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  • Damn, I was again coincidentally drunk when writing to you !

    *Shakes fist*

    Too bad about your education, though.

    This place is inhabited by like 2000 peoples.

    From where do you originate?
    Working, laundrymat. Want to be a physicist but my mental condition refuse me to. Vestlandet, very pretty here. Currently wanting more porn.
    Sugarpop visited my profile. Sugarpop is norwegian (I think). Thus one VM for Sugarpop. Love me ;;;;_;;;;

    Well, music is a nice thing, and a great addition to my life, but I'm not all that interested in that.

    But I'll check it out. ;)
    I understand entirely - but I think with INTPs that tends to click in later in life when you look back and start to connect the dots of what is actually important and what you are good at. We are too complex for easy answers to career etc. Hang in there and allow it to emerge rather than force it or despair!
    you want to do something worthwhile - go help out in a homeless shelter or something similar. Learn a trade and go use it in a developing country. Find out which elderly people in your community need help with shopping or clearing snow from their path. Seriously - doing something 'worthwhile' is easy when there are so many needy people in the world. Don't let what you cannot do get in the way of what you can do.
    Yeah, i agree. I was scanning through his works and recognized them. I strangely don't like "The Persistence of Memory". I don't hate it, but he has much better work.

    I think, in modern days, many things are up...
    too many I think..


    Missed you..

    The same way one always seems to forget about the badger that is eating one's face.

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