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  • Is this in relation to a post or something? You're kind of blindsiding me.

    Also, the use of "never" automatically increases the fail rate of your comment; it's too extreme.
    Why yes, I would like to come over for tea Mr. Burke, thank you for asking. ^^
    What? That's not what "Hmm" means? Oh, what a shame. . .
    Well part experiment, part curiosity, and part boredom I suppose.

    Someone else here linked to their Okprofile, and I decided to make one. Why did you make yours hmmm?
    It is, I see no reason to lie on such things.

    edit: Though if by full truth you mean everything about me, then no. Such things would not fit on a single web page, and probably isn't even something I could compile.
    Merely an experiment, I was incredibly bored. :p
    What exactly were you telling yourself?
    Is that directed at me Mr. Burke?
    I actually noticed that while visiting Ashenstar's profile and a few others. Do enjoy yourself.
    I notice you visiting my page every now then. Been lurking on the forum have you?
    Um, yeah, about that... *runs off*

    hey, I thought you hated people?? Or was that just non-NTs?
    -finishes cigarette and more importantly the book I'm reading

    -looks at you with Keanu Reeves like lack of emotion

    -kicks your ass with my nifty kickboxing skillz...yes, with a "z"

    -goes off to read a different book with different cigarette
    I'm actually lying to you. I'm trying disguise myself as a mere youth for no discernible or coherent reason. You see I've fooled everyone!

    Also what do you mean by 'where are all the huge 18 yr olds'? Is it supposed to be an insult of some sort?:confused:
    That is me on the bow of a small boat, on lake Powell.
    Oh I sincerely doubt that.
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