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  • I recently finished a 3-course python certification through the UW and I've been working as a web developer for half a year. My programming skills are sweet, but I am still a novice.

    I actually am okay in the jobs department now :) I am thinking about leaving my job to be the 2nd developer in a start-up. But if your long-shot is a contract, then I'd be interested to hear about it.
    How could it not? How many ways could we improve world health if we understood all the little nuances of the human body. If we could improve digestion we could quite likely feed more people with less. Hell, just learning all the little nuances is an exciting thought.
    If you ever want me to show up in a forum just post one of those things... I can't resist them. :D
    Reeeaalllyyyy now?

    I think the best way to minimise brain activity is to play an RPG.

    Admittedly, you have all those landscapes, peoples, textboxes, numbers, spells, and HP/AP'S/PP'S/VP'S etc to consider, but I find that once I get into a really decent one, I think of literally nothing outside that little box.

    It's very comforting...

    traumatic childhoods, pathetic lives, boring families, dreadful companions...all forgotten in a feeding frenzy of leveling up.

    Try it sometime!
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