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  • He's cool by the end of the series. I have a feeling he is going to play a large part in the final season, probably helping the band.
    I am going to keep a low profile for a while and spend some time in the Archives. I am hoping to find a few observations amongst my 4430 posts that might be worth saving. While I was banned (for whatever reason) I was denied access to my own stuff and if only for the Golden BB principle, I think I may have hit the target on a few occasions.

    That was the song where he self-proclaimed his ripping off Meshuggah. When I heard that line I did a double-take, and had to look up the lyrics to see if I was hearing him correctly.
    He always uses phrases like "hey there buddy" or "hey old pal", partner, buckaroo.. silly stuff, its in the way he says it. The questions you've asked before (can't quote) are very similar to his style. You probably even have the same taste in music, if you like king crimson, iron maiden, hendrix, zappa, clutch.. just a few.. Other than that I just have a big hunch that you two are extremely similar.
    I had very similar problems, spiked with depression and whatever else university does to you. I just shook my habit this summer, took about 3 months. I wake up at 5:50 am every morning, I had a summer job that kept me on this schedule so I would be there on time. Now I cherish my free time before school, it helps me focus, eat, and stretch out my fucked up back if need be.

    My friend that you remind me of kept me together in university, maybe not sleep wise cause he was just as bad lol but we shared a lot of common interest and opinion. I lived in residence, he was instantly an outcast to the jocks (inner nerds) and all sorts of shit was said about him. I always let him hang around my room cause he was nice and one day we really struck up a convo I think and became pretty good friends. He was always afraid to get into shit, but I taught him the ways of secrecy.
    You remind me of a good friend of mine, good on you. Hows your sleep been? I haven't seen your thread for awhile.
    I was missing you and then I came here to tell you this, and you posted to yourself and weren't just ignoring me. Can I have your email or IM or something?
    Madmen is a (hbo?) drama series about the advertising industry in the late 50's early 60's. It's not a comedy but it is very well done, and the characters are compelling. Himym is just your average friendsesque comedy but I rly enjoy it much more than any of its competitors or predecessors.
    I always find it very difficult to communicate when it comes to recommendations, the best way to convince someone they like something for me is to force them to try it out. My eye for these things is suspect, I am generally in the minority taste-wise. I originally started watching madmen because it has a hot redhead (I am not normally attracted to redheads), but now I watch it to see how the main character works, as I find him interesting.
    No, I haven't :x if you send me a link where I can watch
    it online, I will begin watching it.

    I haven't watched madmen or how I met your mother.
    Though I think I've seen bits and pieces of how I met
    your mother. Mad men I don't think I've ever watched
    at all. They're both comedies?

    I only got into DHW because it was always on television
    between my anatomy and economics lecture and I would
    watch it while doing my mindlessly easy chem homework.
    For some reason chemistry has always been super easy
    for me, even the things others struggle with profusely.

    My head really hurts. I'm going to lay down and try
    sleeping a few hours before I have to go to work tonight.
    Though I'm supposed to hang out with a friend. My
    mother's been crying uncontrollably and I've been the
    one to have to console her which means I haven't been
    able to sleep at all and I won't be able to sleep adequately
    until I get off of work at 6am. I hate this. I'm going to
    start crying now.
    My father completely ignores.

    My mother deals with it when she has to.

    I prioritize well. I would have not eaten and chose to
    pay the rent myself, without your force. Though I never
    would have bought the OC. Not really my thing. :P

    Desperate Housewives is a different story. I know, I know.
    How girly of me.

    Really though, I wouldn't have bought anything in order
    to pay rent. Homelessness is not for me I've learned.

    I do not have a negative outlook. I really don't. I am just
    realistic. I don't delude myself with positive what ifs. Like
    if I can't pay rent, I'm not going to ask my brother to give
    me the money and I'll pay him back and before I even ask,
    view this as the solution. It is a possible solution, not the
    solution. I don't put all my money on one bet.

    How are you today Hadyn?
    Its 450. I thought you already added me because I can see when you are online. Either way, I dont understand or like this Bnet 2.0 nonsense.
    My mother treats me like her "best friend" when she is not upset with me.

    I never want to be like my mother or father.
    No, I do not. My parents do not like me. I am "too critical".
    -- I am not too critical Hadyn, they just like to live in their
    fantasy worlds: ignoring bills, ignoring anything bad,
    ignoring anything that isn't their way, ignoring their issues
    and problems and pretending like they don't exist.
    I hate this. I hate when people live in a dream world. They
    try to force me to take medication because I am schizophrenic
    and have issues with reality. They live in a dream world and
    no one tries to force anything down their throat. They make
    that choice, I don't get to make that choice, if anything they
    should be the ones taking my medication, rouse them out
    of their dream worlds. So when my parents want to ignore
    something, I bring it up in a very detached manner which
    just infuriates them with me even more, but I am sorry,
    be responsible, you're the parent, not me. This is what they
    think makes me too critical.
    I know for sure they're talking about me though, I hear them.
    They all think I'm odd and like things my way. And I do like things
    my way, but who doesn't?

    Was she nice?

    Your parents wanted to make your life hell :P

    Why'd you and your dad drift apart?
    Nomen is a name.


    Mine is Brianna, but you may know this.

    No, this isn't just me being weird. They really are.
    I hear them talk about me, they don't know I do.
    They think I'm deaf or something.

    Freja's cute ^_^

    Are you close with your father or no?
    My sleeping is suffering... I sleep maybe three hours a night.

    Last night I slept six hours after having been up for thirty-two.

    I think my coworkers are conspiring against me. I think they are
    driving me to have an emotional breakdown. They never set
    things up nicely for me like I do for them and they make me work
    the most fucked up schedule.

    An impressive four seconds, is it not? :P Thanks Hado.

    What is your nomen?

    I hope you saw my kitten's video (;

    How long has your dad been schizophrenic and do you have any
    I play on my brothers account. ID=Listencloser, I sent you a request. Im pretty good with toss, but Im trying to learn zerg now. Man is it harder.
    You asked me this awhile ago, my type is INFJ. I do have a well rounded T. I'm schizophrenic so I have to work extra hard on my reasoning and rationale abilities, which is why I have such a strong T. I also think that my Ti is more developed than my Fe.
    Just realised I might've gone overboard with the typology stuff. Oops! Bottom line: I think there are commonalities in our situations even though on the surface they're different (ie in spite of differences in stimulus, a lot of our root motivations and issues are probably the same). I'm curious to see what else we can find.

    Putting this here because my in/outbox is nearly full and I don't feel like going through it just yet and it probably can't take too many 'oh I forgot this' messages without demanding an overhaul.
    ... I don't think I ever received it.
    I just looked in my inbox and it's not
    there and I've never deleted anything
    in it.
    ?..... I cant remember....

    Havent you ever played Starcraft ?!....... Its in there somewhere......

    All I remember is that it sounded cool...
    I was asking because I wanted to talk to you
    and I don't know how to make conversation.
    I actually frequented an INFJ forum up
    until about a day ago...

    I like INTPs though it's difficult at times.
    It's a good learning experience and
    I have a fair bit in common with most
    INTPs that I know.
    That's good, I am glad to know that.. I feel like I still have to learn the lingo around these parts :P

    It sounds really awkward with your sister.. I can't imagine not being able to not have a proper talk with my brother.. I guess we're lucky that way.. Blocking her on facebook is somehow both tragic and hilarious :P I can seriously understand it though - I would hate to hear about shoes and such ^^
    Yeah we have always had an amazing connection, and really benefitted from eacher others company.. (Not a lot of NT's around)..
    Hey Hadoblado :)

    Thanks for your welcome... = )

    To be frank I just didn't really understand your post, and had a hard time seeing how it related to what I said :) My post was a tounge in cheeck comment on that, and I hope that you didn't take it more seriously than that.

    Yeah it's awsome having an intp brother! How old are you and your sister?
    Oh, so this was intentional? I thought it was an uncontrollable outpouring of self. Good luck, er, eliminating the people who know too much.
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