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  • Famous baseball player ... only man to date both Jessica Alba and Biel in the same lifetime ... you look quite similar to him ... if that's you in your avatar pic.
    I'm not that person, nor do I know who it is. I'm not an officer, but I may become one. I have to use the Army for college first, though.
    Dude i really got a kick out of your last two lines in that message. Thank you for that!! haha. And i am curious, are you a officer in the army? If not you should just ditch it, marijuana has made more millionares than anything by far in recent years.
    I'd sort of get kicked out of the Army if I did that, and the Army is a more reliable source of income. Also, I'm already doing it, so I don't have to figure out how to avoid getting in trouble with the Marijuana idea.

    Also, you're forgetting about my sublime beauty and charm. All I have to do is meet one of them, and it's on.
    Space yeti I just saw your blog. If you really want to fuck any of those girls what you have to do is get lots of money. I suggest selling medical marijuana in colorado or california. That is what im going to do, basically I am going to fuck them first! hahaha
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