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  1. Hadoblado

    Deep, “intellectual” conversations

    The only thing worth discussing is sexual and intellectual insecurity.
  2. Hadoblado

    Is self-discipline good or not

    I think it's important, and that (for me) aesthetic concerns tend to be more of a manifestation of imperfect self-discipline than a legitimate challenge. If you've chosen to be disciplined in working towards goals you have accepted, freedom is not an issue.
  3. Hadoblado

    Being Pedantic

    Pedantry is typically a losing social strat. It's self-defeating. It's usually seen as a weird dominance thing and people watching are more forgiving of the correctee than the corrector. If someone is incorrect about something and you want to bring their attention to it, phrase it as a...
  4. Hadoblado

    Hiding behind hair

  5. Hadoblado

    Why logical types have poor social skills although social stuff has a logical structure

    I don't disagree with anything stated in OP but also Explicit logic is a different cognitive system to the one we use for socialisation. To the extent people realise you're thinking in explicit terms about the subtle implicit complexity of socialisation, they'll tend to implicitly reject your...
  6. Hadoblado

    panamath test

  7. Hadoblado

    Why IQ does not matter as much as people think....

    I basically agree with OP, though it was a bit wordy. IQ is a good predictor of success (or is good for a psychological construct anyway). But for most of the conversations I see on the internet, it'd be better to ask "are you successful?" than ask someone their IQ. What you have done is...
  8. Hadoblado

    If you’re a colored guy with (a) non-colored girl(s) how many times have you heard the “negroes are 3/5ths of a man” comment?

    What the actual fuck. That's some generational white supremo BS right there. Those laws are almost 100 years dead.
  9. Hadoblado

    Last movie you watched

    Yep. Fuck people.
  10. Hadoblado

    Last movie you watched

    What were your thoughts on the first two? I haven't seen the third, but I enjoyed the other two. Not because they were super deep or thought provoking, but because they knew what they were and concentrated on being exactly that. I can't remember either of them trying to be funny?
  11. Hadoblado

    Pokémon Yellow

    Nope. Pikachu is just the most popular point of reference in pokemon. I never played yellow (only the rich kids got that version, I was stuck with a second hand copy of blue during that period). Last one I played was emerald which I thought was a considerable improvement despite the lackluster...
  12. Hadoblado

    My low processing speeed index

    Is your eyes being blurry the same thing as processing speed? My vision isn't blurry, it just takes a little longer for me to register what's happening. It's not really noticeable until I'm forced to do complex reflexive actions. It'd be kinda funny if you've got a vision problem not a visual...
  13. Hadoblado

    My low processing speeed index

    How bad are you? My visual processing is quite poor for novel stimuli, but for predictable stimuli it's good. I'm terrible at fast computer games with a lot going on, but I read pretty deece.
  14. Hadoblado

    INTJ here

    Welcome aboard :)
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