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What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

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Today, 12:46
Jun 7, 2017
Super mario 64

That was a cool experience btw, I tried to play it recently after not having touched it since I was a little kid, and I remembered all the places and where to go and everything. Amazing that the brain stores stuff like that for such a long time. That must mean that either my brain has a compartment dedicated to Super Mario 64 and it's just sitting there, or this game shaped my brain to the extent that Super Mario 64 is inherent to my brain's structure.


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Today, 07:46
May 16, 2020
I played "The world ends with you" apparently, plenty of people hated the controls, and it buffed the "difficulty" up. While it did pioneer split screen DS reactions, it was an very good game. I only completed the story on easy mode, but I definitely went and replayed it on hard mode once I understood the complex battle system. Another "hard" game I played, was Shadow of the Colossus. I tried to get so many people into this game, but none could because it was "too hard".

Game I have not completed due to difficulty is Breath of Fire: Dragon quarter. Not only did this game have limited save tokens, but if you died, you had the option of replaying the game at your current level. It was a lot of looping, to the point I gave up. Interesting, non the less.
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