the day being rather green. Forgive this nonsense!
    Crude yes, but most effective if you seek isolation! Also intoxicating when first discovered.
    Your demeanor is largely contrived - i like that, most people don't admit it (or even know? :ahh:). I think it is true for most..it's one of those things one doesn't like to ask.
    Your mind after the singularity is mysterious only you never had a moment of pure clarity. For me its the anticipation of full control over my aesthetic preferences that is exciting. All 8 functions will be available so what you currently don't know will coalesce.

    I would like to become spatial/visuall intelligent so I could use Si by mapping its chi with brain state feedback.
    "The very fact that something is determined as a limitation implies that the limitation is already transcended."

    If you are aware of your limitation(s), it means you are already knowingly / consciously or unknowingly / unconsciously working towards transcending it / them !
    No :) I'm not going being sarcastic. I've noticed you frequently make quality posts that demonstrate intelligence.
    I don't mind at all: I've been off the treatment for a year now, and I took Concerta for six months.

    Thanks for the credit however to be honest it's most likely just practice and getting back into writing on a daily bases.

    I may be trying a little harder but mostly its just word recognition and realizing were I had made mistakes in the past.

    I read my old post too sometimes and I can see why you may have been frustrated about them.

    Anyway thanks for the recognition everyone likes to getting a pat on the back sometimes.
    'And what kind of weirdo is dying to fuck people in his own
    family?' you commented on this quote by me but I don't know what you meant, and its kind of been in the back of my mine since.
    Haha, I understand.

    Wrath of the Mods sounds like an epic time period in INTPf history:
    'A long time ago...'
    "This is the weakest thing I've ever heard. ... Fool."

    And BOOM goes the dynamite!

    We have to weigh the cost of unmangling his language against the benefit of understanding what he means: in the end, he might have a fallacy under all that junk.

    own8ge is incredibly arrogant. He really believes his intelligence great enough to justify out digging through his theories. Proof is a community endeavor, and if he doesn't want to cooperate, then he's schmoodled.

    "Despite Chad’s atrocious writing, he is a lot easier to understand than you."

    Boom goes the dynamite!

    Ah, no - if you look at my Oh My Jung thread, it's uber clear - and so are my behaviors. I've never mistyped as S/F/J or anything, xNTP was extremely easy - and I know others for comparison.
    I thought I was INTP up until 24 hours ago :D then my dom Ne Fuzzy Logic connected the 1000 dots and it just hit me! Sorry to hear that, I can't speak for other types, but I swear when you're depressed - you can feel like anything, and not in a good way. Yeah, I went to other forums, but can't lie - this one is the best.
    Don't know who that is. I'm looking for a friend of mine who I'm sure is here somewhere.
    I'm looking for a person in this forum. If I can get his location, I can identify him.
    So basically any frustration you have with the poor logic and general approach to life should be directed towards Chad because I was reiterating what he said back to him. It was half sarcastic.
    Omg. just now, I had a trip. I was hallucinating and everything. And I'm not on drugs. I was thinking about something philosophical, and I thought of something that latterly BLEW my mind. This is the first time I ever experienced, or at least identified it (become conscious of having it).
    I noticed that too. But my Ni-ness is a lot more detailed and logic-based, than intuition. I do a lot of Ti-Ne comparison by myself, trying out angle after angle, asking myself question after question, until I get that Ti-based "Aha!" moment, when everything suddenly slots together, like a bunch of lego bricks that won't fit together, and you keep trying different ideas of what parts could look like, until finally, you know exactly how the pieces fit together, and it's obvious what it has to be.

    Jung described this with Ti, when he wrote:

    Its task is accomplished when the idea it has fashioned seems to emerge so inevitably from the external facts that they actually prove its validity.
    No. But my test result a year ago, while I was starting to spend a lot of time with my INFJ sister again, said INFJ. Then 6 months ago, I did a SLOAN test, that came out as INFP. My test results varied a lot over the years. But almost always a variant of INTP.


    1) I'm an INTP with a lot of varied test results, because my personality, values, etc, morph a lot, and the online tests don't really reflect MBTI that well, which lots of people think about the tests anyway.

    2) I keep morphing type. At the same time, IRL, I have been considered consistently ultra-logical by everyone who met me, almost since birth. So I clearly have a type. But not any of the 16. So MBTI and Jungian typology is missing types. Because it's a binary system, that makes it unreliable, and as useful as astrology.

    3) You are right about me being an INFJ, and everyone who is ultra-logical is an INFJ. INTPs are into "feelings".
    Oh hey, erm... MBTI as people know it, is biased. And there are tons of reasons why INFJs (while being Ni dom, and thus are hyper-aware of themselves) type themselves as INTPs.
    Yeah Chrismas holidays are long in Tasmania, the rest of our holidays are shorter though. I'm not a fan of the system, but it is nice once the Christmas holidays do role around.

    I'm a fan of Doctor who, but can't take the pace of the old TV series. I've read a few of the books, which is more immersible for me, and watched some of the newer series, but I just can't get myself to watch the old series.
    You still have holidays? What kind of christmas miracle are you living? Good to hear but I get very jealous. The rest of us have to stretch our backs and carry goods for the overlords for another eleven months you know. If you are looking for an easy way to engage yourself in popular culture and a new religion, I would like to interest you in Doctor Who. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_xRkPUMHhc

    It's my latest guilty pleasure.
    Oh, you know. Swedish stuff. :-]

    Really, I've been hit with the flue and been home since sunday, which means high activity on the board. It's a good life. You?
    I don't really want random opinions. I'm already confused with these sort of stuff as it is. I can't tell if your solution does not suit me if I don't know what it is. Visitor message is good.
    Type aside, care to help me with my problems? You helped me back in an older thread.

    If yes:
    MBTI INTP and functionally TeFi or FiTe? That's interesting. It explains quite a bit. I was thinking you were simply a mature Inferior F type.
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