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  • Were you always here? Did you just change your name to Ashenstar? With 200+ posts, I think would remember you. But I don't.
    Umm.... Jesus commands you??
    I don't need a topless one though. I recently got my own topless-ness under control. It could send me back down a spiraling slope of doom D: You know how it is.
    Yeah, I grew up with all the good music from the 90's, lol. I love most of the stuff on Vapor Transmission, but I wish that the band came out with more songs. How about you? What do you like to listen to?
    Hey, no worries. I really like the .hack//SIGN series, and don't worry about the usertitle. I think yours is better, lol :D

    And if you run, the hunt will only be more enjoyable.

    Your best chance is to wrap yourself up in clingfilm and present yourself with a polite note.

    This moment of confusion should allow you to somehow craftily dispatch the mob and make your masterful escape.


    It's people like you that make my life a living hell!

    It is also mostly my fault for being so easily infatuated, but I am delusional and will not accept that.


    Would you like a pretty bow also?

    btw, if you dig alex ross, which every comic fan and illustrator should for his highly anatomically correct models, you might want to check out the mini-series he and comic-deity paul dini worked on. They all had different titles for different heroes (power of Hope for Capt. Marvel, Peace on Earth for Superman, etc.) but they didn't include any villains that were center-theme. Instead, dini and ross implemented "real" world issues and tackled them with the superheroes. The one that stood out to me was def The Power of Hope with Captain Marvel, an easy-read and a light but slightly predictable tear-jerker. Check it out, the art is awesome and even the way the paneling and the narration is set up is interesting.
    Hahaha. I had an actual bedroom with a large bed and a chair and a cedar trunk and all sorts of other things. For awhile I just... mmm.. felt .. erm. safer? more secure? in the closet. *shrug* So I spent most of the time in the closet. I'm realizing how strange this sounds as I'm typing it. Oh well.
    My room in my senior year of college was cave-like. It had only north-facing windows (so no direct sunlight :D), and lots of soft indirect lighting. I also had two wall-hangings that helped darken the room from it's initial pure-white look.

    BUT you went extreme with the tiny room! I liked having more space for extra chairs, it meant that I could pack seven people into my room... on the occasional occasions requiring that.

    So was the walk-in closet your whole room? Or was there a room connected to the closet that you used for other junk?
    I am from Portland! More specifically Lake Oswego, but yeah. Are you from around here?
    I had a friend who painted one wall in her bedroom a really strong & bright orange. The rest of the walls were white or off-white... but the room was just dominated by that orange wall.
    I cried when I started reading the INTP forums - it felt like I finally came home. Welcome home.
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