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  • Hmmm, this reminds of that spongebob episode where patrick never got an award. I could relate anything to spongebob if need be.

    I know, it's sad though. Yeah I may take a few of mine down, I've gotten a lot of people on youtube interested in MBTI comment on the vids too. That's always a plus. I would just hate to be the last person in the thread posting when it dies.

    Yeah, I'm probably going to reply and make a new video soon too. I need some more interesting things to type about besides typology or whatever.
    Yeah It's also pretty sad that he only got 1 reply on his welcome. We give people like 6-8 posts on intro threads now.

    You caught it! You are a truly observant INTP. I would award you a medal if I had a spare.

    What ever happened to that Youtube thread? It died again didn't it?
    Thank you, I hope I'll go back to the old lady soon enough, but right now this one is just soooo - fitting.
    Are you serious about playing? Because I'm totally up for it. :P

    I'm finally over that fucking fever/sore throat. that shit was making me ANGGGGGGRYYYYYYY RAAAHHHHHHHHHH
    Yes, it's the braces :P

    + you have no facial hair

    and you don't seem to be a tall guy :P
    Yeah but Im getting better. Its not that bad anymore. Still kinda feel dehydrated though
    Hello Mr. Penguin.

    Do not be offended. I am Mr. Random.

    P.S. We should totally create a Superhero clan.

    Mr. Penguin, Mr. Random, Brandoon can be Mr. I sucked a dick for Cocaine. Do you know of any other potential members? If so, call 1-800-I-SUCKED-A-DICK-FOR-COCAINE.
    Yeah, it's probably the environment. He's not always that "inactive"-like and dull, as seen from the video, is he?
    Just curious, how sure are you that brandoon is an Ne? No offence to him, but he doesn't seem too articulate. Then again, articulation is so small a factor as oppose to environmental familiarity.
    I did watch your video, yeah, real cool. I'm REALLY MAD!!!

    :) Just kidding.

    Sorry if you're mad about the "redundancy", I simply wanted to express my opinion of people's types and perhaps discuss it with those people themselves. I wanted "exercise". (Hm..selfish)

    I've already changed my mind about my typing of you. No, judgment based on articulation and miscellaneous details is never enough---that, I've learned. The tremendous amount of "stories" you talk about let's me doubt of you having Inferior Si.

    I don't know what your type is[probability suspects INTP], nonetheless, the level of articulation you have in the form of Fe[you are very aware of personal considerations] is something I believe you should be proud of. (I don't even understand the emotional hindrance you think you've caused me but that is a great thing in your part)

    Oh, but that's not the real problem, is it? The real problem is me not being prepared with my Pokemon avatar!! Hehe, anyways thanks man.
    Rules. Can't live with 'em, and ya can't get naked with 'em.

    5. No spam. No advertisement. No porn. No links to illegal content.
    I give the example of you starting a video with you guzzling on a bottle of water (mostly because it's the only one I really watched:), it's more quirky and humble, not setting out to seem powerful or superior, and it also seems a little silly and spontaneous.

    But if I know me, and I'm actually an Intp, then I'd say you planned the entire video start to finish, reheresed it a few times, wrote down what to say, and rewatched it a few times to see if it was any good!

    Least, thats what I did:x

    Also, there is a publisher by the name of 'Penguin' of which I have many titles, because their 'classics' series is often incredibly cheap (The covers are plain green with only a title, and the pages are thin and easy to smudge).

    There is a breed of penguin called Irish Penguin... as someone pointed out to me when I asked what an Irish penguin might be.

    Of course, I assume you have distant Irish heritage and like penguins.:>

    No, don't worry.

    It is merely your accent which comes accross as 'extremely American'.

    By contrast, your mannerisms and body langague seem to be entirely the opposite of the generally accepted modern American stereotype, which is boisterous, well off and chatty.

    I have met many such people, but perhaps thats because I have only met tourists that are desperate to find a peice of their heritage within our land and I have no time for such silly games..:P I'm afraid we grow up with out culture, not find it on a internet site about our family name, and the only true indicator for nationality is birthplace!
    Btw, you sound so dreadfully American in your videos!

    Er, not that it's a bad thing..

    Unless you're Canadian, and then i've probably unintentionally insulted you..but going with your location, we'll assume American.
    Haha! Yeah in actuality, I was just reciting the storyline of a live-action student/teacher romance manga!
    Looking back in retrospect it was pretty relevant. I dunno man I just panicked and deleted it.

    Dood, I just saw your video.

    Say no more.

    I fucking want in.
    Yeah... It occurred to me that I totally just told my life story when it was completely uncalled for. Then I felt all weird that I spilled that much information and deleted it.
    Just out of curiosity, what do you suspect an Irish Penguin might look like?

    I've seen plenty at the Zoo, but as far as I know, we don't have any native penguins.

    Which is a bit shite, considering we have the FRIGGIN AWFUL cold weather that just might suit a ping-wing.

    I hope it doesn't look sterotypical.
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