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  • (So I haven't logged in in two years. Holy sh**. Talk about a late response.)
    But no, to answer your question, (after two years--is there even a point anymore really?) I'm a guy with a guy's name.
    I bent over backwards laughing when I realized :D, I like this album more than most of his other projects.
    The song containing the disliked section is planet of the apes. Most of it's pretty good, but the first half frustrates me.
    Upon my second listening I am even more impressed. I'd heard some negative reviews in the youtube comments and such, but I am convinced they are opposed to it on some sort of principle. I have only heard one section which I did not like, and that was mostly because Dev was being too articulate with his lyrics and was interfering with my thoughts (I'm neck deep in a philosophy essay atm).
    Absolutely mad timing, I had just realized that it wasn't on my devin playlist and that my dl had failed. I was (and am) listening to it in it's entirety for the first time as I read your message. I've seen the clip for juular many times (as it is fucking awesome!) but I haven't really had time to get comfortable with it. Seems good :D
    Your thoughts?
    I'm playing Fire red at the moment. Not so much as a reference to Missingno. :(
    I had a sad.

    Uhm, it's Christie from the Dead or Alive series.

    She's a foxy British assassin.<3

    Take the rare candies, just leave my save file alone! D:
    Hehe ^___^
    I knoww! Their forum stink ;[ I cant find anyone to have a conversation with. Like bleeh! I love INTPs :)
    Sort of, in a theoretical kind of way.

    I am a female INTP in a 6 year relationship with a male ENTJ. Out of everyone we know we have the most serene and drama free relationship. Yet, if we were to have issues I can only imagine it would be a new and undiscovered level of hell.
    I ran across this earlier this week and it made me chortle:

    "I could envision a male ENTJ/female INTP partnership ending in dead bodies."
    How I think of it is like this: those with Fi and Te determine their values and goals internally, based on their own desires. Thus they operate in a more 1st person manner, thus 1.

    Those with Ti and Fe tend to be more problem solving, taking the values and information which are already out there and then processing this, either as an external conflict solving (Fe) or internal analysing (Ti). Thus they have a 2nd person approach, and are denoted by 2.

    I think Ni and Se tend to have more of an Adjusting way of perceiving, in that they have general models which they calibrate to the particular situation.

    I think Ne and Si have more of a Building mode of perception, coming up with specific ideas, and storing this in a model made from basically static parts.

    These distinctions might not be totally accurate, but it is a good way to remember it I think.

    it's my new type labelling system.
    A = Ni+Se
    B = Ne+Si
    1 = Fi+Te
    2 = Fe+Ti
    Pi/Ji/Je/Pe = whichever dominant function is

    2A-Pi = INFJ, 2B-Ji = INTP etc.

    +I was actually just about to make a thread announcing this. Do you like the idea?
    where do you go? yeah my campus is too large, and so are the classrooms in the more gen ed courses. a lot of kids in greek life..
    Yes, black belt. Im thankful that my college offers free classes. Judo is nice..
    Haha I wanted to play it at that time. I suck at coming up with screennames
    Thanks! the title is "Dog playing with Kid", but I thought that this was the trippy version of that photo

    btw: glad you knew what I was
    talking about when I said, "stop
    it". :P
    I think that is a fabulous idea.
    I propose you discuss with
    Mr. Webster, if there's anyone
    that can assist, it must be him.

    I cannot properly say the word "gifts"
    if I want to use a plural form of gift,
    I have to go with an entirely different
    word: presents.

    I just can't make an fts sound.
    Oh my gosh, it was made for me ♥

    ughhh, that sounds really gross. Is
    that a puke drink or something?
    My mother once made me drink two large
    glasses of rotten milk. She didn't believe
    me when I told her it was bad, she thought
    I was just making it up to get out of
    consuming anything, but the milk was really

    A few weeks ago I made tea and in this
    tea I added milk. When I did, it curdled
    instantly. I wasn't sure if it was the milk
    that had curdled (because of all the
    tea-water it wasn't the usual consistency
    of curdled milk) so I emptied my glass
    and tried to make another cup, just to
    be sure. Yet again when I added the
    milk little slimy white strands swirled
    about the top.

    I will never add milk to my tea again.
    I don't understand how people can
    do that.

    I have not heard of that movie.
    Is it any good?

    I usually don't watch movies but
    I watched A Beautiful Mind yesterday.
    Hmm, Im really only familiar with 3 or 4 of those and i regularly listen to Slipknot and System. I will be sure to look into the rest.

    Recently i was introduced to a band called White Chapel and as far as brutality ive found nothing better. I am addicted. They are less technical than Meshuggah and I only appreciate their newest album; A New Era of Corruption.
    Lol, I don't know why my messages
    are moderated. It just happens :x

    I am sitting at my desk with my knees
    on my chin thinking about taking a
    glorious nap in my warm bed but knowing
    I will never fall asleep.
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