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  • Was thoroughly enjoying your posts, but you seem to have gone from extremely prolific to graveyard-ishly silent at the drop of a hat. You're not giving up on this this board already, are you?
    "Her: Oh you're such a good friend"

    "Him: I've always thought of you as a good mother, here's my laundry"

    "The mind works better on less food. "

    It'd be entirely offtopic to pick in on that in the respective thread, but I'm wondering, do you have any sources for this? I usually stay out of the 'food' discussions, as I honestly eat everything and anything I feel like, at any time. (I've just had my 4 am meal, whelp.)
    Anyways, I find this idea interesting, as I do notice that sometimes I go almost a day without much food at all. Then again, I'm a rather thin guy by default. (regardless of howmuch I eat) - Please, do elaborate. (I'll read and reply to it later, as I should sleep now. Gotta wake up in 3 hours, fml.)
    "]I wonder if there's a way to strike back? Is there something we can do to women as bad as when they friend zone us?

    "Her: Oh you're such a good friend"

    "Him: I've always thought of you as a good mother, here's my laundry""

    Made through that code. Declared a function, a while loop, a for loop to check every month, then if statements are the same. if guess is too large, I just went back to while loop and used this approach until function returned the value, and print statement prints it out...I guess you saved your 100 bucks not helping me. Good for me and for you :)
    I actually didn't move away until about six months ago, and then became a more active poster over here. I should've left in 2010 like you did
    My experience as well. Interesting...I notice we both joined INTPf in December 2010...the time of the 'Great INTPc Purging'. I switched to this board out of sheer disgust for all that ridiculousness.
    No problem, think nothing of it. I don't expect Physics whizzes on these pages, and I'm certainly not one anymore.
    Apologies if a deficiency of points in my Maths skill is making it difficult for you to explain QM stuff to me.
    For some reason, while reading your new thread on not being special, it keeps vanishing. Don't ask me why, it just dissapears and then after I f5 reappears.

    I notice that you often use the @ symbol to refer to people, and that you sometimes shorten their names (NS for Ninja Surfer for example).

    You know about the tagging and notification system? It's necessary to use the full name so that the right poster will receive your mention, otherwise a different poster called NS gets the notification.

    just a little note. :)
    Hey architect, I like your posts. The letter to young INTP's reminded me that I shouldn't discredit mbti fully, and your description of thinking jobs vs sensing jobs was damn good. My colleagues are mostly sensors and the divide is hilarious when we do different tasks, I seem to pick the "hardest ones".

    On a side note, I was close to getting into programming. Once I learned the logic concepts/patterns I found it extremely easy and rewarding. I've been away from it for two years and recently in my engineering program we've been working with ladder logic in PLC's, I was used to it in a week :D luckily.

    How long have you been programming?
    For some reason my mind can't help but read your username out in a Dalek voice.
    "i understand the deep core of it" your comment about monetary base causing inflation led me to believe the opposite, anyhow ...

    I'm continuing to do what I did before which is invent new software, what else is there to life?
    i actually don't think i have a shallower understanding. its more like this: i understand the deep core of it and refuse the pile of superfiscial mumbo-jumbo on top of it.

    but enough of it already if you dont want to talk about it ;)

    so ok, you took a ride on the system, you can survive now for free (your financial independency that you mentioned).... so what are you going to do next ? is it something more interesting than this economics conversation which you wish to avoid?
    well in the news you only hear about wage/price inflation (e.g. what the average salary can buy in the supermarket, which keeps getting worse too). dont confuse this with monetary inflation. the inflation of money itself is kept hidden unfortunately and people confuse wage inflation with monetary inflation all the time because of it
    remark from the dmt thread (putting it here so i dont mess up that thread):
    house prices can actually go up for ever, simply because of inflation (the creation of new money by loans).

    it is actually not the house which value increases (it only gets older after all), its the money which value decreases.

    the current recession is only a temporary fluctuation (will last 10 years max, but probably shorter).
    That guy is a small tool in a big scary world. Searching for a foothold in the non INTP world, he takes our penchant for snobbery to a almost petulant level. Ignore him.
    This was beautiful:

    "I just came across Pod'Lair from some posts at this site. Looks intriguing, some initial comments
    Telling somebody's type (or Pod'Lair' equivalent) should be possible through observation, however I'm skeptical that it can be accomplished reliably through a single video watching. I usually can't type people accuratly without getting to know them. Some aspects are difficult, ESFP's are easy to mistake for ENFP's in particular, for example." etc...

    (The whole post was too
    long for a visitor message.)
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