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  • I was just reading the thread about INTP men around women, and came across your post: "I'm usually not very nice, almost a bit defensive as if I'm afraid she'll throw all her charms at me and make me feel emotions for her"
    It was one of the cutest and funniest things I ever read on here.
    *hugs you*
    *keeps laughing*
    I'm sorry this has been so woefully delayed. I've been 'in hate' with a fair number of things recently (yes, there- there is - somebody else!) and have only just gotten back to the forum in the last couple of days.

    I'll be your enemy if you be my murder victim. How's that?

    I was handling things well in Sydney, not so much in Singapore when they got back home. BLAH BLAH BLAH echoplex I'm full of shit and need some hate to get it out, I'm all constipated with duty here dammit.
    Moi? A whinge? Nonsense, if I'm a whinge then Damien Hirst is an Artist.

    Psh, cute is an insulting word and you are a cruel slanderer.

    I will embrace nothing.
    Sorry sweet-cheeks, it means 'Quick to complain/moan'.:)
    Ugh, this sexy club sickens me. How can INTP's, with their weary eyes, underfed forms and general awkwardness be anything but obtusely unattractive?
    I do, I do! I hate you so much! The sad thing about marriages is they often work the other way - people desperately trying to love each other and failing.

    Hate's a nasty thing actually; I don't like it. It isn't nice to experience either way. (That's not what I feel for snafu though - that's a much more benign hate.) Blah blah, captain obvious etc blah.

    (I know, I did that with snafu just then. Parentheses are a conflict-avoidant-INTP's best friend. And I think looks almost invariably shape character and personality, so of course it'll come through regardless. [I was surprised to see him making tit jokes though. wut.] I think the thing with good looks is they have to be coupled with bearing, personality and social skill to be of any use. CJ looks like a stereotypical jock - someone who's never had any problem fitting in. Good-looking INTPs do exist of course, but they're often stamped with an amount of weirdness which keeps them from 'passing'. IN MY EXPERIENCE.)
    You are a toadying imbecile and I hate you just as much as everyone else. :D

    (And of course I didn't actually mean you posted because of flattery! Interestingly, I've found CJ a lot easier to take seriously since he took that picture of his off. It's disturbing what that says about my biases. I recall someone else saying the same thing, but I don't remember who.)

    Oh, I'll delete anything you like, if you're serious. Anything for a small slimy green croaky gross ick ick yuck.
    Yes, I am like the little porridge pot, I shall forvermore keep cooking, but overuse me at your own peril!

    50? Nah, I'd say thirty would do with the right weapons.:D
    If this deal involves some form of sexual humiliation, then I'm in.:D

    You want to attract body builders now?>,> Melly dislikes this idea, muscle has never really been my thing. I hope I'm no expected to physically exert myself, I am quite comfortable in my skinny weakling form!
    Sometimes I wonder if there is a such thing as being too analytical.

    'Twas crafted before I got a grasp on Socionics theory. I'm still proud of my Ti-Ne Pness even if it doesn't hold up in a different system.
    Echoplex, you owe me several months of msn conversations, I hope you are aware of this sir.

    Well the thing is, being hurt by someone not only ensures you hold their entire attention for limited periods of time , but it counts as physical activity between two people, which all psychologists agree is extremely healthy.

    Hrm, I don't know, if we're going to work outside of our own relationship I expect some kind of profit.
    "I know I often think other users are similar to eachother in ways I can't quite explain."

    Although, maybe I can but I'm just too lazy to extract these little tidbits.

    I have also found similarity in other member but very few. 3 or 2, including yourself. I may need more time to clearly define it, whether it consistently exists or not.
    don't know why I think this way...but I feel that we are alike in an interesting way.
    Oh I'm dreadfully sorry Echo:<
    I have been careless and forgetful.
    We must have an msn bout soon. You know I love you really!<3
    Fond of my wit?

    Wow, you certainley know the right way to rub an NT. Maybe you're a feeler after all! ;P

    Hrm, well, I doubt a dislike of cold logic I've found INTP's have their own spectrum, as if different walks of life produce slightly different INTP's. We have dreary, passive aggressive ones like Fukyo and Lor, cheerful, live and let live folks like Dissident or editorone, or heavily eccentric madmen with essential aspirations, such as myself, Noddy or Cheese.

    *Shrugs* You could be another category.
    I seem INTP? You haven't even gotten an E vibe? Hrm. I'll add that to my logic pile.

    In return I say this, you too seem rather INTP. Very calm and reserved compared to the majority of INFJ's I've encountered.

    Ta! I'll add you on msn asap. Looking forward to chatting about something witty.
    Ah, just listening to some Pink Floyd, quite relaxed.

    Well, I don't identify as ENTP, I am just suspicious of myself. So far my behaviour seems entirely introverted, but interior inklings seem extroverted. Thus, until further proof is found, I shall remain INTP.

    Oh, okay, my msn is 'midgard.serpent@hotmail.co.uk', well, one of them is anyway!


    The INFJ forums are witless for the most part, but quite amusing. I don't beleive you remind me of any of them.
    Didn't realise I'd missed a reply.

    Hey Echo, how are you?

    Yes, I am a waste of oxygen, slightly more so than my fellow forumers!

    I can't even say INTP's anymore, so doubtful am I of that.


    Do you have msn or what not?

    This method of interaction feels stunted, though, I suppose it is much better for drawn out thinking.
    Ah, bless your deceased monitor.

    I know I look dreadful, unhappy, emo, etc.

    It's something I've come to terms with.

    My exterior expression rarely represents my interior well, I am glad it is accurate for once.

    I wouldn't mind if you beat me up.

    I deserve it I guess.

    I'm a waste of oxygen.

    Hm, well, you can send me a picture and I'll tell you if you're as ooglay as me.

    Just don't bet on it.
    Well, I accepted my oogliness a long time ago, and have been paranoid about it for a while.

    I mean, two years and I never posted a picture!


    Insult my looks already!

    You could even apply stereotypes based on my appearance!
    Oh, I accepted long ago that I'm an 'ugly fucker' dear Echoplex, and you can't change a lifetime of parenting and a few cases of bad luck!

    Besides, my profile picture is testament to that!

    Aw, you apologised. How cyuuttee;D

    You need any help gimme a shout.

    I should start a thread entitled 'troll busters':D
    My messages aren't strange and ill conceived?D:

    What am I doing wrong!?

    I'm glad that you're going to use it more, I quite like it, which is odd, because I hate social networks, and it seem simil

    Only, the obvious differences:

    -No depressing pictures of beautiful people with astounding social

    -No pathetic updates on a person life.

    -You make friends worth having

    -No-one batts and eyelash if you *gasp* try to have an intelligent discussion!
    No sir, your feet are paws of a kitty, not hooves of a donkey.

    At least on this forum, you're so good it's sickly sweet.

    Oooh, drug addict or serial killer? You sound beautiful!:X

    I can see that now!

    'Heeeyyy youuuuu babbbyyyee'

    'Aye? What che' want?*growl*'

    'Shit! You're man! Eeek!'

    Remind me to put on a little girly voice if we ever meet just to tease you:D
    Nice to meet y-... no wait...

    I did that already.

    Whatever do we do now?

    Uh, I just mean, cute as in reserved,and passive to the extent that you pussy-foot around all the other forum members and would never do anything that might flare up an aggresive disagreement.

    Hahaha, well, it's not so bad on the internet, but have you ever been mistaken for a girl in person?

    I have several times, though thankfully once I started speaking and articulating they hurriedly realised their mistake.
    I think it was because I had just dyed my hair red, and was in need of a haircut, so I suppose I concede I may have looked just a tiny bit girly.

    Gender is just an archetype hm?

    I like the way you think.:3

    I see, my apologies.

    Though I should add you are rather 'cute' for a male. Certainley your nature is.

    Bleh, I could never understand gender.

    And sexuality... Good grief, just another boundary, rule and restriction to be broken.

    Gender is irrelevent to me.

    Nice to meet you by the way.
    Heh. Am I...Naughty-minded?

    If so, sorry miss, very much indeed.

    (Do I look naughty or something? Seriously, what is it lately?)
    Well now you're just being vague.

    Which is, I might add, a great deal more incriminating than being vile or treacherous.

    Do explain which words were a poor choice and why.

    I like that, it's suggestive;P

    Uhm, yeah, but just the plain stuff, no sausage or peppers, or 'orrible anchovies.

    I am somewhat innocent, but I suspect my evil side is hidden from even me.
    Shall I pick you a new avatar then?

    Profile picture even?


    Don't eat me!

    I'm young and innocent and taste a lot like pizza.:<
    I always pick my own avatar! This is perhaps the second time Lor has.:P

    Are you suffering from jealousy sir?

    Or do you find me tasteless?
    I should hope Lor and I are not so alike.

    As you can see the situation has been rectified, Lor has gave me this new avatar. A present I suppose, it's fun not having to organise your own image, and I think it's appropriate if my passive nature.

    What do you think?


    I'm still unsure about the profile pic.

    I know I'm unsightly, but to feel as a zoo creature or circus attraction...
    A charming fish?

    Suddenly I feel quite inadequate.

    Yes, I've currently been given Lor's avatar to mind..
    How cruel.
    There is a fish on your head.

    I must congratulate you for not changing your avatar frequently...or at all, as I recall...
    I was actually just singing that song in my head right now. Straaaange.
    That's really awesome, though. Ahh, now all I can hear in my head is the beat from that Dre / Snoop Dogg song. Damn it. I'll go listen to more NIN to get it out of my head.
    I've heard that The Fragile is a little bit different, and one of the things I love about it is the ambience that you mentioned. I will check out those other albums, especially Broken, which I've heard is very good.

    I can see those connections you made, especially since I assume The Fragile isn't quite as industrial sounding as some of their other albums...

    Angry Pink Floyd... interesting. haha.

    Thanks :)
    What other album(s) should I listen to if I like The Fragile? I always hear mixed reviews so maybe you could help me?
    (That's the answer I had as well)

    The question of identity/personality-formation is extremely compelling and painful for me...

    Make that two threads.
    What I seem to love more than anything in people is unflappable kindness, optimism, and resolve. That's not to suggest they would be a delusional pushover, which they may seem to others. It's just, there's a certain peaceful strength in such people that I admire and aspire to. I always notice the person who isn't mean to whoever when everyone else is, who tries to make the best out of every situation, who approaches life with a childlike wonder.

    It's interesting that you say this, since that's pretty much what I said about you.

    Chicken or egg: are you searching for someone like you, or are you trying to be like the one you're searching for? Personality --> attraction or vice-versa?

    This calls for a thread (that will never come to be).
    I've been staring at your username for the past week with a blank stare, noticed your title, more blank stares, epiphany, Nine inch Nails. I admire fans of NIN.
    Seriously, Echoplex... This metaphoric painting was amazing. Without question.

    In the meantime, Ti will not let Fe enjoy any relationships without constant analysis, which is reportedly making others uncomfortable. Ne has attempted to rescue Fe from these conditions, but sadly the situation has escalated into a police standoff -- and Ti is the police. Fe will be spending the night in jail.

    (Linked for everyone else... )
    nothing wrong with being a bastard from time to time as long as you're witty about it. Loved your response to da Blob's thread - beautifully reasoned, probably one of the best I've ever seen.
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