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  • Anything new from alt right seems to be low at the moment.
    I watch youtube all the time so subjects do get repetitive.
    What is new to me though is still type and intelligence.
    Here I try asking Nanook about intuition process:


    I am better understanding as you can see.
    I am Ennagram 2 and INFP.
    Understanding Fi was not that difficult once I knew I had it.
    Are things well?

    Holding my pillow makes me feel better.

    You had any new political thoughts lately?
    oh my god 47 minutes? I spot checked a bit, something about millennials inheriting a dysfunctional society from Baby Boomers (mostly agree) and a few other points. Thanks but I don't have a leisure life.
    I don't know much about my family history beyond my grandparents, I've been told some more stuff, but I didn't really retain it. I've been meaning to follow up on that... I know my great grandparents were Irish Republicans. My nan and grandad lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland where they raised my mom and her 8 siblings. My mom was a middle child born in '63.... Shit went down, people were killed, my grandad migrated the family to Birmingham around '79.

    In stark contrast to my English side who had a track record of service in the British military.

    I think you've inspired my curiosity, I really should ask my great aunt Kitty whilst there;s still time to ask her. I'll keep you posted.
    I was in the hospital for the past week because of my mental breakdown. All the time I am trying to understand others by feeling what they feel. I understand why you are angry. Setbacks happen but for me it makes me cry inside. I can't be angry long because it turns into sadness, because I don't know what to do. I have learned that isolation is not the way to get better. Here is a song that reminds me of you.

    Musta scrolled past those whilst I was dealing with Monkeyboy... on a shitty device at the minute so no thread construction for me... I'll pick this one up later :)
    I want to say that I am not against Americans needing to have an identity in nationalism. But that you must look at both extremes when it comes to politics because you focus too much on the left where as you see anyone who apposes legitimate debate as leftist. This is very libertarian. And I disagree. The right has an extreme too which I think you miss. I think you must look into such things as the counter culture of the 60s and 70s. Because this era is what shaped the social movement threats conservatives worry about began such as Civil rights, Hippies, New Age and psychedelics(Timothy Leary, Terence Mckenna). Also I recommend reading the book Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles A. Murray.


    Hey TBerg, i hope you're doing ok

    I came to think of you as i listened to this song today. It's a recommendation.


    The lyrics deal with a theme relevant to your thought world. I guess it's a monumental critique on humanity thus far, from the perspective of a young outsider. One of the most beautiful works i've ever come across.
    I was wondering if you could give me a link to 'psychological types'. I know I got the link from you at one point, but fuck trying to find it again..

    If you can give me that link I would be happy.



    good for you. :)

    As I said earlier, the link to the procedure was mistakenly posted on my wall, surely you will be able to locate it without much difficulty.
    Make sure you have a clean/sterile working area and follow proper sterilization techniques.

    These are not plants, so bear in mind that their life cycle is nothing like that of plants. Not sure why I feel the need to point that out, but I do.

    Keep me updated with pictures and stuff as you commence the procedure! I'm curious. Make a thread, even. Some forums dedicated to hobbies support and encourage "build threads" especially for first timers. Perhaps you can locate a mycology forum with knowledgeable posters who will guide you carefully along the way. If you find a good one and join, let me know and I will join as well. Perhaps we can do this together lol.
    Uh it's not really like that. I wouldn't even call it "mellowing out" so to speak.

    For me, I think it just "resets" the brain into a more default, happy, sociable state.

    Like, all anxiety and social inhibitions kind of wash away. You stand straight, you look people in the eye, you smile at them, you are engaging, ..... all of that extra baggage we carry from a lifetime of second guessing, being rejected, whatever... it's gone. Increased extraversion, increased openness, increased agreeableness....

    I call it a "case of the sobers" kind of ironically, but yeah it's sort of true to some extent.

    I'll send it to you by the end of the evening.
    However the spore prints can be stored indefinitely and the mushrooms themselves can also be dried and stored for a good long while. you don't really want to take them more than twice a week anyway due to physiological compensatory effects.
    hmm. Can't give you a great answer to that right now. I don't have the procedure archived in my mind, but if you're a good reader then I can send you the link. The document is extremely long because the procedure is complicated.
    Additionally, they are fairly safe, and have been rather extensively studied. It's encouraging because many people report significant (often permanent) increases in self-confidence, self-awareness, and psychological openness (the personality trait largely associated with intelligence).
    Re: "I don't know how to get them."

    I responded to this in the thread but for some reason or other it got caught in the moderation queue.

    Anyway if this is your main roadblock, then might I suggest producing your own?

    I'd recommend starting with psilocybin mushrooms, because they can be grown in your own home without (too much) difficulty, provided you have the discipline and ability required to follow the systematic procedure to the letter. Any deviations result in failure but perfect adherence results in great success!!

    Thanks for the link. I scanned through the first two and they seem generally neutral. Will take a full look at it tomorrow, however.
    Well that sounds good for the most part I suppose.

    Not a whole lot worth mentioning. Just boring but enjoyable developments like moving to a city, seeing a girl, etc. I can't seem to find much interest in anything being discussed here but it's nice to get back in touch with folks I guess.
    This is something I wrote when I was 22.

    The Conviction And Truth Of Sovereignty

    I am not as bold as I used to be but it is because I have moved on from the need to declare my independence. Rather the way I am now is more to do with finding my place within the universe at large. I think that by 2030 mass immigration to space will happen.

    Strauss–Howe generational theory
    I think I have finally gained enough life experience to know MBTI.


    It seems you are ISFJ - A sentinel. and I am INFP - A diplomat.
    I now know who my sister is, my aunt, my mother and my brother.
    And since i remember many people here on the forum i also know them as well.

    TMills27 is ISTJ just like my mom.
    Bronto is ISTP like my brother
    Puffy is xSFP like my sister
    Cherry is still INFJ

    i think is all balances out now that i have some self awareness.
    once you know where you are you can see the rest.
    i hope to interact with you more.
    even though i agree with you i think you are projecting just even a little bit. i think Blarruan is not a leftist. you see him as political opposition because you are a little bit too political yourself. some people just do not like people whom are political all the time but that does not make them leftists.

    am i a horse whisperer now :)
    Yes we can, because the gonads are much prior to the hominid brain and its complexity, in evolution and development. It is the brain that is not correctly perceiving the sex.

    I have to say you're much more convincing than anyone in the thread. Ignoring the developmental order, your description makes sense, and it's very lucid. You're a good writer. A genuine compliment, not belittling the argument side of it.
    the answer to your gonad question: nothing failed anything. a male can have a more female brain and personality, acting more female, pursuing more typically female sensibilities, behaviors, life goals etc. secondary sex features is in many ways a spectral phenomenon and this includes the mental aspects.

    but if the brain thinks the body has the other sex, then the brain failed the body (it's a crude description but we're playing along i presume).
    are you prepared to extend your reasoning to transspeciesism for example? for clarity, let's assume that it's a comparable condition in etiology, i.e. that it results from some innate wiring rather than cultural conditions. for example, what if someone had a self-perception somehow informed by features of an archaic developmental state causing us to identify with some ancestor species. does that mean they belong to that species and can procreate with members of it?
    now my alarms are ticking to be honest. i have been called cartesian for this previously, with no explanation as to why. seems like an opportunist/populist slapping of a derogative label, just because the associative material is roughly in place. this is not intended to mean any disrespect toward you in person.

    nothing of what i've said conflicts with your description. yes, the mind works for the body. precisely that observation is what leads me to conclude that you can't lend the subjective experience of a specimen precedence and priority in assessing its anatomical features. and sure, the mind "takes orders" from the body and the implication that the mind reflects and corresponds to the body isn't wrong, but we're talking about exceptional cases where something has caused the mind to not reflect some feature of the body.
    i want to change common understanding, in many ways. i think you do to, even though you call yourself a curator. i think we both consider many popular opinions and concepts to be seriously flawed. whether i am being hasty or narrow about this particular issue is contingent on my understanding of the conceptual gap in question between my ideal definition and the popular notion. said understanding is adequate according to myself, but you may have observed a valid reason to think otherwise.

    (sorry, i had to split the post)
    okay. do you consider analytic truth to be a claim of absolute knowledge, like god? (nevermind if you agree that the proposition in question is an analytic truth)

    how about a glass being poured in until water starts running down the outside. would you say that the glass has then been filled? could that be analytically ascertained given the premises, regardless of what people happen to think about it or what peculiar ideas the government or zeitgeist hold about "fullness"? to me, that's a perfect analogy to the transsexuality thing. it's not a claim of knowledge, but simply a consistent application of abstract concepts. the mind, on some level, perceives the organism that uses it as something it's not. in the barest sense, this is a deficit of mind, a mental illness.
    i think these are points my stance accommodates for, since i make the distinction between the concept itself and the institutional complex formed around it.

    people get to decide. in my view the best argument wins. i think you're invoking relativist sentiments here. are those coherent with your own worldview?
    hi there!

    if you got the time, my frail ego would like some elaboration on the criticism from "i love you but i hate you" thread. i am receptive to your input, but as of now i'm not sure if you're referring to style or opinions, and if so what opinions.
    oh woops this should be the 4th post

    Anyway those sandwiched inbetween have it the hardest I think (30s-50s with families), because they have to work with both the conservative values and the more liberal ones introduced slowly by the west via the media. But the biggest problem for Korea though is that most of its citizens don't have a global mindset. I feel like in someways they have like Americans- they don't care about the things outside their region. This I think is the reason why, although they relish western thought, they don't exactly 'live' in it. The vestiges of Confucius thought is just the norm. e.g. social hierarchy, social mannerisms, relationship between superiors, colleagues, and juniors they're all outlined and are expected to be kept. It's incredibly rigid. But the younger generation are sort of up in the air on how they should approach this already 'Confucius entrenched' society.
    Thankfully, because of the salaryman working their asses off the everyday Japanese can enjoy the economic fruits of their labor- and it's in this milieu that they 'take in' western ideals. But it's more of a survey of them rather than 'taking it in'. They have their own values, but I'd say it's a hybrid of values; of the old and new, except they didn't import values from the west, they sort of developed them on their own and claimed them. Their sense of sovereignty is well rooted. My view of Japan is more of a technocracy. There's somewhat of a distance between the politicians and the everyday people imo. But the people seem to trust them because they think the government is putting in as much effort as they are in their own lives. This is somewhat the 'working your ass off for your nation/family' mentality that all Japanese share I think. They're incredibly modest.

    And that's it. sorry for the post overload, the wall only takes 1000 characters for some reason
    Should they keep harmony by going with the status quo, or should they adopt western values of 'everyone's an individual'? They're somewhat at a fork in the road.

    As for Japan, to understand their cultural setting you have to understand that they actually believed the emperor in their imperial days was actually a supreme deity, descendant of some legendary figure. The vestiges of that still remain, in the form of 'working your ass off for your nation/family'.
    The current cultural feel of Korea right now is chaos though, really. I think they're in this twilight zone where they're torn between the new way of life of the young and the traditional views of the old. There's a conservative-liberal spectrum here which is really volatile, even moreso than the US I'd say. It's not even that really- religiously there's a Christian-Buddhist-Irreligious threeway that's another huge issue. Koreans are incredibly opinionated and stubborn. I think it probably has to do with them having a mandatory military and their constant attention and alert because of the North, plus with the turbulent dictatorships they were under (of which are praised by some and critized heavily by others). Just as an aside civilizations on peninsulas seem to breed stubborn people, like the Romans in Italy and the Greeks in their own peninsula.
    But it depends on what aspect of western 'way of life' you're talking about. People on the surface are open to westerners/foreigners, but there's a definite cultural divide that you'll feel if you try to live in either of the countries (as a full westerner). There's a sense of understanding, like an understanding of 'theory' of the western way of life, but they won't really share with you your (western) cultural ideals/norms in totality. I think you might already have an idea of this already since you've been in China, but in Korea the importance of family is incredibly huge for example. In Japan I think that's died down a little.
    thanks for the leads

    Well it depends on who you ask really. Korea and Japan are pretty modernized and have deep western influences so they take in all that's western. The younger kids are more susceptible to western lifestyle and thought, but it seems half and half for them really. Some adopt western values but others stick to their traditional ones. Some have a mixed lifestyle. There's also the urban/suburban/rural divides (Seoul, the other cities, and the rest)
    I've been wanting to say this to you earlier: When I lurk these forums I always pay particular attention to your posts. I think this forum benefits greatly from having you around.

    That's all, have a good day:)
    hi tberg, mind if i ask if you have any decent learning sources for chinese history? im also wondering if you wanted to know the 'insularity' between korea and japan, i think you forgot about that topic lol
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