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  • dear god, if he inflated those things, he'd be a bigger size than me!

    (And if he inflated them with helium, he might overtake a weather balloon.)
    It's okay, I'm recuperating and trying to plot my next way to exacerbate matters. bwa ha ha

    ps. Bloodsucking never gets old, even with moobs surrounding me.
    Her name was Bloated Tudor Lady with the Lazy Tongue.
    Her name was Bloated Tudor Lady with the Lazy Tongue.
    Her name was Bloated Tudor Lady with the Lazy Tongue.
    Yeah, this was the final scene, but the buildup is still worth watching.
    I recommend the book tho, it's filled with torless' musings. His careful analysis of his surroundings along with his difficulty in conceiving a "truth" are very relatable
    yes i know the song...not much of fan of that band, but thanks!

    the problem with the level of interesting deviancy on here is that it raises your expectations of what the average must be. return to plebeian masses therefore disappointing. turn to drink/drugs. all is lost.
    oh i've given up trying to please those capricious bastards. it's always 'give us the blood of just one more baby/virgin/baby virgin and then we'll spare your soul from eternal suffering'. had enough of that bullshit.

    don't worry - occasional urges to socialize are normal and nothing to worry about. mine usually last an hour or two.

    greetings btw.
    Yeah, kinda, you seem to be the only one that remembers that the thing isnt the metal it is its primary source.
    Lol it's okay! If anything I was too uhh cryptic? I was just about to sleep last night hence not explaining the humor style I was going for :P
    thanks for the link, I just returned from uni, 7 pm, so I do remember about my promise to make that game happen and it will, apologies if it seems like I'm pushing it off, but it comes down to how little spare time I have to set it all up.

    Enjoy your game n' stuff.
    *dramatic pause*

    He won.

    Nah, this new one is just more genuine, I like it a lot more. The knighting against our mushroom overlords gets old. although it was a pretty picture, this one aligns more with my circumstances. and, the knight probably ends up just wanting more luvz either to further combat the mushroom lords, or in acquiescence to the best he can do in his perspective, or as a coping mechanism to the snarling mushroom lords.
    The story of the guy whose wife died and he started experimenting with isolating newborn monkeys from birth for 6 months, deducing that affection was more desired than food. Since almost all these monkeys ended up starving themselves to death, and the ones that went on to mother children were evil shits that ate the toes and hands off their babies while pinning them down.
    It's one hell of a story, also a lot to learn from, or rather give credence to certain things. and I think more people should know about it.
    Thats got to be rough. Are you in school? I think I remember something about you being in school. Maybe you'll just have to play the waiting game till you get a degree. A BA or whatever equivalent, is as good as 4 years experience in a employers mind. Get a job that the majority of unemployed would be able to go for.
    What country? It's pretty bad here in the US. A system that is just waiting to fail, but I'm a libertarian. So that might explain my thinking
    Make your manager like you. Even if they are stupid pricks. The only reason why I made it as long as I did. The story of my career at the same pizza place for 6 years, is a story of me getting in good with management and getting away with murder until they left for another job or to another store. Kissing ass goes a long way.
    ya. I've done pizza pretty much from 2005-2006, then did subway for a few months. Another rage quit lol. Then in 2007 did pizza, got I job at other pizza place and have done it till I rage quite a few weeks ago. I have a temper, and I'm moody :) Is this an INTP thing?
    Not yet. I have an other interview today in a few hours. Not the best job ever, but work is work. It's for Chipotle. So it'll be super easy. I hope I can get a reasonable amount of hours. Thank you for asking. I'll let you know how this one goes
    Sure thing. I seem to be used to a mailing list system where everyone sends a message to the same thread or topic, instead of doing everything like a Twitter message where you need to browse through pages to refer to the original conversation. I thought about my mistake before you mentioned it, too. =)
    you expect me to hand over the plutonium without first telling me what you're planning to do with it?!
    do you take me for an idiot? i'm not falling for that again.
    NEVER!!! (to the conforming i mean)

    i like the sound of chaos cake but i can't agree to join you without knowing more about what your (evil) master plan is.
    Well... my lack of belief in psychic phenomena has been maintained. :D
    But yes, Jennifer's what appears on my driver's license.
    You make a valid point. I have not considered walking into a church dressed as an ape though. I will give you points for originality. I am still working on a fool proof way of execution by hanging. I should take a break from it and focus on other methods.
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