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  • For NT's, happiness is found in some academic setting. xNTP's will be happy in less-directed lives while xNTJ's wil be happy in more directed lives. Not sure where to put NF's. xNFJ's could fit Motivational Speakers and Peacekeepers, and maybe also in academia. Ni doms or aux usually turn out as rulers. Maybe xNFP's are unnecessary or probably something about "moral art" to lead mankind into proper direction.

    As you can see, my theory of a typological society is not finished. Once its finished, I'm thinking of entering politics and arranging the entire system to fit this.

    Power as happiness varies by amount and type. SJ's need some power. N's will probably need more power. Ni-dom-aux will tend to seek power depending on their direction. Ne's will eventually stumble into power.
    What makes you think most bums are unhappy?

    Not vague actually. I think "best lives" vary from people to people. Different natures will have different best lives. I just read some ideas from Plato. Surprisingly, he agrees and takes it one step further by organizing society based on this idea. He does not know about types though. (Eugenics, why do people consider it as negative?)

    I see Sensors as the consumer aspect of society, also the workers who runs most of the city. They're best life is money, "wife and kids", and materialism. SP's best life includes art but they also like to sense(buy) things. They're more in tune with their physical senses, that's why. I find it generally destructive when a Sensor leads a city because I can see them turning into leaders who just focus on their appetites. Kind of Like Nero.
    Penguin. How much direction do you have in your life? How much spontaneity do you have by comparison?

    If direction was important, why would it be important? Have you ever imagined a life with almost no direction? Do these lives turn into bum lives?

    Is spontaneity or openness a prime source of happiness for you? To what extent?
    I'm absolutely thrilled that you noticed. Some of my avatars do display the same characters. This particular character is stern and he also emanates a "stern" aura. I thought it fitted my personality. The others are also themed with a meaning and their own variety of images.

    Going good? How vague. I'd wish you were more specific so we could discuss it but you don't have to bother.

    Your suspicion is well led. One of the prime ideas that occupies my thoughts is the "path of life". The question begins with "How do we live the best lives?". Politics is sometimes integrated into this question, but not necessarily.

    So, I ask this question to you Penguin. What do you think about your life? In what way do you think is it best lived?

    I've recently been contemplating on the idea of simply experiencing everything without any direction versus a well-directed life.
    Ever heard of deviantArt? Or is there some other sort of social implication hidden within that sentence?

    If so, Hello Penguin. How do you feel about your life?
    lol, np.
    (and sure! just let me know whenever u want to)

    also.. wasn't your P in penguin capitalized? did i just imagine that this whole time? *confused lol* ;p
    Lol. I need to look for that emoticon.


    People don't ask much about it but that's partly due to how I don't use it as much. Past experiences have lead me to the conclusion that it confuses most. It works when I have nothing to say, when the priority is being able to say something and/or extrapolation on what I mean.


    And please do not be critical of me. I am not THAT difficult to read. heh. What's your favorite subject? or topic?
    Sexy is Fancy. Noted.

    I am not American so excuse me, what is 'picking up'? I'm sure you don't mean the action of picking up. Maybe it's a metaphor to mean rising up, which I think is commonly perceived as promotion, which I think is a good thing. But why not refer to it as 'being picked up'?

    Yes, they are suppose to represent my thoughts(they serve to share 'proof of my equations') and I'm amazed by you being able to 'pick that up'.
    I don't love misinterpretation THAT much... maybe...

    ..Lol, you're good....

    ...Still, I'm surprised that glow = cool looking. though the "sexy" caught me off guard(diversion tactic, I'm assuming?), was pretty sure about the "oppositional connection". I mean it made sense...

    ..I got nothing further bob...or wait..

    so what else...how is life? I think "How are you?'s" literal meaning got exhausted because people actually mean "Hello, Go away. I'm only greeting you so I can look 'polite and normal.'" instead of it's original use. But I guess that's pretty situational and may only be happening at my location. So, *nod* .

    How is life?

    I never really think much about my avatars cept for the utility of increasing my vocabulary. My name serves the same purpose. vocab. But yeah, personal aesthetics is there. I wonder if I should name a child "Useless", that would be interesting.

    And glow? well yeah, very radiant and all.

    What else is there to say? When you mentioned 'its been a while', it made me think of how people who live with each other can actually co-exist without any communication or in a sense can actually not co-exist. And then when they finally do talk to each other, it's as if they just met each other. So I guess connection is not a matter of distance or something. or maybe that's obvious, or maybe not.

    I have no idea where you get 'sexy' out of it. but I like the white um, mustache?
    I don't have a very strong accent...

    Er... I'll pm you something I posted on INFJ while tipsy...
    it's going pretty good, i suppose. i've just been busy with life, though life seems to be slowing down and becoming rather boring again. maybe i'll be around more often soon. depends on a lot of circumstances, actually. ah well.

    how's life in penguinland?
    Well, I do have an Irish accent, it's just an Ulster one you've probably neve heard, so you might not recognise it as Irish.

    I think it's dreadful, but you can judge for yourself.

    Wait... You sure you haven't heard me speak?

    Get active or I will make life difficult for you.

    I'm somewhere in that green blob. See me yet? Prepare to die! :confused:

    Snap. I posted it on my own wall. Wtf!
    Lol. Yeah, drunk explanations for complicated topics are the best. I read the conversation you were having with Rubber. You mentioned you think I might like beer because of an old avatar I have and Rubber mentioned that I like tea. How's that for creepy stalkerishness? ;) He and I are facebook acquaintances. At least I think that's why he knows I like tea?
    :) I didn't think you were being creepy. You're welcome. I'd hate to think you felt like you had to censor yourself in that thread. That's the point of that thread anyway. And uh...I LOVE tea and beer. :D

    I'll be on in several minutes, I'm going to webcam with you at this one coffee shop I live near.
    Crap, I don't want to DL MSN messenger onto my laptop, so I guess stickcam it is.
    You know, Skype is not working on my laptop, have you by any chance had any similar problems with it? So I think we are going to have to use Stickcam, unless you know of a better one
    Are you online right now? and if so, how much longer do you intend to be on?
    Graduation money... Ohhh yeeeea ..... But I don't have a car so that sucks.I'm commuting to college and have to drive my moms mini van most days. So that's cool I guess.
    I'm Irish. And I walk like a penguin. Any claim made in your name is thus owed to me.

    Carry on, your mathematical terms are quite tantalizing.

    Is that a new term? hir? Like a his her combo? Or was that a beautiful mistake?

    Have you started el school yet?
    Ok, random member.


    girl or guy? I say guy.

    That's a good point. There's a certain kind of girl avatar that a guy would choose - this could get complicated.

    I don't really want to show my face on the forum, I think the youtube thread is enough.

    (In retrospect I should have posted the latter message first, please don't judge)
    If we worked hard enough we could get these replies to 3 or 4 posts, I believe in us.

    1. She mentioned it in her video on the youtube thread, and she looks like she does. I sense it.

    2. Maybe it's because I never knew many girls who enjoyed pokemon, they had never caught a snorlax or evolved pikachu with a thunder stone. Plus it's all about ash in the TV show, I guess misty does some stuff but still.

    3. Ermine is like an art nerd, which is a strange combo. I consider myself somewhat of a artnerd myself.

    42. Yes I bet she does. Her Canadian-ness is also pretty interesting

    YOU SAID SEX!1 I would also say be there in a sex to my friend, he never got over it.

    It gets worse, I'm now going camping with my family for another week! I am not going to be able to maintain eye contact with anyone.
    I could sort of tell that auburn was a man. I don't think we're the "type"(aha get it?) on INTPf to put photos of ourself as our avatars.

    1. Cavalier, she always has art on her avatar, I wasn't surprised when I found out she drank tea and had a chill attitude.
    2. She types seriously, but pokemon?
    3. Ermine, Strikes me as an artistic type with the black and white photo.
    4. Dormouse is fun and likes tea.

    We should start an avatar club.

    Late reply due to me spending the week camping, I haven't been alone for 8 days :O
    Ya thanks. I did go wild with the posts. im surrounded by retards in real life, so i can finally talk to people here..pretty cool
    haha, yup, I saw you went wild with the posts, and funnily enough (oh wow, I didn't know "Funnily" was actually a word, yay for no red underlines!:) ) ummm.. yea but funnily enough I have never even made a thread on here.

    Oh yea, and sweet avatar ;)
    haha ya..im just trying to figure stuff out. how do i make posts or threads or wutever theyre called. i havent been on a blog site in about 70,000 years.
    Hmm, I just noticed that I didn't reply to your post before last - but I actually did. It ended up on my own page.

    Haha, that's what I thought too. I think it would be helpful if I put more effort into my posts, maybe I'll handwrite every reply and post the image.

    Lv 100 Charizard, easiest wai to get teh ladies. If she had a pink avatar it would have been easy, I'm not really sure what INTP females enjoy.
    I haven't seen frood's video yet, but it sounded interesting. I'm a dream nerd too I guess.

    Oh man, I felt the exact same way when you said words was a girl. I had no idea. I usually get the gender on forums thing right too.

    Haha, that sounds like an insult of sorts :O
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