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  • Hehe, yeah I thought it was odd because Venture posted on my profile and then Cheese began talking about him. I'm 23% convinced that there are only about 17 real members on this forum. ^^

    Venturous <--- was this a pun? xD

    As for myself, I'm feeling in an odd state at the moment. You know that feeling you get when you suddenly realise you have forgotten to do something important. I got smacked in the face with it by a piece of College work. I then realised that I've not done any of my College work yet and so the feeling faded. I was worried for a fraction of a second though. I can't even imagine what a normal person would feel like if they were suddenly given the amount of work I have in the short deadline I have to complete it.
    That was the first time in... nearly 6 months I guess. The last time I remember talking to him was via Steam where he removed me from his friends list and posted a message on my profile saying that I broke him.

    I play with such fragile toys it seems ^^

    How are you sir?
    What the fuck.....

    ......is this shit?

    I'm all manner of beastly things. Don't let crypy fool you.
    haha, yeah that's something to consider. We are pretty fucking important, after all.
    Like Tekton, I'm in it for science. :D

    Yeah I'm kinda stuck on the whole 1000 deal. I can't bear to make another post.
    Hooooly shit you are one damn good artist.... and.... and.... you removed my comment that contained your picture!

    Awww I knews you were a pussy Glovey :D
    Ooh, Glovey!

    You can desire whatever you want, I can.

    I hate the taste fruit flavored Popsicles but I can make myself enjoy it.

    Prove me wrong. :)
    Can you clarify?

    Did you not learn how to write sentences and converse with people in school?
    Wow.... you're more stupid than I thought....

    You still don't understand what I was saying either.

    You obviously aren't on a high level of introspection like myself or you would have figured out so much more, but maybe not, since you don't really have a strong Ti....

    So sorry Glovey....

    That is why you put meaning into things.... you are an idealist.....
    I think now would be a good time for you to masturabate to girls that you dream of being with, it might make your heart feel better.....

    Try not to waste time with 3 letter posts.
    Everything is resistible to me, but I am attracted to people like you.
    You just can't accept that there isn't meaning in life, any life.

    I don't think of myself as popular, to some maybe :)

    Especially you, and thanks for that advertising on your signature.

    You aren't getting anything 'through' me, I know what you are trying to say, you do not understand me, but you think you do.
    At the least, you are encouraging me, in your sense...

    Thank you, Glovehead :)
    Oooh wow, I have more posts than you.

    I think that's about 100-150 posts in a week in a half.
    You are not superior to me, intellectually or morally.

    You act nice, and it makes you look like a bitch.

    Take my advice..... jump off of a high bridge or building....
    It will save you the 'misery' you will go through later in life :)

    What will talking about me on IRC do?

    Your obsession with me..... has to stop....

    And you're so clever!
    Quoting me in your signature! :D
    Pfft...well at least I know who you're not thinking of when you jerk off (that thread of yours - my god).
    Hello, my lovely dylan clone!

    Uh...what precipitated this delightful visit?

    <3 and manhugs and all that :D
    Yea, I wanted to start this thread called, "Religion: a part of social evolution". It describes how I think that religion was necessary in the earlier years of humanity because life was so hard and people needed a reason or hope to continue living. It is also a way to control the population into obeying laws. But I think we have too many religious sympathizers that would attack that idea. I'm not in a debating mood.
    Oh, you're glove. DIdn't know you changed your name. Yea I lurk around most of the time. Threads these days seem like repeats of what we had before the rush of new members. Plus it contains a bizarre amount of religious threads, which I try to stay away from.
    Why didn't you send a Personal Message to me instead making prejudgments by visitor messages?
    Or go to the 'Chat Box'
    This isn't a social networking site.
    Do you know how to read properly?

    I said I did it on purpose, and that wasn't a community. I don't even know what to call it!

    I went around on other servers and I could have a real discussion and I had a much better experince.

    And it seemed that as long as I knew I was able to go into ecnet, my NP was toruring my Ti.....
    good. thinking of playing this new mmo. its pretty repetitive but i love them because of their addictiveness
    You'll end up shoving the barrel of a rifle in your mouth if you move anywhere with Rain.
    thankies! wish you were on more then. kill your parents and move to alaska with me x3
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