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  • Good luck with your forum sabbatical, I hope you feel the time is productive. I'm trying to focus on some writing projects and reduce foruming time myself.
    ahahaha, no, my profile just says ISFJ. the whole 'trolling' thing, or preventing people from saying you have certain ideas because you are a certain type typology etc.

    Well stick around. I think you'll do well here. you jumped right in and you seem to fit in pretty well. I' have been using the word pretty too much today. I need, what ever that word is that mean a similar word to the one you are using. lol. Where do you hail from?
    I like you. At first I was wondering, "Who is this guy stepping into the forum and talking?" Your' pretty fun. I'm also pretty drunk. Cheers mate!
    Ah, well said, although I have to admit my 2nd post was entirely in jest to the paradoxical nature of your response. ;)
    Yo, will reread your post in my thread again tomorrow, I really need to sleep because of work now and I feel like I'm rushing my replies which probably has a detrimental effect on their quality, I am slow mofo when it comes to thinking.
    Ah, my message was a little more cryptic than that.

    On my profile, there are also three lines.
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