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  • Nice seeing you still stop by to post from time to time :D

    Reminds me I think I didn't get around to reply to your latest PM. I've been moving and stuff, so I guess I forgot. Maybe you need to post more often to remind me to reply to it (--: >
    I'm 26, it's older than I've ever been, I think this place is much the same as its always been but maybe not the same as each of us remembers it, the old guard are here but mostly content to watch and listen as a new chapter unfolds.
    Thank you for your post in the thread Kantor. Please do not ever feel intimidated to talk with me about him if you want to. I'm not an authority obviously and don't care to be, but his life touched me and I live on in the current of it too, that it is still possible he can meaningfully impact the world through the living is touching, so there are always things that can be shared.
    You better take a step back for moment. I either freeze up or flail when confronted with unexpected affection.


    I am happy to see you swept up in such feels; heart evidently pounding. There is great anxiety to be sure; but it's one of the great, chiefest experiences of life. A mysterious adventure. I wish I experienced such things more often myself. :)

    Don't worry about responding to me.
    I wish you all the fortune in the world to your endeavors kantor.
    Hey I answered you in my thread, albeit in a chaotic unproductive way ^^ nice to see you around here again
    Well, pantheism was my last "ism" before I stopped worrying about spirituality, so I guess you could say that I am. Sometimes I am at a loss to decide whether I like or dislike / hate or love / approve or disapprove of things because I can see a beauty in their mechanics, in their destructiveness or tragicness... just a placid fascination with everything.

    Sorry for the long time to reply, I'm very lazy sometimes. Happy new year?
    I'm liking the links on your wall. :D

    Hope your searches are going well, and look forward to speaking some time in the new year. :p
    For trivializing the more horrendous acts done to other living beings, one is usually quite distant from what it actually entails. Berserk shows some of the more grotesque and even though there are elements not existing in this world, what has been done to those humans in that world, has mostly happened to humans in this at some point. I read it mostly being unaffected, but surprisingly there was one point in the manga that actually made me feel somewhat the grotesque. (I think I've read you watching horror movies and stuff, so I assume the manga wont be too terrible ;) It's just a bit different when you see humans like this, in contrast to how they are often dispayed in horrors)

    Skinning people alive, cutting off limbs, tearing out eyes, being raped having your spine broken in the process. These are not laughable, small matters. I wouldn't even sacrifice one individual to such experience in exchange for the existence of this world.
    The maids are yoaki, specifically coins that after a really long time have become animate and taken on human form, so basically tsukumogami, also the the blue haired one is a very young dragon (in human form) and bunny-ears girl (not actually bunny ears) is a legendary sorcerer, I think, the necromancer was her tutor/master/something.

    It gets explained as it goes, and it gets weirder too.
    Thanks for the pm. I feel the same way, and this Spare person seems quite interesting... We have all our essays due next week, so I might be a short while getting back to you, but will do soonish.
    Yeah, I actually felt that dystopian feel had a Marquis de Sade resonance to it. Sade's Justine is about a girl who represents every virtue and is taken advantage of on account of it, eventually being executed for another person's crime. :phear: The ending threw me as that's where I thought it was going, though surprises are good. I just wasn't sure if that sudden change was consistent with her character.

    Generally enjoyed it though. I was surprised that such a minimal set kept my attention for so long. I think film art suffers on account of huge budgets/ too many effects, where when you set restrictions you start looking for more creative solutions. I was trying to work out what he was going for with that set. It seemed most effective in the rape scene, where you get the feeling everyone knows (and can see) it happening. What did you think?

    And yes happy new year. Hope you're well. :)
    Sorry for belatedness - essays, exams, yadda yadda. :)

    Sounds similar to here. Maybe not generally, I'm just in a humanities department with a pretty strong interdisciplinary focus. I'm doing an MA in 20th century Lit, but I've spent units in film and creative writing as well.

    Philosophy sounds tough, what kind of thinkers do you look at? It's probably obvious from my posts but I think I'm quite aphoristic, philosophy students here have called me a nuisance before. :D
    I just finished Dogville and recall you having a good impression of it, so I wondered what your thoughts were on it? The ending surprised me a tad :phear:
    When they are rolled up the great sky is bright and clear, but the great sky still does not match our way. Why don’t you throw away that sky completely? Then not a breath of wind will come through.
    All joking aside, that really happened. :phear:

    The contrasts and ironies in that clearly photoshopped image usually lead to childish chuckling. :kilroy:
    Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't thought of that though, as originally the fog was an excuse to avoid trying to figure out the reflection of the ship and the details of where the water hits it. Maybe I can try to bring that effect out again though...
    And yeah the Skype and G+ crew are still there and lively though it has come down to a few major regulars so it's not quite as chaotic as it once was. We have some interesting ongoing kinds of conversations because of it.
    Things are going well on my end otherwise. I should probably spend less time on here as well, really, but the job hunting process is long and slow. At any rate, good to hear back from you!
    I saw an old post where you mentioned you'd had my shipwreck painting as your background for a while. I thought maybe you'd like to see the revised version I just finished:
    Same painting, new layer of paint.
    How have you been, by the way? We're missing you in skype/g+ and I was really into the trip report posts you made a while ago.
    Sorry for neglecting this. Only philosophy classes? What do you study exactly, Kantor? I know you've written music in your spare time before... Philosophy of music would be pretty cool, Brian Eno is about as far as I know though. :P What kind of philosophy will you be partaking in? (:
    Haha, and what about good ole Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck... And Wile Coyote... Warner Bros. has made a lot of slow villains in hindsight. :D

    *Unsettled by the deceivingly slow face Kantor has put forward the INTPf borg arises*

    Hopefully I can beat that projection. Anyway, I really need to work on this procrastination: I definitely view it as a foible. It holds me back. There's some analysis paralysis in there as well. In brainstorming and seeing hundreds of connections, I invariably see some bad stuff, which gives me pause. This sometimes proves fatal to the idea because some ideas need to be incubated and quickly hatched to be poignant. I suppose I also try to avoid regrets via enhancing the product, avoiding mistakes, and rendering the creative effort useful in the future and emblematic of me. I definitely wouldn't produce more novels than Joyce or Kafka, and I might even burn some of them after completion. At any rate, this whole dilatory, almost craven, phenomenon curbs my enthusiasm in relationships with people. I'm really uncomfortable with the notion of mistakes and spontaneity as regards another person's feelings in romantic relationships. OK, this isn't Oprah. :D
    Yeah I will reply to most (if not all) of the message, which will afford you access to my answers (lucky you! :D) and rare glimpses into your original message. You're a lucky man Kantor. :king-twitter:
    I know which message you mean, and I feel bad about not responding in a timely fashion, or at all as the case currently stands. I also feel bad about my negligence because I could envision us hanging out in real life; another compounding factor is the sincerity of the original message. Nonetheless, the truth is that I was overwhelmed with options in the brainstorming stage for how to reply and I put it off. I put it off so much, in fact, that after a few weeks I wondered whether responding at that juncture would be awkward. This is like a fucking Seinfeld episode but the rub is that I will get back within two days. I'm this special breed, surmise whichever connotation of special you like, of perfectionist that procrastinates instead of sticking my neck out. I suppose the substratum fear is failure of possible misunderstanding. :phear:
    I would call that beautifying the wall rather than desecrating it. Sometimes I receive an onslaught of jagoff comments and I've got to draw the line, you know? I'm somewhat surprised I haven't been tossed from this forum yet. Actually I was thinking two days ago about the feasibility/sense of incorporating the dis/like option, a la YouTube, on this forum. The thing that simultaneously excites and disconcerts me about this idea is its democracy/anonymity - you know trolls would abuse this feature. Anyway, what can I say? I've got a touch for total tactlessness, recidivistic nihilism, and absurdist humor. My fervent prayers every night must be keeping me immune to vicious mod censorship. :D
    I wouldn't want to be snow white, she's such a victim! It's a good film though, it's got nothing on Beauty and the Beast however.

    Personally, I would prefer to have temporary greatness than mediocrity for my entire life, I often wish I was a genius of some sort, even if it came at the price of happiness. Must be that damned inferiority complex you mentioned earlier...

    So what's the "serious stuff" then?
    "Turning old isn't fun in itself, but for such people it must really be a horrendous experience."

    Oh I don't know, perhaps at first yes but I can imagine it coming as a kind of "release", it's odd how one's appearance can become such a pressuring and time-consuming preocupation if you let yourself become obsessive.
    Luckily, unlike the queen in snow white, I spend quite a limited amount of time in front of my mirror :D

    Sylvester Avatar, snow white reference, do I detect a fondness for cartoons?
    Haha, not too great. I really want to read it, I'm just getting some of my pre-semester reading out of the way at the moment (inc. Ulysses and a ton of Virginia Woolf :eek:)

    How is it to you? I haven't made it past the first section yet, I just know it's meant to be about reconstructing the way people think/ exposing the limits of Greek thinking. And what's the affiliation with Sylvester? I remember you used to use that avatar before. :D
    That's one hell of a compliment Sylvester :), she seems a really cool character, I think I would have liked her (judging only by the wikipedia article that is).
    Haha, what is the 'science and sanity' stage in life? :P We could well be though, I'm not sure I could pin what it is but I get that feeling sometimes. I guess in a process of exploration? Bit vague.
    I'm reading it on a whim as well, I didn't find it on a course though, the writing of William Burroughs has been deeply inspiring me for some time and he cited it as an influence, so.. I prefer pursuing books that seem to be speaking to me in the moment. (:

    Haha, here's one from Korzybski for the cynics I guess: "There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways save us from thinking." How come though, as in, moving from cynicism?

    And I do like British comedy. Have you heard of Chris Morris? He's a recent discovery for me. :D A like a lot of our music to, actually.

    re: people talking to themselves: I will bring this up as a theme for serious observation in the next comic strip.
    We're both reading Science and Sanity :confused: I like coincidences; I didn't think it was very well known, but I could be wrong.

    You probably wouldn't like England then, everyone speaks in double meanings here. I was just thinking about how my parents home is ironic before you posted, so that's another coincidence to. :)

    How come re: not posting? I guess I can relate, there's a few people I enjoy vm'ing with, but most of my posts don't get responded to on the board so it's like talking to, well, a board. :slashnew:
    Haha, I'm sensing a bit of irony in your post. :p I haven't seen you write in the drinking club for some time, admittedly, though I guess you won't now either. :D
    Just saw David Lynch's 'Wild at Heart'. I was interested as it won a palme d'or in 1990. It felt like a mashup of his TV series Twin Peaks and film Blue Velvet - I think you told me you've seen the latter? It must have been a massive inspiration for Tarantino's Pulp Fiction though, as the tone was quite similar. If you liked Blue Velvet I'd recommend it, very funny/ intense/ entertaining. I still think Blue Velvet is his best film though. :p
    you remind me so much of this german speaking guy, visually, he is a musician and does art inspired by ... hm esotreic science for lack of a better word, as for recommendations for everything map related, my man is ken wilber, however he has nothing specific to say about drugs, so at first you would not see how he has anything to do with anything. all the guys, of whom i am aware of, who are somewhat good at talking about specifics of the subjective experience are not so good at mapping it. like stan grof. he goes on and on and on.
    I have the limited edition continuum shift- something

    Can't really judge how complex it is, I used to play SoulCalibur and I'd say it's more complex than that, the controls are certainly harder, and there's definitely more of a tactical element to the moves, fighting with an unfamiliar character can be really difficult as their unique moves are vastly different.

    But there's robot girls and I'm a sucker for that :D
    But yes, it definitely sounds like an amusing game, I don't know if we'd come off as trollish to others though, or that maybe the colours might be a bit distracting. As many of them (|) (|) (|) etc, aren't particularly visible. :P

    Perhaps we could bracket a colour like, (|), at the end of a sentence or section to signify the same effect? :confused:

    Which emotions to catalogue, I wonder. I hate the concept of choosing, as it always implies any number of other options must be left neglected, bracketed from the world of more vibrant, evocative and frequently utilised emotions, interned in some cul-de-sac of things unloved.

    Not anything like this forum, of course! :D
    Haa, I'm sorry to have neglected this, Kantor. I was in the exam period of my very last semester (my undergraduate degree is finished: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=YKss2uYpih8&NR=1)

    Thankfully, a Master's degree will fill this new hole in my life before melancholy has a chance of setting in!

    You're so pessimistic in your progression of colours, Kantor. Colours speak a kind of narrative, you know, from pink to black implies negativity as the end point of all ventures.
    Ah, but which colour would suit me? :o

    No, too bold perhaps?

    Like a street walker, you say? :eek:

    Har, post-romantic would be quite apt, indeed! But we don't need to please them and their pseudo-intelligent ways. XD

    I've always found it easiest to emote when I'm in a private, natural clearing, embuzzled by nature! :angel: I grew up near a beautiful forest, which unfortunately is now a tamed park of used barbeques, (condoms), and cussing children.

    And I literally scribed something approximate in my journal today: "children are more prone to private expression because they use language in a way that is not acquired."

    We must jump up and down and up and down and dance all around :D;):D
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