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  • If you're looking for a replacement person to join your Pathfinder Campaign, I'd be interested.
    I would like to know how you think my build I compares to Blarraun's y'know in a vauge not-telling-me-anything-of-tactical-significance-way, I can't imagine how he's come up with anything more over the top than what I have.
    yes exactly! it was the 'person-proofing' that had me most confused - it picks threads prone for simple generic responses and posts without advertising links about half the time.
    although it's fairly innocuous at this level the future possibilities are quite terrifying...bots may not be able to fool (some of) us yet but when (if) they can they could potentially be used to 'befriend' and spy on 'persons of interest' and acquire information one would not divulge publicly.
    also, just imagine how much more advanced the technology may already be - governments tend to keep a lid on various advancements in technology/military equipment so there may already be far more sophisticated bots. complete speculation but it seems feasible.
    it really gives me the creeps, i'm going to keep a check on the evolution of chatbots and may at some point set a date for not trusting anyone i first encounter after that date!!
    since you saw fit to leave me as sole/soul guardian:
    bot update
    4th july - 2 fascinating new posts.
    i was really unsettled by being unable to discern its motive up til now but i think i suddenly get it. it is much more complex than i first thought. this cannot be good. :ninjahidewhite:
    yes i saw that news too, i've since 'chatted' with a couple myself to try and determine whether i could be deceived by the current state of A.I.
    i mean one that's been around a few days. i'll pm you the name in case it's a real fragile human and somehow sees this :phear:
    i fear the forum may be collectively failing the turing test. one of your posts led me to believe you suspected the same thing. i'm still not sure if its just an idiot but am inclined to think bot. downfall of mankind imminent.
    Like the way you roll...very fair in your estimation of conflicts and good at getting to the heart of the matter (talking about the BAP/Blob/other banning threads)
    Sorry what were your trait/s again?
    Remember one trait = drawback you pick
    Two traits = second drawback I pick
    I just...every time I see your avatar I giggle and I remember to not be so serious. :D I imagine you performing forum surgery while hyped up on cocaine. It makes me happy.
    Interesting, I'll be sure to consult you before writing any of your family into the story.
    Some have suggested it isn't funny at all :mad:

    You, however, will be spared a trip to the gulag on account of your plus-good avatarthink.

    Edit: Struggled for a while with the wording of that last sentence.


    I believe it was you that brought up Piaget a couple of times, sorry if it wasn't.

    But I tend to see major similarities as well between his reasoning of thought on developmental psychology and those differences on the S/N dichotomy. How he claims certain people never moved on to the "abstract" stages etc.

    Why? I come back to this forum after it being down and one of the first things I see is that damn avatar at 2 a.m.
    Ha yes let them have their hope - it keeps them quiet.
    The good doc justs gets better and better, i think you may yet have to pay the terrible toll.
    That's ok, I'm actually sleeping early tonight. Hopefully you catch up with all that lovely knowledge crap.
    I remember that book, doofus. Now you've ruined my fragile and carefully nurtured hope that the spiders in my room secretly watch over me while I sleep.

    I don't even remember the crab people. Must check.
    Originally Posted by SpaceYeti [IMG]
    It's basically how Habulobalusaur said

    Now you get to be a dinosaur too?! HOW DID YOU ACQUIRE THAT MORPH, HOW
    it's just that since i first saw the creature and heard about the dayman, i've been filled with tentative hope for the future of mankind...almost like there might indeed be a loving creator god?
    Oh, that one! That often happens to me: 'wow, an amazing, original idea'...'no wait, i read that somewhere last week, d'oh'
    Interesting debate you're involved in i see.
    Warm bodied mouth breathing biped :twisteddevil:
    Sorry i don't follow...been absent a couple of days. Do you mean chad's (mr f!!!!) 'what is you code' thread? I don't recall anything about the morality of reading underwear :)
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