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  • I'm ok I guess. Just ok. Not great, not good...just ok...Hangin' in there I guess.
    lol, i am in the prepatory stages of my composition...
    "Reveries From John Lennon's Wife's Garden: The Grandoise Viddies of Bog"

    utterly stupid, yes? :D
    check here now!

    my bastard little brother 'needed the family computer'....meaning no IRC for me :mad:

    fucking parental controls! bastards!

    sorry, you don't check here when you are on IRC :(


    you are safe for now, but you will talk to me again....i apologise ahead of time

    oh, finally i read the pm i sent you, it is rather....full of crap, as i said :D
    say... im coming up on 500 posts pretty soon. maybe we can do a joint-congratulatory thread for the both of us...?
    is it good to be a complex person?

    i mean Salvador Dali says that it is not good for people to understand what you do, especially important that you yourself don't understand what you do.

    can a complex person ever become understood and obsolete? a complex person is everchanging, it is the constant trasition that makes a complex person complex, and if you never stop moving you never cease to be complex, right. like the Ouroboros, but still is it good. if you are ever changing, there can be no constant, no matter where you find happiness or purpose, you will change. i suppose my idealsim is to find where i am right now, then soak it up and move on. but i guess wherever i go i want to leave things behind, i want to pioneer, never stop. so yes, this could work in general i wish to continually forge the path for others to tread and colonise, to form the basis for off-shoots....

    there i go talking bullshit again :rolleyes:
    so you find the subject intriguing? :D

    oh, and you have 999 posts; you need to throw a party or somethin :p
    oh, and you mention stuff i was talking about, what i verbalised. what exactly? the Hyperactivity + Pensiveness? the Nick Drake stuff, art and identity? which?

    i love the piece though :)

    but as i think i said, the ENTP can be a complete and utter lawyer, if you get me :D is in MENSA (the bastard, i didn't even get offered entry exam :mad:) but likes alcohol and hanging around 'cool people'. we fell out because of his ego, causing him to look down and dislike me, in favour of 'cool' friends, i just presumed this was part of my natural cycles of friendship with him come to an end, but now we are becoming mates again. we only hang around at school really, we don't talk that much about interesting stuff, he is far from a regular pal to share ideas with. but sometimes, on rare and happy occasions i have a rewarding conversation with him, which are fun :)
    thank you for the Chopin piece (i am still listening) but it is wonderful. i am not a fan of anything from the 18 century classical era, mozart and the like, but the Romantic and Modern era has given so much good music, some of my favourite music actually. i love Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Alkan, Liszt, Shostakovich, Grieg...i think combining these with a lot of the Jazz pioneers (Charles Mingus, Sun Ra) make up my Piano sound...or what i will sound like. i have just started playing (not properly, of course) but i love romantic chords, mixed with violent, often jazzy outbursts...i love that shit :D

    so yeah, basically i am saying i adore all the stuff you post me, so don't worry about it :)
    hey, i put up a big fat disclaimer right at the top of it, and i even posted it in the oubliette, so no complaining!
    i was just making sure you were active, cuz i got somethin to tell ya. not out in the open though... :x

    and who is dylan?
    exactly, this song i think embodies the artistic spirit and yearning perfectly. it is actually this song, which i have listened to often recently, has actually helped me realise that if i must compare myself to something, if i must be something (also speaking to music teacher made me realise - who incidentally got me into Nick Drake :phear:). they have helped me realise that the only thing i should be is myself, the overlooked detail i believe is the thought that i need a high IQ/intelligence to do this, if there is something more then it is more than brain speed and efficiency, and i shouldn't care about being an INXP but just care about being an artist and being creative. moving song.

    also, for some reason i have begun hanging around with said ENTP i had fallen out with, who is in MENSA now...but we are talking again, a mixture of dirty jokes and philosophy/psychology. and yet again he said that i am smarter than him, and i maintain that he is "a smart bastard"

    Melkor's on to us!
    We must disperse for a while.

    I will find you again.... do not worry......
    Listen..... Cheese........ there's another... I- I'm sorry.



    And let me tell you something sweetie, I don't like no bitches that bitch, so you can just go fuck off.
    dolt?! no, no, no, no....she is an ENFP, they are not to be trusted where people are involved because they are fun-loving and love everyone

    and as i say, she likes parties and fun and shit like that, i aint her type.
    A Person continues her parade into utter fucked-up-ness....in saying she 'masturbates to the sound of my voice' and yesterday, fucking kissed me on the cheek. she is evil, because she knows exactly how shy i am so messes with me....rather cruel :mad:

    oh, and i was asked for her hand in marriage too :confused:

    she preys on me like a fatty on a burger
    classic MBTI friction moments are fun, aren't they? an ENTP today told me that i needed to "stop just observing and join in" - such a moment, eh?! i never knew people actually said these things, i thought that the only existed in type descriptions :D

    the only lessons i share with smart girls is English and RE, both lessons in which i am Outspoken, overtly Smart-ass - meaning they only see that side of me. i am the kid in RE who alternates between giving very deep and philosophical answers (deeper than anyone else) and being a complete and utter comedian, being deliberately provocative, plenty of Satire. seriously, that gives a bad impression.

    plus, although i am kind of smart they never see any depth or sensitivity (which is a bigger part of me than Satire and Humour).
    i gotcha

    my morals become more and more blurred everyday, i couldn't have cared less if you were an actual prostitute.

    i mean, yeah, i am smart-ish, but brains are not attractive, bad boys are. i annoy too many people, i am not very likeable, i am too...i don't know, i am too extreme for most people. if i were smarter i would be attractive to smart girls, but as it stands i just come off as an arrogant asshole there.

    i am pretty sure i will never be promiscuous
    oh, by all means look all day, i was just joking :p i don't mind, i can only wonder why they are interesting.

    Liszt was a whore?! didn't know that. i also can't fathom why being attractive to whores is good...other than free sex...hmm...

    you're promiscuous?! really?! well, i am afraid i don't hang with whores. goodbye, i don't wish to speak anymore....i am kidding :D

    no seriously, tell me more :)
    it isn't love, she actually is a whore, or at least is promiscuous. to date me would be like asking Liszt to write a song for J. Lo.
    if she is hot for the body or brain maybe i should instigate conversation on Dualism, some Descartes :rolleyes:....wait, chicks don't dig it :confused:

    lol, and congratulations on what

    ps - people said i used to look cute at the start of high school, and a couple of people have said i haven't changed much. so this would mean...you know...?
    no, it is just today she suddenly spouted "i love you, you are so cool, i like your voice, you look cute", for some reason she finds me very witty :confused:

    and then she hugged me a lot and tryed to have a conversation about...sexual matters (:storks:), so i told her i watch 'noddy and big-ears porn' and 'wish i was a kangaroo so i had three vaginas and could carry my young in a pouch' - she found this hilarious too (*facepalm*)

    turns out she is a total whore :rolleyes:
    Thank you Cheese. Uh... I'm not used to people saying things like that about me. It makes me very happy even though I think you maybe have too high an image of me.

    Thank you. I'll definitely make sure to look out for your posts when I browse the forums. I like your Dinosaur a lot :-)
    No one agrees with my voice. *<---------don't even need old green smiley here.

    Why can't I type smaller!!???!!!?? Grrrrrr.....
    (^^a rhetorical question of course)
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