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  • Hi

    I would like to know the type dynamics of ENFJ with INFJ. You seem strongly opinionated. I have a hunch that a teacher would be and counselor has more need to know someone personally. Is that why you are N?
    But don't you know? INTJS are the masterminds of the world and esfps are dumb as shit! //logic

    Of course, based on the hypothesis that, at all times: I > E; N > S; T > F; and J > P - all of which I disagree with obvs

    by the way, do you weally fink i'm smart? ;3
    I do understand your perspective, although I have never been in your situation; you've explained it thoroughly and understandably.

    From my own experience, one need not intentionally develop an ego. Your ego is there, being built and moulded whether or not you want it to.

    I also disagree that you are simply being honest in many of your posts (although I haven't been keeping up with your most recent). You clearly display forced arrogance; that is, you unnecessarily insult your adversaries and project clear signs of self-perceived invincibility (at least in your cognitive abilities). Even if you know you are right, it benefits you in no way to express your ideas in a way that just pisses everyone off.

    With that said, I would enjoy reading more about what you have written. :)
    Np man, dig ya 2, Also dont think you are a narcissist just that you show some tendencies of it on your forum.

    A real narcissist would be Lyra
    The greatest thinkers often possess humility.

    If you wish to become one, consider adopting this mantra.

    As a supposed INFJ it shouldn't be too difficult.
    You and dux youre both too brilliant to waste your interactions on quarelling even if you disagree with one another imo
    sry I lost myself in being pissed at postmodern art and chads wasting of other peoples time and forgot all else
    own8ge, this is exactly the problem that I've described. You raise a topic, I answer it, then you go off on a tangent from out of nowhere, spitting hate and arrogance. Unless you want me to ignore you, stop.

    Moving the Goalposts is a fallacy in which a speaker asserts P, then, upon hearing a rebuttal to P, either asserts a hitherto unmentioned argument Q without acknowledging the rebuttal or argues that P is still true because of Q. My small knowledge of psychology points to Moving the Goalposts being a defense mechanism against either acknowledging the existence of other ideas {Q, R, S, ..., etc.} or against "being proven wrong" and or no longer being able to believe P, respectively. In all three cases, the fact that a speaker is Moving the Goalposts indicates that he or she personally identifies with P or feels that conceding a point would harm her ego or social standing too much for her to bear accepting that it has been. A good debate or debater should never descend into something like this because debate is an intellectual pursuit wherein personal traits and feelings don't matter. :)

    I can't understand what your positions because you keep Moving the Goalposts, thereby rendering each of my previous attempts at understanding useless. I am not the only one to encounter this problem with you, either. I suggest that you slow down when posting and try to put your point more carefully so that everyone can understand what you mean. :)

    Cuz of my picture, which I designed to look pretty NF? ;) [Actually, I just wanted to look warm and feminine in that pic, so that comes off as NF.]


    You look so pretty in your profile pic too!
    I would have no reason to believe you didn't understand MBTI Types if 1) the fact that I have yet to see you type anyone as anything other then INFJ (including yourself). 2) I have yet to see you give any logical reason besides saying it the way you see or perceive the other person or yourself. 3)You don't wait for people to ask your opinion. You just rush in and tell them there self assessment is wrong.

    I have for the most part tried to ignore this and I do find it arrogant.

    However since it doesn't appear that either one of us is going to back down form are opinion I will start a thread and respectfully allow you to explain your opinions. I will then express my counter arguments if I have any and we will put this issue to bed.

    If you wish to continue informing of my ignorance of typology and demanding that I am indeed misunderstanding myself.

    Could you please at least try and justify your arguments with facts and reason instead of conjecture.

    Since i live my life everyday and I understand the workings of my psyche logically better then anyone else could I could either validate or invalidate your argument if evidence is give for your case. However, if all you do is say how dumb am I, and I am wrong and you are right then there is no way to prove your argument valid.

    To be honest its not your assumptions that I find aggravating its the pure lack of reason and the gall to say its because you understand MBTI better then I do.
    Others have pointed out that my post could easily be misinterpreted as insulting. This was not my intentions please forgive for my ignorance.
    Sorry, I should clarify as I think you took my message the wrong way. Fist I said I would not comment and call you arrogant. (Meaning in relation to your statement that you understand my personality better then myself) Which you have to might is appears quite arrogantly bold. Instead I was hoping you would read the articles as I believed you might have enjoyed them. Because I found them enlightening. Secondly I tried to explain the article was how sometimes (INTP) youth can appear arrogant. However, if you read the article you would have realize that he is saying they are far form arrogant. Therefore if I believed that the article would relate to you. Then you could assume that I too believe that you are far from arrogant. No matter how arrogant you may appear sometimes. That just my observation I may be wrong.
    I said appear arrogant. Which I have said before in other places as well as other people. You do appear arrogant at times. However, this is only my perception and doesn't actually make you arrogant or not.

    You should read the articles they are interesting even if you believe that you are not INTP (I am not saying you are). Or even if you believe that I am INFJ (I am still saying you full of it here but your the one who will not let this one go).
    What would you say is the most distinct charateristic that differentiate an INFJ from an INTP?
    While I have breezed around Google, I was hoping for something a bit more based on real life experiences or examples. *grin* >.<
    I rarely read anything like that, i usually find them boring. come to think of it, nowadays I find most books boring, though at the moment i'm trying to read Inferno from Brown when I have a minute or two between studying (in moments before exams i always question why i went forward with this whole mastery instead of just trying to apply for a job).
    mostly reading, writing and playing video games :P I like the good old adventure and mystery from time to time. Yours?
    It's done. Take note that some of those older threads became a little heated, so if it happens again, DO NOT feed into it, alright? Sometimes old comments are brought back from the dead, even though the dispute is long over.
    When a thread is merged, all the OPs and comments are arranged according to when they were posted. I'd also remove the rude/off topic responses to their own thread in the Oubliette.
    I haven't seen it.

    Remind me not to gamble or play poker around you! The ISFP is fiercely competitive in games of chance. This type of activity makes logic fiends feel sick to their stomach.

    It's funny because the INFJ-type is still incredibly mysterious to me and I have only met 1 that I thought I was sure of, about 5 weeks ago or so, and then I wasn't so sure, it was just a guess; I only knew the fella for a day.
    Well that's really good!

    I like looking for ISFPs as well but I can't seem to spot them as easily.

    Awkward eh? Possibly... ..
    A delusion is basically cognitive dissonance caused by irrational thoughts or beliefs. Paranoia (irrational fear) is a type of delusion that I experience while under stress, but so are thoughts you're going to be the next Einstein, which I experience while in a long term hypomanic state. The thing is that you really don't recognize them while they're happening, so you've got to come up with something to get through to you (people, signs, artwork, etc) and redirect you toward something productive and positive. Though paranoia is difficult to direct, so medication is normally an option there.
    It documents what might happen during a mixed bipolar state. Under stress the cycles progress more quickly and are more difficult to control.

    It appears you're experiencing a feedback loop where stress hormones (corticoids) keep you awake, which alters your thinking, which causes confusion, which induces fear, which releases stress hormones... If you keep it up and you respond like I do/did, eventually you'll start having not so nice thoughts and become delusional. Vacations/stress relief helps.
    I have not noticed these similarities however I could be over looking them. Please feel free to point out what you mean more clearly.
    Ah, those are OP votes.

    It's a dick swinging competition to be on the front page of reddit and more recently imgur and so upvotes are like gold to them. Sad really. ^^
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