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  • :D I don't think it is possible to be as cute as Gopher either. I should get him to do all the cute evil laughing for me.

    What sort of deal do I have to make in order to obtain pictures of the three of you all kitted out for christmas?
    What day? I am just wandering around asking random questions, quite innocently if I may add.
    Not me, silly. I just gave you advice how to violate shallow pretti ladies so that you don't have time for me :)
    To defile something as awesome as ninjas with hugs =<

    *Reluctantly congratz on your 404 error post*
    I always knew you were not from "um I don't know, maybe this particular terrestrial realm" :D
    That thing makes me want to hug you and minx you at the same time.
    Was this the effect you were aiming for?
    Ah, I see.

    *puts on ninja clothes*

    *Sneaks viciously alongside SAM Headquarter walls*

    *Throws wool socks into turbine leading through wall*


    *Section A-3 explodes*

    *Ninja-kick guards' asses*

    *Runs through building under a cardboard box, undetected*

    *Slams open door to main office*

    *Flickering lights from the hall makes Minuend's shadow move eerily in front of Eelie*

    *Minuend slowly walks toward desk, not taking her eyes off Eelie*

    Give me my diary back !!!
    Well, it's been three weeks, but removing all that snow manually is rather time consuming.

    Well, it's all gone now, and I hope you will be pleased that I.....


    What's that white thing on your nose?

    *Looks up*

    I always read your name as "Lostwithreal".

    Getting lost with eels are perfectly understandable, especially murrays, they are awesome

    or the ribbon eel

    That's a lovely profile picture you have.

    (hasn't seen the ocean in years)
    I have the same problem with dreams, rarely seem to remember them, so I probably did dream of, a Twiglet humping a blue blancmange in the tower of Pisa :confused: I just don't remember it. It's quite irritating, I feel like someone is stilling hours and hours of my life.
    Funnily enough, the fact that I have black holes in my head that make me forget real events, people, places, and pretty much anything else I don't find absolutely awesome or crucial for my survival, doesn't seem to bother me at all :D

    Breaks from work are always good for your state of mind, I think I've experienced a sort of an enlightenment in one of those periods, too bad I believed all those people who kept telling me I need money to eat and eventually got a new job :storks:

    Race-preping cars? Sounds cool, can't you do that for a living if it has such a great effect on you? Do you race as well? There's them questions again :)
    Hope you'll have interesting dreams of riding the 7 mile long snake... or something :)

    Oh, I like the poems.
    You do make a good space-travel peddler :) So, do I get the first trip for free? I promise I'll get hooked and keep coming back for more :rolleyes:

    I'd like to try the lakes, with equatorial surface gravity of 0.111 m/s2 springboard diving should be quite a thrill :D

    As for the bomb, here, have this too, you can do the honours when the time comes for the whole shithouse to go up in flames :D
    I'm gonna get my kicks before that :smoker:
    Yes, I suppose that space travel would be the ultimate life changing, totally unreal, out-of-this-world experience.
    I wonder what I would do if I came back though :confused: My need for constant travel and excitement seems to grow with each trip I take, and as years go by, it's getting harder and harder to stay in one place for long periods of time.
    If I tried space travel, what would have to come next? Maybe time travel? Or some serious esoteric experience or something :captain:
    With a bit of luck, we might live to find out :)

    As for the visitor message system:

    England's close, and I like rain, so I'm sure I'll get there, sooner or later :) I'm not really sure how to explain what my fascination with travel is. I'm not particularly into sightseeing, I enjoy talking to the locals, trying their food, drinks, drugs of I'm lucky, seeing their prayers... What I enjoy even more is the fact that while travelling you create this entire new little life, outside of your regular one, with completely different social connections, different priorities and dynamics, you make friends for life quickly and forget them later, it's sort of an unreal, allows so many more possibilities then sitting at home.

    And you? Why do you do it? For the sights? The tales? The taste of the new? The taste of the ancient? The adventure? The leisure? Do I have more questions that you?

    That's the ugliest representation of lady luck I've ever seen :D
    Haven't really decided where in Africa yet. Since most of my travels are kind of frantic and exhausting, I've decided to take at least one trip a year with my brother, who is really into drinking coffee, reading newspapers, books, staring at the sea and generally not moving much :) So, I'm letting him decide, I am kind of rooting for Marrakesh, but I think it ain't gonna happen, since it's not on the seaside and he's a big sea fan. I guess we'll still see.

    Stupid forum says my message is too long :p
    Another one coming straight up
    Damned be bloody Greece. I am probably the only person in Serbia who's never been there. It's just that it's close, and it's pretty cheap to get there, and everyone is going, so I always figure it can wait. I planned to go there this summer, but then I realized I'm already running low on days off, so I've decided to leave it for another time (for the fifth time already) and go to Africa.

    As for recommendations, I'd have to say: Plitvice lakes in Croatia (if you haven't been there already), Kairo (and the Red Sea while you're near), Kazimierz (in Kraków, Poland), Christiana (in Copenhagen), Istanbul, loads of places in Serbia :)

    My list of places where I need to go at the moment includes: everywhere.

    But, but, but... If I didn't push my luck, wouldn't it shrink, and eventually wither and die?
    Ugh, I lived in Zagreb for about half a year, it is probably the most boring city on earth, you're lucky you got out alive. Bosnia on the other hand (I lived there as well, when I was a kid though) is a must see. I'd say it's one of the few countries in Europe that are still left almost untouched by the plague of globalisation.
    I suppose I do travel a lot, but I think my English is actually a result of my spending most of my childhood watching Cartoon Network and playing computer games, instead of playing with real children :)

    How about you? Enjoy travelling? Any favourites you might recommend?

    Oh, and thanks for the cookie, I am awesome, aren't I?
    That's one mighty pretty lake you've got there, I like it very much, plus, it seems that you can dump bodies there as well, just as long as you wrap them up nice and tight.

    So, how did you like Croatia? To be completely frank, Dubrovnik is more beautiful than Kotor, but Kotor's got a really strange soul to it, so beyond all reason, I still prefer it.
    Yeah, it's on the Danube, don't know if you've read Terry Pratchett, but Danube in Novi Sad is something like the river Ankh, I'd rather drench myself in sulphuric acid then swim in that. Plus, I lived here for a few years, so I'm what you might call a water snob :o - I don't do rivers that go trough big towns, or pools, or lakes unless they are in the mountains :kilroy:
    But I did have a good time just hanging out at the beach, rivers are nice to watch even if you can't really swim.

    So you ride bikes, ha? Bikes? Or bikes?
    Nope, I just got out of bed and am preparing to go to the lame excuse for a beach we have around here.

    But I can't start a day without checking the forum first, can I? :)
    It seems that I'm slightly hooked on this place.

    How about you? Still stuck at work?
    'Morning :)
    Shoot! I shouldn't have told you about my hours, I hate losing the super-human status, in any regard.
    But you do still believe I can leap over buildings and stop a moving train just by looking at it, right? Right?
    Nope, I am actually working, very diligently, as you may notice.

    I work for an Australian company that outsources in Serbia, so I have Ozzie working hours. Night work is actually kind of fun, you get to bitch about it a lot, you get to get high on sleep deprivation every few days and you get to feel like you don't have a "real job".

    It still doesn't make the whole being employed scenario bearable, though.

    What about you? Is your bed so far from the computer, that the idea of going to sleep just seems like too much trouble? :D
    Well, this one definitely doesn't lack expression.

    Makes me want to argue with you and pat you on the back at the same time :)

    Was this the effect you were aiming for?
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