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  • It's like they're lost, I know. But, we can't give up in trying to spread logic, now can we? If you played with BIONICLE when you were a kid, then I think the following song should give you some inspiration to keep the fight alive. If you didn't, then you missed out on a great time of adventure and imagination, but either way, listen to it in the context of INTP's (and others) trying to get people to understand philosophy: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=_WUxU5oLI68&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D_WUxU5oLI68

    Awww! Thanks for the compliment in the science vs philosophy thread. *hugs*

    Yes that is it. looking towards the water or looking away. I could make it obvious by cropping the image down to just the Top Cat, but where's the fun in that.
    BTW - thanks for your time and the cat was originally a snow leopard...
    That feeling you get when you post something and the whole forum stops. I wonder if I killed it.
    Why did you stop smoking? I mean, what gave you the motivation to stop smoking? ->Perhaps it would even motivate me to stop ^^
    I think I got a mention from someone.... I've gotten some well wishes on a few forums too! Thank you for dropping me a note! :)
    good thing we like solving enigmas, then. Which supports your, "were the only ones that can do this" claim...ENTPs, for example, might be able to, but may switch to a new "project" so quickly so as to not really have an effect. Saving the world, one INTJ's shattered ego at a time. (which will, in turn, force us to develop skills of diplomacy and emotional introspection, so it's a win-win, save the world, kind of situation.)
    yea I get the reasons behind the "harshness", which actually I did not view as such. There is a time for honest criticism, and that time is pretty much all of the time.

    It's an interesting subject....INTJ development. We should write a manual. Or maybe a dialogue between the INTP and the INTJ would be more illuminating.

    Probably its more about maturity level than type, between the two, on who could help the other more. Except, I suspect INTPs, due to constantly analyzing themselves and never having that J-type security of self, generally mature faster (...or crash and burn), and so would be more likely to be the initiator of the mutual personal growth.
    it's interesting hearing your thoughts on INTJs...we are in a similar position in that my best friend is also INTJ, and while I would still call them 'my best friend' (a title not bestowed lightly), I have pondered around similar criticisms you made in the post regarding INTJs&INTPs. I think, though, instead of a type war, the INTP and INTJ are in excellent positions to help each other, provided they get along personally at first. Since being friends with my INTJ friend, I have stolen a bit of that "robot" exterior--am more efficient, don't get caught in loops of thought as much--and the "human" heart--have stopped externalizing all my emotional responses. My friend has gained enough ability to see the world as it really is (Ti), and to express his emotions as emotions (Fe), instead of cloaking them in pompous judgement rhetoric, that he no longer gets along with other INTJs all that well, especially the immature ones. I was wondering if this common, if you had a similar experience?
    I was an admin for a while, I banned Da Blob after consulting several others, some people were unhappy about it (knowing that Da Blob and I have irreconcilable differences) so to appease them and restore trust in the admin team I stepped down, then lightspeed brought Da Blob back, it was controversial, since then I've mostly kept out of the modbox politics although some people still come to me from time to time with their problems.

    When the need arises I'll act as a mod incognito, saying what they can't say, doing what they won't do, creating threads to liven the place up or to direct common opinion against undesirable elements.
    A while back, when I was an admin I reset my post count, my actual number of posts is probably 6000+ by now ;)
    Yo, is your avatar a pixelated character holding a cucumber? How is that going to keep him safe? I'm not familiar with the game, but does this weapon, whatever it is, involve sodomisation and thus annihilation of the victim?
    I'm trying to introduce some intellectual stimulation.

    And when I take over the world I'll need to know what I'm going to do with it or I'll look pretty stupid, and why think about that myself when I've got a crack team of trained monkeys to do it for me?
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