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  • It just means that I see beyond, and am not essentially interested in, the world of changes. If this was Plato's Cave, I'd be interested in hte men, not the shadows.

    To be fair, that is the same with a lot of "INTPs", but INTPs aren't always Buddhas, and Buddhas aren't always INTPs. Actually you know what? I don't even want to use the two in the same sentence.
    Yeah well for me it's just become a limitation - I now prefer to think of myself as a Buddha. Or an Arjuna.
    Rehab? For what??

    Nah don't really play guitar anymore dude, although I still dream of it. I'm all into business and the financial world now.

    Do you still believe all this INTP junk? I don't.
    Atheism includes all religions except Christianity(from a Christians point of view), as everyone else is without God. But about being special I don't think I am, Special Saviour perhaps. But on the topic of random, where did that come from? :/
    I did. With crayons. And thanks :)

    I was kind of surprised to see that you're back around... Why return?
    Much better.

    It is eight and a half times more likely to receive a decent response.
    *Hint for Toad*

    Posting 'hi *username*' on everyones profiles is NOT, NEVER, going to make everyone like you.


    Just a friendly tip.
    And my name is Lobstrich. =o! (Not really though, it's actually Rasmus! In case you didn't know)
    Rofl, actually, yeah, I'm off the anti-psychotics. I'm just taking a mood stabilizer and an anti depressant now.
    Well, would like to say I'm moving to Barcelona or Paris... at this stage it's just a dream, but who knows, because I do want to get out of Sydney - I'm kind of, well no not kind of, very bored of it...

    post a vid of you playing guitar one of these days, hah, there's one of me on youtube somewhere
    Good man, been up to heaps, just got back from a Europe holiday. Now I want to move there!
    An extract from it:

    "It was a scorching hot summer’s day. The bright summer sun seemed to linger just a little longer every day. To Chris, today seemed the hottest yet. As he lay in bed, the crack between his curtains let in a sliver of burning light. No matter how much he tossed and turned, that light seemed to follow him. Drenched in sweat, Chris decides to get up. He turns on the TV and flips to the nearest news channel. The 5 o’clock news hour was on. “Shit, I overslept again.”..."

    You sent it me nearly a year ago ^^

    What stuff have you been jamming on your guitar?

    As for myself, I'm not bad thank you. I've got to start writing some songs soon :)
    You're far too quiet these days! I hope you haven't gone all serious on me... :p

    What happened to that story you were writing?
    I didn't lie, I just operated with a very, very extended time-frame. When you dabble in aeons, days and years become indistinguishable from one other.

    As far as I'm concerned, our last pm felt like a few minutes ago.

    I understand that as a simple swamp-dwelling carbon-based life-form, you might not be able to empathise with the predicaments that my kind (magicians, that is) face when dealing with yours. You all see flitting moments as great spans of time, and the stars that we leap to and from as you leap to and from rocks on your swampbeds seem as distant to you as your microcosmic perception seems distant from our macrocosmic union.
    hahah yeah, I am. Sorry about that.... did name change, and apparently it confused everyone a bit. My bad
    Yes. Too many people I know ignore the lyrics, or consider them nonsense. :confused: To me they're the best part...
    Hi Toad, happy week late birthday!:) I was still recovering from a 12 hour plane flight, so I didn't see that till now =P
    Calm down dearest. You're acting like a menstruating manic depressive.
    I'm writing your poem. I'm taking my time so that it's perfect, seeing as you're going to keep it forever.
    Hey Toad, I don't think it's necessarily possible for me to figure out my MBTI type because there are so many differences in theory among the theorists themselves. It's kind of like religion: do you follow the teachings of Keirsey or Meyers or Jung? So people should probably say, 'I'm a Thomson INTP' or a 'Keirsey ISFP', whatever. It's one of those situations where the more you read, the more options there are, and the more you realize that the type name in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot. That's why I like the enneagram better; less time agonizing about type, more time focusing on what benefits you can glean from it.

    In other words, I don't know. :)

    What made you realize INFP for you?
    I took an extended break right after thanksgiving, and just left a little message in the 'absence' thread. I'm guessing not many people saw it, but anyways, I'm slowly working my way back into residenceship, it seems.

    And I figured I'd be an upstanding member and not clog the threads :p
    Djarum Blacks: Because nothing ruins a Goth's ensemble more than white cigarettes.
    Hey ! Just haven't had much to post really, that and all the ideas I've had for threads are too troublesome and lengthy... I guess the IRC channel keeps me away from here a lot too.

    Oh btw, somehow, the tobacco on your avatar doesn't make me feel like smoking at all, I wonder if it's the color, If they were some snazzy Marlboro I'd be all over them.
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