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  • Burr! It's chilly in here.

    I'll just rekindle the hearth and put a kettle on until she gets back...*sits in a chair by the fire and starts reading a book patiently*
    Missed the OMSI trip :slashnew: we had a great time, so I hope you can make the next one :)
    *runs in with no real plan except to get your attention*


    *smack* <---I just hit you playfully!

    *runs away giggling*
    So does this mean the "Portlanders Meet Up" thing really going to happen? I'm...I'm approaching this with trepidation. :phear:
    :D:D Eatttttt! *salivates* I mean, er, yes, go right ahead, eat you may.

    Chat about anything? Um. are.. you... asking... me... out?

    Ok ok sure, let's chat! You start...
    What'd I dooooo????? :) I'm being kind of a dick right now, but that thread on 'I noticed all the Fs and it was so simple and none of you INTPs are seeing all of them' kind of annoyed me, so I had to destroy it. I'M DRINKING COFFEEE.
    Maybe we should start an INTP meetup group. So we can post when we travel and try to see others when we're already in "away from home" mode
    Oh, sorry! Here you go! I forget sometimes and sometimes I don't have any extras lying around so...well, you understand I'm sure. :D

    "feeeaaaaar in my eyes.... can you sew them shut?"

    sorry.. your avatar reminded me of an alice and chains song..
    Not really insight, more like empathy: You look like I feel, and like a great many INTPs feel, even the ones who get on here and bluster.

    Here's an insight: If you just act like you belong, people think you belong. Really, it works. That has gotten me into some really interesting places in my journalism career. :-) I've mastered the technique to the point that often people come up to me at stores or museums because they think I'm on staff. And really in my head I'm in exactly the same position you were in your photo. :-) Bluff: It really does work.

    Check out the thread, I posted a 1967 photo. It's a hoot. :-) Turnabout is fair play, many others opened themselves up and felt like an oyster waiting for the lemon juice to hit, my turn.
    haha aww ok. That's fine; I do the same thing. I think it took me about 2-3 months to respond to one of CKs PMs once, and weliddryn and I routinely forget to respond to one another.

    No biggie. Just as long as you didn't miss it and get upset for my not responding.

    Feeling better? Physically sick, or otherwise?
    aww, thanks. I'll let her know that you enjoyed it. She's always pleased to hear that people enjoy her art/music.

    did you ever get my last PM, by the way? It was ages ago, but you never said anything back :(. Did it bother you or something, or did you just have nothing to say back?

    (am not upset or anything... this is just my way of making you didn't miss/forget about it and are getting impatient waiting for a response ;))

    Or something less contreversial...

    Like potatoes...

    I like potatoes, and not because they are my main foodsource, but because they are versatile.


    Perhaps you'd better lead this conversation.

    Pm me some time.^_^
    Hey no worries, if you neglected me then I am just as guilty. So I guess this means we won't do that anymore? I dunno, this feels like something I do over and over again with my INFJ friend. Which, not talk to each other for like 2 months and then when we see each again we both apologize for forgetting to acknowledge one another's existence, and then we proceed to talk about how awesome we are for not getting butt hurt over it.
    lol, I meant a metaphorical yardstick! I like using buckets though.
    "Portland is 1,500 buckets of city life force."
    Do you think we could measure Jedi-power in city-life-force buckets? Like "Obi-wan is a 15 bucket Jedi"?
    But we might need to know how to measure a city's life force one day, to fight off energy-demons! And what is the "yardstick" used to measure a city's life force? I feel like you'd want to choose a very "average" city.... like... Baltimore.

    Portland has to be at least 2.5 Baltimores.
    Oh, I had a fantastic fantastic idea. You know how Oreo's are often eaten with milk, often by dipping them? It would be awesome if Oreo ran a commercial with someone dipping Oreo's in a white russian. (Maybe riffing off The Dude's character from the Big Lebowski.)
    tee hee, thanks. I feel like I should have added a "no offense to the furries" or something too, but *shrugs*
    Thank you, moose. You are a kind and beautiful moose with a warm heart and a cold nose. <3
    Why, thank you.

    I think you fit in very well on the forum, by the way.
    I would have said so in the "Do you think you fully belong here?" thread, but I generally avoid posting.
    Well...actually, your statistics show that your avg post per day is only 5...while mean is 6. The whore calling others whores lol.
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