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  • I like Cecil Otter's Rebel Yellow a lot.
    POS has some good songs. Hes sort of an acquired taste, though. Not sure how to explain it really. I would start with Never Better.
    Dessa's A Badly Broken Code is good; it's half singing and half rapping, but it has a unique sound.
    But, if you want to get a good overview of the whole group of artists, I'd start with their self titled album.
    Mike Mictlan has been good in everything I've heard him do (havent bought his albums yet).
    I haven't been on msn much lately. It's been hectic at work, so I've been kinda beat after :)

    I'll soon be on vacation, tho, and I'm quite enthusiastic about it!
    Congrats on your Melkor picture impression, it made me chuckle.

    The motherland thanks you.
    I used to buy cds very frequently but had to cut down because of expenses, but I recently bought Come on die young by Mogwai and am really enjoying it so thanks for the suggestion [though admittedly it was a while back]. I'm waiting on Lift your skinny fists like antennaes to heaven to arrive which I'm looking forward to, will let you know what I think, but I reckon 'Christmas Steps' will be in my playlists for a while..
    Ah yes, Narwhals always makes for good conversation. As long as you include the words "kill", "eat" and "screw peta!" while shaking your fist angrily about.
    Haven't heard from you in a while, Antie. So, to keep you from ever forgetting me, I present you this:

    Somehow, I always saw you as a penguin.

    Though I miss the old, good hearted Anthile.

    He was made of scrap metal, but his processor was of golden hue.:(
    I thought you were giving me a heavy handed help for keeping my appointments or something haha...

    But it seems I'm a malicious bot :( It might be that my isp changed my ip to one that is banned :/ or maybe ecnet is just crazy. Certainly the timing was unfortunate...

    *goes to ponder how fix this before the withdrawal symptoms begin*
    hey, I actually do intend to stay up you basterd!
    don't remove my source of entertainment...
    Yes, Best Friends Forever should have nicknames for each others! You may call me...hmmm... Super Awesome Friend Minuend!
    I disagree, you are obviously wrong that people never discuss on your profile page and this post is the very refutation of your position!

    Oh, totally!

    Though, they do kinda increase your lifespan and keep you more healthy plus they prevent you from diving too deep into your own psyche (-> which is a good thing methinks). Well, the good ones, anyway. And they are hard to come by:slashnew:

    It's a good thing we are Best Friends Forever then :treeswing:

    Unless I die, of course. But then you could just hack my account and have conversations with yourself using my profile :)
    I was thinking more in terms on how we communicate :)

    Don't know if I can really explain it better than that. I get different vibes from people. Of course, since it's all written, it becomes more difficult. I'm not particularly good at typing, it was just a thought.

    For all I know, my friend was mistyped =o
    I figured you'd approve, you know, with your bisexual tendencies and all =>

    Btw, I was browsing your music library (last.fm if you forgot) and I found Ne Obliviscaris - Forget Not which I really enjoy. For some reason the song seem quite familiar, though.
    Yes, it is better than 'it all depends'

    Too many people are ready to shove their dilemnas on others claiming them unsolveable.

    When the truth is just that.

    The person who knows if they're best for an Esfp, or what they should do in life, is not the forum, but them!
    "If you don't know the answer, nobody else does. "

    Thank you Anthile.

    I have long since looked for an answer as useful as this, and now I have found it.

    *worships you*

    So I mailed the marriage papers today, we should be married within the week. Hope you're a member of the Church of Satan. If not, you are now.

    I'm glad I could provide you with a moment of amusement. :p

    *sits down to combat the sudden vertigo your profile picture has caused*
    Thanks for the video Anthile.

    I watched the whole series.

    Beautiful women, Final fantasy meets DOA, blood, and neglecting physics?


    I don't think it cheered me up, it just numbed my sense for a while.

    Thank you again.
    I publicly apologize for my recent remarks on 4 females members so far.

    I understand that my humor is "black, dry and abhorent" or that I still need to take some classes for my badtemper.

    By all means I mean no harm.
    Somehow it does. Are you happy now or do you need a cake of Fleur making one post? :P

    That book looks fascinating.

    So many allussions, and so many illussions.

    I wish to read it!

    I especially adore the character names.

    Mike fallopian><

    And Doctor Hilarious sounds fantastic!

    Greetings Anthile, this won't take long.

    *Sterilises Anthile with a bucket of hot coals, a pair of extra sharp scissors and a long spoon*

    All done, let me know how you get on wihtout them!

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