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  • Can you tell me about schizoid and narcism being opposites? I suffer from burnout and I have bipolar depressive. I have little energy and I cannot think because my brain is stuck.
    What am I coping for that I dream as a coping mechanism?
    What is self-awareness?
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    Black Rose
    Dark periods have sent me into fantasy. I lack socialization because I was bullied and went into fantasy. I had no real mentorship and went into fantasy. Had no friends... maturity is something I have problems with. All that can be dealt with I know. I need to get out more and socialize. Simply interact with people.
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    Black Rose
    I do not mind criticism of my religion. Could you make an evaluation of it in my thread: Animekittys theory of society and more.
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    It is under the Christian notion of unworthiness I think where I fall under. It is hard to know whether narcissism is involved. I am not sure how I would need to see myself for that to be the case. I don't seem to see myself in any narrative. But I don't know.
    I think that you are INFP and I am ENFP. I did think I was INTJ but I was confusing tertiaries. NeTe vs NiFi
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    Black Rose
    I am into cute things you are into mystical things but they are together, me Ne(SeNi) and you Si(NiSe). - Pe(PePi) and Pi(PiPe). I am not saying I understand this completely just that tertiary and dominant create a chain that extends and forms new conclusions about type.
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    Black Rose
    There is a separate happening for Judgment combinations.
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    I think you are Ji so Fi but not Ti - you just seem Fi because you have such depth in how the individual functions. FiNe is you take in all this stuff about people and put it together and come up with such Si insights, you lay it down how it is. That is my intuition about you anyway. I do not see how you view yourself but you sure know how people view things from their perspective.
    I think I am making progress. I hope it does not seem like I am discounting what you've said. I know you are gaining more insights as to what mbti is. Thank you for helping me find clarity on such matters.
    I hope i can come back to this dialogue when my head is in the right space. <3
    hey nanook, what's up? was wondering which kind of meditation would you recomend me if any of them are worth it
    i mean, what do you think about all these buddhists? and their methods?
    not joking, please let me know
    I remember you said recently you are not INFP. I was just scrolling through your posts and noticed that a lot are starting with very Fi sounding statements. This would lead me to assume your type is INFP. (I see Ne Si and Te as well, for example in the thread Getting Unstuck, Evolution and Growth)
    great posts lately! your posts often leave me ruminating; i really appreciate them. ...i'm trying to compose a response; hopefully my words will decide to come out. ;p

    ..you weave so many subjects together that i can't decide what angle to respond from. i'll just have to flip a couple dozen coins.
    I just make inquiries because you seem to like me. You said you would like talking to me in real life. I don't expect you to have all the answers but you do have many insights, you know allot and that is what I am after. What I think of you I think of myself. Most times I have no one to talk to in real life. People don't really hate me or think I am insane because I don't interact will people in real life. The internet is my whole life. School was too much for me and I have been looking for the purpose my life my whole life. You and me are similar enough to get this. Recently I had a mental break and went to the hospital June 4. I thought I was going to die and be gone forever that night but I came back.
    I was mean in my comment to you. So I'm sure you don't care about what I think. But I'm glad you have found confidence enough in yourself that you don't feel the need to pander or be nice about something you believe strongly in. I like what you contribute to the forum.
    I didn't mean left in the political sense. I guess on this forum the political interpretation would often be a given, when dropping the term.

    It was an intuitive shot in the dark.
    I remember you said you are trying to restructure your perspective on functions.

    From my notes:

    At times, your words are clarity incarnate, and give the mind much to ponder about.
    I guess that is all I have to say.
    If you notice my posts in the witch hunt thread i now think i am INFP. i think this is why you find me interesting if we share this personality. One thing is i do not like the feeling i get from teal swan. it is not that i am into new age stuff obsessively but i think like you love to study concepts. i will send you a pm of more details.
    I have seen your reference to vampires twice with numerous other posts alluding to the same topic which could be read as slightly condescending or categorising. Can you be a little more specific as to what you define by such terms and what does it mean?
    I'm sorry to hear that. It's still not easy on the family. I hope everyone finds comfort and strength from eachother during all this.
    I havehaven't read Jungs..
    II'm sorry to hear about your mum. Is she suffering?
    Can you help me understand Feeling? It seems i go between both types (INxJ). Did you read the PM i sent you?

    Holo Impressions: Why Ni is misunderstood
    enneagrams I identify with: 1 and 5

    Some of the faults of 5 but 1 ... I don't identify any faults.
    That's juli (perfekte welle) and Gentleman (superior).

    I'm not in contact with anything that is trending in germany, because i have neither TV nor radio, nor do i go out. What i stumble upon on youtube is entirely random and i never look out for german things.

    Here is a playlist with some german shit that has left an impression upon me, over the last 20 years, albeit often not for musical reasons, but due to the lyrics.

    Internationally i like music from most genres, especially things that don't fit into a genre, like saltilo,
    So, since those years (2005-2006-2007?) i have lost contact with german music because the channel is not in satellite tv anymore. Of course i've kept in touch with those bands i mention via youtube but i haven't discovered anything new from the mainstream or submainstream (emerging bands, etc) I mean i don't even know if you like rock. But my bet is that you like it.
    I could go in youtube and find them by myself but whatsoever. :cat: I learn through interaction lol
    Hey nanook, i was wondering if you have considered the possibility of writting a book about typology! i would totally buy it (of course paying the fair price for it in its ebook edition). I bet it goes best seller among the personality comunity.
    Another thing i wanted to ask you is, could you recommend me some interesting german rock music? Some years ago i spent my reclusion days watching mtv germany by satellite tv. I liked it because they broadcast rock am ring concerts so i know some bands like the beatsteaks, die toten hosen, a girl who sings perfectk welle (i can't recall the name of the band but i really like that song), die artze, sportfreunde stiller and some other guys. I remember the guy who sang a song called superior.
    I actually am starting to think I am an INFP. IDK, It just seems like Fi is so strong in me sometimes. Example: I love music, but half the time I have no idea what they are saying in the song, but I totally understand the mood or emotion that the song is trying to convey all the same. I have not dedicated any amount of time to Enneagram so can't say what type I am there, but I could be 9w8. Don't know how tritype works so will have to stick to what I know on what I am unsure about lol.
    I am most likely not a 5 because I like to live in the moment far too much. Furthermore, I no longer consider myself an intellectual; intellectuals like to read books, think in the future and generally are well educated. (It should not have taken me this long to figure this out)
    Could you take a look at the typology thread made by AbstractCanvas. I am limited in what i can do and both of you are INFP so have a bigger humanitarian worldview. I might just be lazy but i cannot express how sensors would be in her model to the degree you could.
    Well i recently saw Comet and i feel much more related to the guy although i think once a while i turn really demanding and assholeish like the girl but it happens only when i'm about to explode which doesn't happen really often... He's like always happy, in a positive vibe, wanting to talk things, not avoiding discussions, wanting to know things that will obviously hurt, etc. In fact there's a scene where they are talking in her house, with the astroman over the wall, and it would perfectly recreate my current situation with my exgf, like i'm secretly angry at her but i have to behave. Not saying i'm his type because since i'm not that smart is difficult to tell if inferior T or something higher like it seems kinda obvious to be for him. Kinda reminds of Ross from Friends tv show without his comical traits. I dunno man, i relate to both of them in some ways, but just for curiosity, how would you type the guy? EDIT: well thinking it better, he seems to be more F than T.
    Really interesting, i relate to what you said about making others feel as they couldn't give me never enough and it's funny cuz i recently told this to my ex gf, and it was about arguing why she owed (me) or why she didn't (she). I've seen the trailer and i'm downloading it atm.
    Hey nanook, sorry to bother you, you are free to answer or not as always.
    So i was reading your comments in the post about introverted feeling and i remember you told me this: "enfp are always so angry and temperamental and demanding when they fall in love and in general. they can't keep their Fi to themselves" ok, were you disguising ESFJ as a possible type for me?
    ok, you could be right, i'll check info. maybe i think i'm an introvert becuz when i was younger i had social anxiety (not copying you fuck) but sure sometimes i feel much more free right now.
    anyway, i wanted to dedicate this song to you, even if you don't understand it, it is filled with love:

    hey nanoook, could you attempt to type me? :3
    edit: lol, in fact you did in that thread, i had forgoten. forget me then.
    You know the enneagram well. I took the test on 9types.com and got (parenthesis notate score) 9/5 (7), 4(6), 1(4), 7/6/3(3), 2(2), 8(1).

    Are you interested in writing your analysis of this order of enneagram types? The questions were answered without doubt, some were more difficult to choose than others of course but I certainly provided accurate responses. I'll respond with my assessment of where your analysis applies so that you would have more data from which to understand enneagram related concepts.
    I am going with an empirical foundation to my new theory of type. Jung did not like Te so i don't know how to extrapolate implication other than this?

    Extrapolation of Cognitive Type
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