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  • Joda menne uhm unn hun uhm nya, nja.

    Will implement proposed glorious recepie shortly.
    Har dere ikke bønner på boks engang?

    You know, you can have fun making food together: Put can of beans in microwave. Wait a few minutes until pressure builds enough for the thing to explode in a mist of sparks and bean-matter. Scrape contents out of the remains of microwave and proceed to smear this on the nearest crust of dried bread. Make sure you keep the cats at safe distance. Bake the crap out of it in the oven until it is reduced to its dehydrated carbon-based concentrate and then present the result to NASA as an alternative new space-food. If they approve, you may safely ingest.
    Exactly. I know your usual behavior and knew you were making a point but I feared the general denseness of the reset of the forum. ;) BREAK DANCING BUNNY!!!!


    Thank you.
    You don't need ethical psuedo logic to see what you dislike and know why you dislike it, nor to justify the dislike. Stop over-complicating things and just kill yourselves.

    I don't see why you take part in a thread if you are going to simply throw aside the discussion.

    Also, I get the point you are making in that thread but please be respectful.
    You must get more VMs to get rid of that bird picture. It's getting old D:

    So I wrote you a poem.

    It's called Latte's hair:

    Latte's hair
    Latte's hair
    The winter has come to Norway
    Mum says hi
    I do believe I said goodbye. Perhaps. I don't remember. But! I apologize you're now cold and shaking from dressing yourself after you left the house. It's not only colder and humiliating, but a lot more inefficient.. Hello! :D
    Awwww. :D:D:D Lovely.

    Yes. Less adventurous but still healthier. Unfortunately it's started to swing the other way again, very severely. This isn't an attempt to hook you into a conversation about it btw; I'm completely happy with not pursuing this. Just answering the question.

    So waddya do? How will you fix it? TV? Gaming? Hey, you actually sort of remind me in Abed from Community, in a way. Not autism, but the sense of a big benevolent but mostly detached brain.

    I knight you Frappuccino. And I just drank you, you delicious cream-coated icy caffeinated junk. Also I think you caused tonight's bout of craziness. Dick. Yeah, that's right. I DOUBLE-knight you Dick. Through the heart. Nobody messes with my misappropriated apathy!
    I have to admit, when I said that a small part of me was "trolling for shock value" someone like that is exactly who I was hoping would show up.
    What happened to America?

    What happened there too? My head stuff is getting a little less noisy as well.

    The down below is full of Canadians, apparently. :p
    Good explanation. And good to see you too. Which country are you in atm? And how's the mind control going, eh?
    MY DEAR!
    I actually have something to show you.
    Ask... ask Minnie for it ^_^
    I thought you were inactive! I-I thought that...
    :O Oh, I'm terribly confused. But delighted!
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