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  • Gardening is going good, darling. I have sprouts in my raised bed and my hydroponic garden is doing really well. Haven't found a new job yet. Mine doesn't have a replacement for me anymore. So I'm going to stay until we move locations. We are moving to a building across the street. Our old building is old and breaking down, and we want to get rid of the dine in area, so its just pick-up and delivery. After we move I'll start looking again.

    You can always email me, or skype me. I have a smart phone now so I can do that stuff on my phone. Its quite incredible. But yeah, life is good. Being sober is great, and having a hobby is more satisfying than getting high. How are you doing? I know things were tense the last time I talked to you. You gonna move to arizona? :D
    Yeah! All is well for now. Well you know if you pay for the flight to the US and give me free accommodation I'll happily be in the same timezone! I actually could have had free accommodation in Cali until recently. Hmm long story. How've you been?
    I was playing a game all day yesterday. Gopher told me when I got off to go to bed. I'm mildly embarrassed that I didn't write you. You will be happy to hear I stopped smoking pot.
    Just a three day casual work. Paid really well though being casual and I'll probably get consistent work with them. Yay I still need to Christmas shop... We set up our plastic tree ages ago :P no smell for us. LOL you actually like the christmas songs? Everyone seems to hate them when they are on all day. Well I'm only seeing extended family this weekend staying with direct family til after Christmas yes. Playing Santa yay! Spy mode activated.

    I was always told Santa isn't real. Well actually I was told Santa was John Calvin in a party suit. Weird parents...

    But yeah I'm also having Christmas proper at my sisters new place. So that'll be a first/interesting.
    Really? That sucks... *hugs* Who knew enemy's were good things. Oh I've just been working as well. (and now have sore shoulders as well fun stuff) I'm retired now so it's all good. :P Going to see family on the weekend and all. Yes! you should totally do that. Are you christmasing at all?
    Hydroplaned the entire drive to BART. Then my stop was shut down. Fortunately our building didn't lose power, but the ones across the street did.

    You're the one on crack.
    I like silver. Blue is also nice. Probably, because blue looks good on me ;)

    I haven't really thought about it for awhile.

    Why do you ask?
    What is yours?
    Small government conservatism? Or modern republican conservatism? Or conservative morals? I'm gonna need a description of what you think conservatism is?
    All of them. "All the Pretty Horses" is probably his happiest. "Blood Meridian" is his magnum opus.

    Currently reading "No Country for Old Men," which is another good one.
    oh you

    What changed my political views was I did a lot of digging when I was super into conspiracy theories. I started to see that not all of them crazy. I realized the american government doesn't have my best interest in mind. Then I started thinking that no one should go hungry, because of the example of gleaning in the old testament. Certain parts of socialism seemed reasonable if people had the means to help. But I only believe in society socialism, not governmental. A culture of giving and sharing.

    I think GOD should be the only authority over a person, so people should have autonomy from other people. In times with so much prosperity, no one should have to starve to death, or be without a place to set of camp, so to speak. So it's like a socialistic anarchy.

    It's just my political ideal. I usually vote libertarian, because it actually has a chance to happen.
    Not really. I don't have any grip left on the bottom of my shoes so I risk slipping and landing on my ass with every step.
    I haven't read the comics, but I have read a synopsis of them, and read about the characters. To be honest, I like Marvel a lot better than DC.
    I was at work. Then I was lonely so I hung out with a friend. And still remained feeling lonely. Now it's bed time
    I figured the "exp" would be the main problem, who the fuck wants to hire a young inexp driver? Sounds dangerous. lol, Ig you just work for less until u get exp
    Hello, I come here every now and then. I saw your post on that one thread having to do with California but I wasn't sure if it was you from that other forum.
    Ah I see. I had the tape too in the 90s, from my mother. Hooked me into reggae for later on as I grew older.
    I took it.
    I just didn't like it.

    *EDIT: Oh. Paid attention to the question.
    Yeah, made it up.
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