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  • Hey! My thesis is complete and I can now send you the summary version. The full version is quite a bore and not exactly fun reading. I'm proud of the summary though. Send me a link to your not person identifying email address and I will able to attach a copy and send it off.
    When it comes to cannabis: You get what you pay for. Never feel bad about spending too much. Quality is worth the price for medicinal grade. The "racing" and "paranoia" is usually caused by bad cannabanoids-these are prevalent in "mexican" or "ditch" weed. Buy from a reputable dispensary. The buds should be dense and you should be able to see the "crystals" frosting the buds. If it looks like it was chipped off a brick and you got alot of seeds you're not gonna have a good high.
    "I would recommend weed-if you can get a sativa strain they are more cerebral and uplifting- some strains can help you achieve clarity. Try to stay away from the heavy indica strains as they have a tendency to "couchlock" you. Basically you sit on the couch and drool. which is why I dont somke a heavy indica unless I cant sleep."

    I have never experienced this 'cerebral and uplifting' effect I always hear people talk about with sativas, all I get is nervousness and racing thoughts. Indicas are really nice to me because they ease that kind of stuff. I already have pretty bad racing thoughts and some minor anxiety when sober, and sativas just seem to increase that. Indicas are the complete opposite for me. You're right that indicas are probably better for the nighttime.
    But I'm drifting off here.

    Do you think there's a way I can turn the sativa high into a more positive experience?
    *"with" = "will" typo, lol. Oh, and retrospecively I think I come off as sort of advice-heavy: sorry, I get sort of used to helping my siblings (and myself) manage our education. It's a semi-obsession for me at this point, because it's the only way out of bad places, in my opinion.
    Yea, especially in the South the big state schools are better than the others. I think you made the right choice there. What you should do is talk to lots of people early on about the best professors and classes, and don't always listen to their advice, but take it into consideration. With going to a big school, the important thing is to realize nobody is going to save you, or notice you, without you speaking up first. This, in my experience, with be difficult for an INTP, we like to go our own way, and don't really talk or express ourself to others, or ask for help. But at a state school like that, if you don't engage the professors directly and right away, you're a nobody to them.

    Math is pretty awesome. Do you like more the applied (stats, informatics, calc when applied to systems or physics), or the theoretical high level proofs mathematics)?
    yeah, you'll do fine. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of college are you going to? (liberal arts, tech, big state school, etc)? That will change how you go about succeeding
    thanks for the welcome! And, congrats on college, it's a bitch some times, but worth it for people who think (INTPs, clearly...lol)
    Does anybody know anything about Bioinformatics ? or how about Data Mining? I love the math and these fields look really interesting. Is anybody working in these fields right now? If so how do you like it?
    Well I cant wait to start the Equestrian club at my college in fall.
    My therapist is gonna help me get started on going back to school. I can't believe it
    I ACTUALLY GET TO GO TO COLLEGE:cheerleaderkitties:
    Thats really cool. I want to get involved in my college's equestrian team.. i like the sense of challenge, and I've never tried it before. but your outfit is much cooler!
    Cool pics, is that like Equestrian? I might join that in college. But I'm not sure what it is yet.
    Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)
    man, I'm fever fried!! fellin' good didnt last long! I'm gonna go lay down. have a great time, catch ya later
    If I dont get back to anybody for a few days I'm not ignoring you I'm just really sick. I'll catch ya when I'm better.
    pretty good I cant get my my personality thingy to show on my signature when I post. but considering Ive self taught everything I know so far in the last two weeks I'm doin pretty good. thank You for caring to ask. how are you
    about me: I am in my early thirties. I have been married for about ten years. I moved to MO with my mom when my parents split-I was 12. Had a hard hard time at first. Lost myself for a while.Put myself back together and after some testing I came here. Where to go next... hahaha... time will tell
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