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  • True... Got me singing 'I'm singing in the rain' frequently whilst having an urge to fuck shit up (achieved via the imagination); no-one commits similar-like crime in as much style as Alex.

    Nah. Not around Granite city. Yeah, it is. It's got a very authentic, ancient vibe to it.
    Your profile picture is my ex-avatar. :O
    Why do the Scottish not pay much attention to their countryside?
    Not like any of the cities are particularly eye-catching... Especially the little Granite kingdom.
    Setting the "Testimonials" section up today, so any time you feel like sharing, I'd love to add your comments :)
    Wonderful, thank you. I'm hoping to have the whole thing done by tomorrow. Will let you know once it's done :)
    Hey, we're considering adding a "Testimonials" section to the Nothing Exchange website, so I was wondering if, as our No. 1 owner (we love you for it) you might want to contribute :)
    We'd love to post about any warm feelings you feel when thinking about all the Nothing you own :D
    What's the difference!?

    *Smashes a bottle over your thick, unshapely Scottish skull.
    How fitting that one such as you should have 'pus' in her name, you venemous little boil!


    That's flirting in celt talk!
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