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  • Your avatar is so damn cute, every time you post I end up spending an inordinate amount of time just staring at it. Agh!
    nope, ive watched the movie though. the name is me just trying to be punny (the initials is INTP)
    Is the cat in your avatar your cat?It reminded me of my cat that I miss so much she was taken away from me because of my allergy.
    and once you have perfected the OED canon, DF Wallace and K Vonnegut have some made up words for study. haha "infundibuliform" would literally take up an entire row or column with its fifteen letters! those two fs and b and m would really augment the score, lets call it 142...
    all in a days work my friend. if you liked that look up ludic or leviathan. oh, the joys of scrabble.
    I'll have you know that is a bengal cat, and I have scars to prove it. (Seriously.) He only looks sweet.
    Tch! It's all those soft kitty avatars, besmirching your barbarians honour!

    I can help with that, if you like.:D


    It is a large and troubling character flaw, but at least I am aware of it.

    Nerf weapon?



    *Retreats into his cage and locks it from the inside*

    You dare question my systematic dismissal of all uninteresting threads!?

    *Slaps with a vaseline filled glove*

    Have at ye!
    Lor remains the most pleasant and human administratoron this forum, and well as the person with the most profile views and posts, making her very popular.

    I am unsure why people are drawn to her, perhaps the wisdom? Or the self denial that she has any worth?

    Perhaps she's just a whore for lost people...

    I coulda swore becoming a mother turned mine into a wizened and bitter old swine, and that it turned Lor into a (more) self hating degenerate and that in general every parent loses 'x' amount of free time, is forced to adapt their ways to cope and most obviously gets a ridiculous amount of stress lines from all those sleepless nights:P

    *Drags out a couch*

    Come now little Catty, sit and tell me about this evolved form you are denying.

    You seem prone to lectures of a moral nature.

    Are you a mother by any chance?

    *eyes suspiciously*
    Lol, I have proprietary rights over neither the forum nor the graphology thread.

    You are quite a bit more detailed than me, though.

    What things jump out at you first? The little things like i-dot/t-bar or the big things like connections/margins/overall feel? For me it's the former so I'm often afraid that I'm not seeing the big picture.
    Eh, thanks mate.

    I got a bit of stuff due, so I'm only gonna do the graphology on mon. Hehe at least you staved off my crucifixion for promising something I couldn't deliver.

    My apologies if I was the one to of misinterpreted your posting as argument and it was not. Seems default to assume people are criticizing or arguing against me, I suppose. Your last post on the thread is ambiguous to me, however or I am simply being overimaginative as to your meaning.
    :) I'm sure it will be fun.

    And even better since all three of mine are teens/pre-teens, so I only have to do Fun Stuff with baby and leave the rest up to my sister, the new Mommy.
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