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  1. SpaceYeti

    Minecraft:Who do?

    If you like it, discuss it. If you don’t, whatever. Everything’s whatever. Also, I’ve returned. Yay.
  2. SpaceYeti

    Missing Dollar Riddle

    Only one. Also, please explain how the first man could possibly know the color of his hat?
  3. SpaceYeti

    Missing Dollar Riddle

  4. SpaceYeti

    Missing Dollar Riddle

    This "riddle" is old and easy, since it's not really a riddle so much as bad math. try this one: There are four men, each with a black or white hat on. There are only two hats of each color. Three men are lined up in a room. The men cannot see their own hat, and they're all facing the same...
  5. SpaceYeti

    Manual RPG's, their function and the online typology community

    Also, beating up orcs. Mostly it's the open-ness of action. Yes,. you're constrained by the game mechanics, but you are not limited to a list of responses, you can respond however you wish, granting your character is capable of it. The social interaction among close friends is also important...
  6. SpaceYeti

    Should INTPs have jobs?

    You don't get paid for doing something you'd be doing anyway. No dice. I'm 33 and in college for the, like, third time. I get it, now. Go to college to get a job, not to learn. You can do what you like on your own time. After you pay rent and car insurance. That's how the cookie crumbles.
  7. SpaceYeti


    I will stop having sex with a woman, then and there, forever, if she tells me she will not have anal.
  8. SpaceYeti

    What is love?

    Baby, don't hurt me.
  9. SpaceYeti

    What is "the past"?

    Are you high? The past is the stuff that has happened before now.
  10. SpaceYeti

    I need to decide what to study...?

    Go to college to pay your bills later in life, and live like a college student while you're in college, so you don't have to when you're not. What you enjoy can be done in your spare time.
  11. SpaceYeti

    Warcraft 4, Starcraft 3

    No, it'll die. They're great with expaxcs, let's not lie about that, but sooner or later people will get tired of it. It's inevitable. I'm giving it about five more years. They've already updated the graphics in different ways several times. It's still WoW. I came back for this most recent...
  12. SpaceYeti

    change yourself?

    Accept yourself as you are. You can exercise, you can study, you can improve yourself, but you'll always be the same, essential person.
  13. SpaceYeti

    Gay INTP

    I'm straight, but it always seemed to me that if you were gay, you'd know it your whole life. Then, maybe not all INTPs are as sexual as I am. I've fantasized, sexually, about girls and women since I can remember.
  14. SpaceYeti

    Warcraft 4, Starcraft 3

    I'm actually looking forward to about five to ten years from now, when WoW has died and they've brought up WoS in it's wake.
  15. SpaceYeti

    I despise the notion of 'social status', why?

    Peon. Or, wait, it's "pleb" now. You fucking pleb.
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