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  • That is an uncomfortably big picture.

    Indian who is legally Thai, living in Thailand.

    Where do you get so much graffiti on poles and snow? Eastern Europe?
    What are your programming skills like? I can't remember whether you had studied programming or not. I know of a worthwhile long shot related to this.
    I feel the need to point out to you that you have a 'false' spelled as 'fakse' in your signature. I do not know if you're doing this on purpose, but it bothers me, and I must insist you fix it. D:
    -∞ to +∞? Oh I think I meant I would take an interest in ANY topic ... as long as it doesn't go too much in the sensation type direction.
    I think you should. It's kind of a mindfuck. I'd also recommend getting his last album, Los Angeles. Both are blindingly brilliant.
    the album art of the new, genius, Flying Lotus album 'Cosmogramma'.
    Your little bit about removing tariffs and freeing up the markets to help developing nations was brilliant.
    LOL, I don't know of any jobs available. There has been a lot of interest in human retroviruses in the USA of late right? (inc. XMRV, maybe even endogenous)

    But these would be academic positions, than in private enterprise. The problem is that most non-lab-monkey positions would be post-doc positons.

    But PhDs in the USA take longer than the typical three (to four) years in Australia right? We don't have to enrol in a masters program first. A Bachelors degree with first class or 2nd Class A (basically an A or B+ average), including 6 month research project with thesis, is the basis for entry.

    So is this a physical forum ignore or a mental barrier which subconsciously developed to protect you from me?
    I think I just realised that you most likely have me on ignore, accidental, or otherwise!

    Thats a pm and three profile comments I've sent you in the last few months!
    Does Anthile have something against eastern philosophy? Doesn't seem like him. Perhaps just organized religion in general?

    Oh, and maybe I'll PM you some time about the whole Taoism vs Buddhism thing. I think the biggest stumbling block for most people is that in most of China the two philosophies/religions have been tied together into an interesting tangled mess that only the locals could explain. It's the same though to a lesser degree with Shinto and Buddhism. There is a saying in Japan: You are born Shinto, married Christian, and die Buddhist. There is a willingness to mix together whatever works for you. This tends to drive westerners a little crazy because of our proselytizing religious backgrounds....Sorry, I think I went all geeky technical again. :o
    But...but...okay. Touché on the metals bit. However, I'd like to argue that it's all Buddhist symbolism you've got going there.

    Sorry :) I studied eastern philosophy in college (minored in it actually) and I went to this stupid little kitchy shop this afternoon that had "Authentic Asian Art". I was disgusted. Their little sculptures had all the wrong hand gestures and they had mixed up their Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Bah! It hurt my exacting nature. :D

    I could see C-3PO in the Hindu Pantheon. We just need him sitting next to a golden cow!
    C-3PO Bodhisattva? No! Obviously R2-D2 is much more likely to reach enlightenment! C-3PO is much to tied down with the world and it's worries.

    C-3PO isn't even touching the ground in testament to his reaching enlightenment! It's a lie!!!

    Is...is that an apple behind his head? You bastard!
    Is it your intention that the 'not' of your title is read as 'noet'?

    I thought it was a pretty cool book, not a lot of the people on this forum shared that opinion with me, but I really enjoyed it. It is definitely a good read if you want to get a feel for how Ni works, because the main character is INFJ, and the things he does/sees things in the story are awesome examples of how they see the world with Ni. And yeah, there is an INTP character who is introduced into the storyline, and both him and the main character are essentially seeking natural law, only the INTP is taking the logical and science path, and the INFJ is taking the observational and spiritual path.
    I think its the old ones but recycled. Are you familiar with the games? Ash Ketchum originated from this design. (maybe).
    That's actually some what right. I do find myself worrying about changing into a person i don't want to become a lot...it also happens to the album name of one of my favorite cd's from back in high school heh.
    Thanks for the critique! I'm formulating a response on my lappy at home (working right now; hope my computer doesn't crash - lot's of quoting... ah, the life of an INTP. I'm such a fucking reference addict).
    Naw. Nope. I just used the leadership opportunity to throw that in there, lol. If anything you could say I am guilty of changing the topic.
    Shit. Mother fuckers! This is not good, my friend. I'm very, very sorry. I'm glad I could help you free your mind for a few moments. I hope all else is well. Perhaps this will give you some time to develop more of your voice poetically.

    Man. That's crazy. Are you gonna be all right with money until you can get back in business?
    Oh great, what a relief. :)

    Yeah, the assumptions thing blows, especially since most people don't seem to understand the idea of differing conceptual standpoints. Imagine if all the knowledge in the world could be turned into coherent, crystal-clear schools of thought and data! It'd be far more efficient. For about 1 second, before the body of knowledge skips off to the buffet of experience again.
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