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  • "So... does the Ego not exist anymore? Or is it an ego-transformation?

    If we all lived with the experience of our true nature, 'unconditional love' present in the spiritual heart, would our external environments change? Would ideas developed by the ego have to be disregarded, including that of contradictory present culture, tradition, and beliefs? Or would our everyday physical interaction with the environment remain relatively the same (etc. school, work)?

    Because I feel that it is easy to lose awareness of the True Self in modern society...

    ...Excuse all the questions.. If you can clarify any of them that'd be great."

    If you're up for a little philosohical mind-bending pm me. also go ahead back to that thread if you feel like reading my reply to you. hopefully it clarifies thins a little bit.
    Oh. Aberdeen isn't really a nice place. It's the only city here I've never had cause to go to.
    Who can really resist A Clockwork Orange?
    We don't? I live in buttfuck nowhere so I'm pretty much forced to pay attention to it. At least it's pretty.
    Ah, but you never will. You see, I am "everywhere" due to the potassium-induced omnipresence, but while in that state I cross out of this plane and into the twelfth dimension, hence my being "nowhere".
    I eat a lot of potassium. It has omnipresence effects if consumed in large enough quantities.
    Ah right, that makes sense... Pretty blazed so my thought process is a bit messy, thought what I said had some sort of validity to it... Be sane eventually.

    There is validity but in the "Here and 'Now' " of Eternity, beyond Time.
    A perspective from Eternity reflecting on Time is available via imagination, perhaps even via revelation, but I have no experience of such...
    How to live in the 'Here and Now' and acquire consciousness rather than Mind outside the illusion that is Time... Permanently?

    No, more like a POV that one can temporarily access, a priority in a hierarchy of perspectives. Not to be confused with 'mere' Sensing...
    superpower... The ability to retain everything in my memory, That or telekinesis. The dream thing does sound cool as well, but I think I would just stop being interested in reality and always sleep...

    Favorite rock bands Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The Pixies, smashing pumpkins amongst other less well known, you get the picture. I am most looking forward to an upcoming rave party in an abandoned factory this weekend, (and slightly scared as well for some reason, probably because I'm not sure what to expect and my experience with actual raves is limited) Also looking forward to breakfast.

    What are you most worried about?
    125 internet points - heh - just a contrivance. I actually did find a pretty good collection of information about misdemeanor and felonies but the connection between the two was arbitrary at best. Basically it dealt with the likely hood after committing a theft, how likely to commit another theft, same with violent crime. Interestingly it did make a connection to the pareto principle (80/20 rule).
    We are bound by the phenomena we have labeled as Time. Those that are not bound by Time, spirits, can include any number that we would label deities.
    Wave function - I think that wavelet transforms reflect the reality of the situation better. It seems to me that a Fourier transform of some type is inherent at the boundaries.
    Solipsism is the default condition for human consciousness, it should never be ignored, but viewed antagonistically as failure of cognitive development.
    Funny you should ask. And peculiar, since when I think of it, I'm not really sure. It's an old game, and it is pixelated indeed. My childish imagination led me to believe that the character was holding a sword and a shield, but now that you mention it, it could just as well be a cucumber and a holy bible.
    Who know? I am of the opinion that anything other than personal experience in the "Here and Now" is a mere derivative of the equation that is reality. That includes all abstractions and symbolic representations such as classification/stereotyping. However, if it serves any purpose I suppose I could fall under the classification of theistic existentialism, but because of my views on the nature of consciousness, I have leanings towards pantheism...
    Ooh random questions yay!

    I speak English at home so no accent unfortunately, favorite place in Paris hmmm... "la petite ceinture" it's a disused railway line/station that goes all the way round paris, it's become a kind of bohemian artist ground. So awesome, try and see it if ever yu go, there's poems written all along the tracks and infrastructures made out of washing machines and kitchen utensils and shit:

    Motorbikes...I like riding on them, never driven one though.

    your turn: Country of birth (or state if in America)? Thing you're looking forward to most at the moment? What superpower would you like?
    Indeed. The results from cognitive functions tests have consistently revealed highs on both introverted and extraverted thinking, as well as introverted and extraverted intuition, and at times introverted and extraverted feeling (but mostly merely Fi). I am beholden to the sophistication of the instrument and prowess of the practitioner that I find myself interacting with. The definitions for specific cognitive functions, additionally, seem either poorly adumbrated or conflated with other cognitive functions (Ni versus Ti). I feel my understanding is keen enough now, however, to adjudicate INTJ - I can at least say that I prevalently use those top three functions (Ni, Te, and Fi) perhaps in that order! INTJ with an overdeveloped Ti seemed more plausible than other combinations.
    The reason I stopped caring about my grammar with you was because you seemed all nice and joking. Everyone else is so serious and scares me with there huge amount of knowledge that i can barely comprehend.
    Oh god.... now you've got me thinking about why my grammar did get worse. It is very possible that my personality may have changed a bit. See I dont let myself be all INTP in front of other people. I've learned to control it so I can like have friends and not have people think I'm weird. Im a totally different person in my head than I am outloud. So yeah, my personality might have changed..... good job catching that
    My grammar worsened because I stopped caring about it, and I am pretty bad at grammar. Interesting thought though.
    My Ipod got stolen last year and I can't afford to replace it. It appears I have 64 gigs of MP3-MP4 files on my comp, but those files reside in a single folder in total disorganization. When I'm looking for something specific, I usually just go search it on YouTube, as it's faster than trying to find it in my own mountain of MP3 madness.
    It isn't weird being old, merely tiresome, especially when I'm still 17 in my head but my body refuses to respond like it did. Keep yourself healthy now. It will pay off when you're 62. I have bad knees due to injuries due to recklessness; don't be reckless with your body.
    Mirrors: I didn't like what I saw when I was 17 and I still don't like what I see. Being somewhat dissatisfied with yourself for vague reasons seems to go with INTP for some reason.
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