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  • Nope, those were Notes (but they were written to make a point, so yeah - not quite like a blog is).

    Hm your idea sounds cool. But what is a hobby blog or a ranting blog or a shopping blog or a blogshop? Sometimes it's hard to tell. So again there would have to be a generic algorithm, which I guess would just be an improved incarnation of typealyser.

    I'm wondering if there's an open source psychoanalysis thing though. So far, I've not seen any...^_^ an idea.

    I'd wish you Happy New Year, except that you probably celebrated yours on 1 Jan :P.
    I played with this before and remember getting a wide variety of results (I think I used to get ISFP pretty often, apart from INTP).

    Since I no longer have a blog, I tested this on my Facebook Notes, and for every single note, it returned ISTJ.

    My dad owned a school that taught computer repair. The Rockwell Aim 65 was about 3 years old at the time, and was sold as a kit, so that was what he used to teach basic diagnostics, soldering, etc. We assembled them in our garage, and he'd break them in some way, so the students could fix them. 10 years later I was teaching electronics at the school, which was a good job for right out of college. By then, we weren't using Rockwells, of course, and the diagnostics were different. The students still liked the soldering, though.
    Actually what's wrong with necroing (for evergreen-type threads like online test results or like this one)?

    Better than starting a new thread I think.
    Think I had posted it somewhere before but nobody was interested. Maybe I'll post it under online tests this time.
    Ti-Si overtime?

    Perhaps. I guess it is hard to see how Ne is able to flourish in most environments. Ni is a bit easier, "visionary" thinking is often prized and creative thought is more often seen to be a benefit when things get "seen through" to the end. Which makes Ne usually less well rewarded than Ni as a "creative" process.

    My last vacation was pretty recent. I went to Hangzhou and Nanjing in China. But I guess the "I must see everything" drive took over the moment I got to those places and it was rush-rush-rush everywhere which made it less relaxing. Actually I feel the utility of vacations depends on personality. Ne is happiest when there is no plan and everything is random yet turns out well.
    Increased focus on chickenshit, less able to "grasp the whole picture", only being able to think about specific things and finding it increasingly hard to generalise, finding it easier to "work with my hands" and just "do something" rather than think or plan, more in-line-with-society, inside-the-box thought.

    And I've started to not have a fixed order when I eat, which is kinda weird (I used to eat the different dishes one at a time, e.g. either rice then chicken or chicken then rice, whereas most people here would eat some chicken, then some rice, etc. - now I'm more like most people).
    Haha you visited my blog.

    Dusty, eh. Been 3 months.

    Purple's nice. I like purple and blue. Purple's a royal colour.
    I swear if I was to go on mastermind [as if I'd get on] I would likely take Father Ted as my topic of choice, do you have a favorite episode?

    Hi btw, lol.
    Enne honey, you are divine.

    We should get married, and together cause untold chaos and misery that will burn to the earths core for a myriad decades!
    Raidou Kuzunoha from a video game called Shin Megami Tensai: devil summoner.
    Oh, on my page? You're eligible for a mystery prize!

    Actually I liked lightweight stuff like IceWM, but since I used plenty of KDE apps in the past and I had to load the libraries anyway I switched to KDE.
    Kubuntu Lucid.

    KDE4 sucks compared to compiz, BTW. Maybe you should use Ubuntu, but I'm unused to and dislike the GNOME interface (screen fire, fish in cube and window peel-back is not enough to make me switch :p). KDE's kitchen sink approach to things is nice sometimes (and I like all those widgets on the desktop - but maybe GNOME can do it now too, I'm not sure).

    I tried to install Xubuntu on an old computer but the CD doesn't really seem to work :(. Guess I must re-download and re-burn.

    Bullies? Darth Enne gets bullied?
    Haha. Darth Enne. Or maybe Darthenne (looks like a cool name to give a kid).
    I wound up because the lease was ending. The landlord offered a renewal but the other directors wanted to pull out. Business had been light for a few months and I was having problems finding staff too; might as well end. We thought of opening a grocery shop instead but the landlord didn't want to lower the rent to what we wanted.

    So sad that nobody talked about their wind-up experience. Must be very few entrepreneurs on this board (or maybe they just didn't wanna talk), I cannot believe many entrepreneurs have gone through life without having wound up a company before (the purpose wasn't to rant). I thought INTPs are more the bold, try-new-things type, but I think many don't really do so.

    But I am starting a new company for the other thing. I usually have something to do. I don't understand how people can be bored when nobody gives them anything to do - that's the best situation for me :p

    Nice costume btw.
    Sadly, I'm taking a year break starting now, but I've spent a year in what would best translate as studying to be a social worker. I've had psychology, communication, group intervention, sociology, etc. I've also had an internship in an organisation who takes care of mentally ill people.

    Did it largely to challenge myself and improve my social abilities, which I think has worked quite well.
    I have two (well, three) education jobs (and a few other things that occupy my time even if they aren't occupations, per se). Of those, one is as a philosophy professor at a university in Michigan. I teach about 500 students a year, and I teach year round.

    How is it?

    Some days it's great, some days it's fun, some days it's hard, some days it's just a job.

    :) Glad you like it. It's from Corto Maltese, a comic series by Hugo Pratt. The one I have today is pretty much fanart, and was published in a mag whose name I forget.
    How do you pronounce ur name? Is it one syllable or two? Are the E's hard or soft?
    Lol, well my this avatar does have a connection eith the banana mango thing. I won't even ask what yours is... Ok yes I will, what on earth is that in your avatar?
    Nah, it's not a theory, just a quote

    I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
    You want some attenttion sweetheart?




    sorry, who are you?
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