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  • xP heya!

    oh, well lets see... there's..
    http://cognitivetype.com/database/ (has several pdfs)
    http://cognitivetype.com/visualreading/ (has vid examples)
    http://cognitivetype.com/thesis/ (has a general, unfinished thesis)
    http://cognitivetype.com/profiles/ (mostly incomplete, but has some profiles of function descriptions)

    I've begun work on making a full length book on all that i've learned so far, but full time work makes progress slow so far -- but it seems like there's a visible end to this mundane monotony in sight. So I'll be able to have it published (i hope) some time in 2014.
    Sweet. I have a similar job but not for a university. Don't go swigging that scotch too fast. You won't be able to converse for much longer if you do. ;) I got married about...what...1 and 1/2 years ago? Life is good here as well. How is Florida? I was pretty pissed about the whole oil spill thing a few years back. I have family on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. I might have to get my ass down there sometime soon ad see if old Gulf Shores is still the same place.
    its alice in wonderland right? punkified... my style is sorta like that, less colorful though more rivethead like. so eh youre from ireland?
    hey nice pic, and thank you for the message. so eh, you look like that punk creature up there?
    No, I meant website issues. The owner of the site or something hasn't been paying the bills, or something.
    Did you draw that?

    The forum is sometimes dead by the way, I don't know how long it will last but it has been unstable these past few months.
    Yo Irishpenguin! Doing great here, and not so great in some other ways. How are YOU doing? I thought you already left the forum entirely. Would've been not so great, since you're such an awesome addition. yeah, Melkor is pretty sharp...
    Yeah it's only like nine o'clock for me. Heading to my lectures actually.

    Oh, so love is just delusion and fun to you, is it!? D:
    Yeah punching toddlers is so wrong its almost right : / I later cut a few segments from the video.. figured 10 min is a bit lengthy.
    Yeah I spose it would have been better for me to post it on your wall as well. I didn't realize the self-loathing in my video until after i posted it. Thinking out loud to nobody is pretty weird sometimes. Catch ya later man.
    This was my first game with as much as seven players, so it was a bit slow and I had to get used to taking control over everyone, not to mention one of them was late, so it was a bit slow at first. But it went pretty well. The girl that was playing a Changeling did actually wreak some havoc. Nothing big, so I let her get away with it. Although I am going to have to penalize her some XP and maybe demoralize her for a couple days for not playing the Neutral Good alignment right. I realize I am going to have to rein her in in the future, because I think she has this idea that she can take advantage of her Shapeshift with me and I won't do anything about it. So I was musing over letting her get away with it several times, and then just having it royally bite her in the ass all at once.
    Hello again.
    Still sexually confused?

    I'm just teasing.

    How goes your meaningless existence?
    It has it's limitations, because even though you can shapeshift into looking like a person, that doesn't mean you sound or act like them. Not to mention, changlings are fairly common in eberron, so guards and stuff would look out for things like that, and you still have to pass your disguise check. And suppose at a guard tower or something you are trying to get by, they happen to have a gem or true seeing or something, you're fucked. So yeah, it is a cool ability but a good DM should have plenty of control over it if they need to.
    Really? why? One of the new players that I am introducing today is a changeling, and I'm actually pretty excited about that, because the Party totally needs a social character. Especially for the adventure I am about to send them on, its going to be Spy/Espionage themed.
    Yeah I suppose I do owe you an explanation... which I guess we will get to in time. As for D&D, actually I am DMing a game tomorrow, first game with a new crew, I got 7 players I am going to try and juggle.
    You asked "How about you?". I answered the question. But the question needed more words than usual. I apologize if it was too draggy.
    If you place "equality" (at least, economically) as one of your higher principles, the world would really "pin" you. It gets worse if you see it everyday. Try to imagine beyond distance. A wealthy obese man enjoying his luxurious meal inside a grandiose mansion while just beside him is a malnourished 5 year-old kid cleaning and grabbing whatever he can grab. Try "placing" the "worse" situation and the "best" situation together and ignoring the physical distance between them. Reality is filled with too much imbalances. I feel sick already.
    How long have you and your friends been "friends"?

    The state of most of the world(people) affects me. You, how do you value it?
    Champ of CoD? I didn't know it existed. #1 on the rankings, you mean? ...in that case, I would consider you mental.

    I am horrible. Just plain horrible.

    Do you ever feel depress? (btw, horrible =/= depress btw.)
    The secret message is the secret message, if that makes any sense.

    I'm glad it made you smile. It gives more meaning to it. Don't share the same humor though. No wait, Yeah, it is pretty funny.

    Haha, yeah.
    Upon re-reading it, lol your post had a lot of cussing. ;p
    Working on a reply still. We shall see where this goes~

    Also, I'll be free to msn tonight! (hooray weekend!)
    You never wondered about the extremes? You have to prepare for these things, you know. The idea of never building tolerance is frightening but if memory still exists then there must be a way of creating a psychological mode to lessen concentration on pain.

    I'm quite frightened by spontaneous events such as "dog barking", "gunfire", "bomb explosion", "sudden news of death", "sudden news of critical events", "sudden ghostly appearace". I've experience all these things and the fear pushes me to the point of fainting. You?
    You can sneak into people houses? Doesn't that seem too difficult? You can pay rent after you earn?
    A crappy ass job sounds like a better plan. But where would you sleep and who would accept you? what job would that be?
    Myself, I wouldn't know what to do. I would probably think and think and I don't how where that would put me, but I'd probably reach "criminality" as a solution. Steal money, Beg For Money, then I would just increase my thievery. I would try out car-napping and later on a robbery perhaps. I don't really see much negative in stealing because of my belief in equality. Snatching a few bucks from a well-to-do family does nothing to them but helps me quite a lot.

    Would you be lawful?
    hmmmmmmm....well I might feel sorry for myself since I was somehow able to lose all my friends, and then I would just be kind of mad at myself for literally not being able to have enough money just to live in a crappy apartment. But then again, I would probably realistically at least get a minimum wage job to afford a crappy apartment...but it I did that, it would defeat the purpose of the discussion.

    So I wouldn't really sorry for myself, sense the predicaments were entirely in my control, meaning that this predicament is completely my fault.
    What kind of person would be happy at letting everything go? and completely flow?

    Imagine yourself in that situation. If there was any *positive* reason for you to stay in that situation, what reason would that be?

    Or can you not imagine it since you have not experience it yet? <--my case.
    What kind of person would be happy in such a life? For what reason? What could motivate people to be happy with a bum life?

    What kind of person would make such a decision?
    You make an excellent point. I contradict myself; the answer to my question was already within my own theory. If happiness is indeed by nature and as how I describe nature, then it would turn out that "bum-life" is universally an unhappy life, wouldn't you agree?

    The emphasis on nature brings me to eugenics. If we can select the best people at their best positions, it would improve society. If we can find the best genes, it would be helpful. The only problem I find is the subjectivity of ambition. The best people could turn out to be the best tyrants like ..Nazi.
    heya! gah.. unfortunately I'm tied up this afternoon. <<

    I may be around a bit later, but I think by that point you'll already be asleep - considering time zones. =|
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