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Seducer of the Homeless

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  • Dude you know how horny I am...or was...lol. I'm over this whole sex thing now though.
    I've only seen Synecdoche, BJM and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The latter is not about a struggling artist.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.
    Synecdoche, New York.

    Am I getting through to you?
    Go on, tell me which bit you're struggling with, and I'll try and explain it so you get it, okay?

    (I kept messing up inverse variation because no-one bothered telling us the formula for it, so I'm thinking quite a lot of you not liking maths might be because you're not getting decent explanations.)
    I'll give it a try, it's no worries =P

    (I just didn't check my visitor messages until now =/)

    Edit: I'm guessing the brackets test?
    Edit2: If it is... I can't remember brackets.. I'm saying that now..

    I agree. I think that's one reason why I usually choose to use real people avatars instead of non-human avatars. Though I don't ever really think about it.

    That's good. I'm doing pretty well myself. But I'm a bit annoyed because I have two essays to write, both due tomorrow.

    They definitely look interesting. lol. Thank you again. Though I am a bit shy, even on the internet.

    When I saw that quote I had to steal it. It was just too perfect.
    Hey there. :)

    And haha, yeah, talking to him was interesting... and I think he was already banned? At least that's what someone on an IRC channel I was in last night said, anyways.

    So, how are you doing? By the way, I really like your avatar.
    Interesting - I just did your Johari page and realise I basically described a rather strong INFP.
    Apologies for earlier; I got caught in a very long and involved conversation.

    Brain's ISFP now eh? She's been convinced several times already.
    I'm really glad you like my links. :) Too many people instantly assume classical music is 'homo' (a ridiculous insult in itself anyway) or pretentious. Nice to see there's some appreciation still happening!

    The woman is not musically awesome, in my opinion, though she has very good technique. Her contortions too...fuck.

    RE the Chopin Scherzo - I meant the stuff you were saying about identity and the artist's soul. The drive, the passion, etc.

    Yes, I've had friends like that. It's awesome when it happens, and fine when it doesn't. A little disappointing, but you get by.

    Hey, I'm thinking you might be an INFJ. Apparently fukyo thinks I'm one as well. You should ask her for some links (I've lost mine :/).
    Yes. It boils down to 'being true to yourself'. The importance of this becomes increasingly apparent to me everyday. It's so difficult to express these 'life concepts' to people who haven't experienced them for themselves though.

    I've read your posts about the ENTP on the random thread. Interesting. You're lucky to have someone like him you can bounce off.

    Look at this crazy woman:

    She's really hot as well...:/
    I especially like the last verse. The sense of being helplessly driven to create and communicate.
    Good song and fascinating man. Very tough path to go down though. In that state you can't even tell whether you're producing anything of quality, whether the pain is worth it.

    Love your new avatar by the way.
    Well at least you know I am an asshole, that way you will not fall for me, and have your heart broken.

    HE can't read my poker face.

    You don't want to be 'he' Seducer of the Homeless
    No one is like me! Actually, I just do my job and stay out of trouble. I do spend a bit too much time on this forum while at work, but that's often because I've got other things going on like remote program installations, virus scans or other stuff that I can't leave my desk for.

    More then likely, your tech people just don't like you. :D
    Yes, I know about ENFPs. My mother is one, and I've been friends with several others. But when she's that persistent (over months) and is being physical in a more sexually-charged way...

    Well, whatever. She's probably not your type either. Leave it.

    ps. "she likes...fun and shit like that, i aint her type" - hahaha
    I told her you seemed to be doing ok. Yes she has a large heart but she's not 'nice' (sugary). Seriously my daughter sounds just the same as 'the person' but her bf is really quiet - don't assume she is not interested. See if you can get to chat to her on her own, she might calm down.
    I love the John Zorn stuff you posted - amazing! And actually I could be in New York on the Saturday ... only the hotel I booked hasn't got a room on the Saturday night so I decided to stay in New Haven but maybe I need to review that .. hmm.

    My daughter was asking after you the other day - asking how you were getting on. She's ENFP so maybe cheese is right. My daughter's boyfriend is definitely an INFP.
    Uh, she sounds insane. I recommend a school shooting. That'll give you the upper hand.

    She's interested in you, you dolt.
    That's hilarious! What for? My daughter was awarded 'sportswoman of the year' in year 7 and then gave up sport totally lol.
    So stop underachieving! Think positive! =P

    And either way, you can stick it in the personal statement thing for 6th form/college applications (Or do you not have to do that?)
    Sadly, yes, School started today.

    I always forget how annoying everyone is... luckily only nine months to go until it's 'study leave' and we get off school =)

    Also, I bet you won something music related =P And *claps* for winning something ^_^
    (Sorry, I keep getting distracted by irc)

    He was. A "ladies' man", if you will.

    No, I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I'm seriously considering it. There are a few pieces I would like to share. I've probably already shared them with you over youtube :) but my versions will blow those ones OUT OF THE WATER.
    Breaking boundaries, loosing yourself from the chains of absolutes, escaping the binds of inherited frameworks...yeah, it's part of growth, I think. I think at least some things will never be 'stable' for people like us (NTs, to use a painful over-simplification) in that our foundations will always experience significant shaking. It can be a little terrifying facing the vast expanse, but at least we know death will end any uncertainty one day. :P Promiscuity goes against the perceived grain for me as well, but again, change...

    Why do you think you're not attractive to smart girls? From what I've seen your perceptions of self jar significantly with external perceptions. Wouldn't trust it completely, etc.
    The main factor is that if I don't do seriously seriously well, then it could mean that I don't get to do all the subjects I want at the 6th form I'm planning on going to (And since it's the only place anywhere near me that does japanese - which I want to do 'cos of all the cool technology there, not the bishies =P- then if I don't get in, it'll be really annoying) and if I get in there, I won't be with *anyone* I know now, which will be seriously nice =)

    (and the fact that I get paid for each A* is a good motivator too *whistles innocently*)

    And as far as brain food goes, the only think that sorta counts is raspberries =)

    (/really long rambling)
    (Yes,it wouldn't let me send this as one message, 'cos it was too long *headdesk*)
    Why I'm not underachieving is simple - I don't get the chance =P

    Seriously though, if I get so much as a B, my mum starts bugging me about how I need to do better, what's wrong, am I feeling okay, would I like to talk, etc. I can't just go, Oh, I'm just a bit tired/I just messed it up/(whatever) doesn't stick in my head, as then she'll either tell me she's going to start cutting off the internet at 7pm again, or she'll get on the phone to my teachers and get them to talk to me (This has happened before O_o)

    The other part is, if I don't do well, not only will she never stop nagging me about it, I'll also never hear the end of it from both my sister and everyone at school =/ Which is a good motivator. Plus, tiny tiny classes make a huge difference (compare how much attention and help you currently get with what you'd get with only 14 people in your year =P and only 7 or so in some lessons too)
    Liszt was a very interesting man.

    I meant that in capturing the attention of one whose interests extend no further than the externals, you must have certain properties that most INTPs do not possess (their chief and often sole charm being that big sexy brain). ----> generalisation

    No, I'm not promiscuous...not sexually. I meant my current mental stance on the matter involves no value judgement.

    :) ftw :)
    They're interesting. I'll stop if you want. I assumed the fact that they were public meant...you know, that they're public.

    Funny that you mention Liszt. He was a bit of a whore himself. Great talent can exist alongside promiscuity. I wouldn't assign a value to the latter, actually. That's where I am at the moment anyway.

    Congratulations on you - an INTP - winning a whore's interest. Not bad. (Also, you are cute.)
    Love rears its syphilis-stricken head! She's hot for your bod soth. Or your brain. Whatever, it's all the same really. Go for it. Congratulations too. :worship:
    Fuck. Still stuck in that turbulent tango?

    Now here's what you need: socks, breadknife and masking tape.
    I can blame it on having forgotten my pencil case, calculator etc and only realising when I was meant to be walking into the exam (I ended up borrowing from my ICT/old maths teacher *headdesk*) =P

    And my current plan is Maths, Physics, ICT, Art maybe and an AS in Japanese, what about you?
    I start on Tuesday, you?
    (and having had a nosey at your other visitor messages, I would very much argue against me being smarter than you =P)
    I'm not convinced by your INFP tendencies - your response to his actions was 'that doesn't make sense' lol.

    And you are easily as smart if not smarter than people on here. Smart is not about passing subjects at school. It's about the way you think and you get a lot of comments about your thinking and writing here.

    If 5 people say it's a horse, saddle it and ride it!!
    not intrusive at all and it's not your fault my INFP was a dick.

    Two things - I started posting on newsgroups and forums in the early 90s and also signed up for a creative writing evening class. In both, people kept going on about how beautifully I wrote which I initially thought was totally bizarre and then I realised what must have happened at school. Of course here on INTPf pretty much everyone writes beautifully!
    No it wasn't either. I was directionless because I had left school not knowing what I was good at (writing) because my English teacher was a lying bitch who had it in for me and destroyed my confidence. My life improved dramatically when I regained my confidence in what I was good at and found a way to pursue it. That's why I spend a lot of time helping my children be confident in their abilities.
    I did get into university, no idea how, and then dropped out and wasted time in stupid jobs and taking drugs through my 20s. I guess you could call me a 'late developer'. I wish I hadn't done that now. I wish I'd worked hard through sixth form.
    Course I'm interested - the D is disappointing I agree but it's not a fail. Well done on the A though - that's excellent and Bs and Cs are perfectly respectable grades. I had very mixed results for mine (they were O levels then) and I did dreadfully in my A levels. Was predicted the equivalent of 3 A* and ended up with C,C,D - mind you I got the D in English without actually reading any of the set books ... ;-)

    Thanks for the compliment. Only time constraints prevent me from posting more often. I'm trapped in a high-stress 50+ hour a week job, and I have an equally demanding ENTJ fiance, so my free time is scarce.

    BTW, your posts never fail to crack me up, make me think, or both. Also, I couldn't help but notice that you have an ongoing political debate with another member. Your'e libertarian leanings definitely run counter to the growing socialism in the UK. Stay true to your beliefs, however, and always question authority.
    Have you ever considered getting a spine?

    I hear they're all the rage these days.

    if you like, we could get matching ones.

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