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Vegard Pompey

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  • I guess some things in my life took a turn for the worse, others for the better.

    Not much going on in my life atm

    How are you? What have you been doing all these years? I can't even remember how long it's been. 4-5 years? More?
    Turns out I DID have a happy cat! It will probably look good on the wall next to the other one

    How rude! You quit IRC without saying goodbye! The whole channel agrees you are tiny rude teenager!
    How rude! You quit IRC without saying goodbye! The whole channel agrees you are tiny rude teenager!

    Well, getting out there is difficult and sometimes scary, but you can't stay where you are forever. I almost quit my first week in a new job, but I managed to pull through. I think getting a job would also help you be a bit more confident with people. You would learn how to small talk more and make friends in general.

    Of course, I still have some trouble making friends, but I have a confidence so that it doesn't bother me :) I mean, I am able to go places where I know no one and just assume it works out, that I'll find someone to talk to.

    It's of course entirely up to you.

    You don't need to put it that way. You can say, for instance;
    - You like/ need to be independent
    - You don't feel it's right to live at home for free
    - You have to start working sooner or later
    - You want more money so you have more freedom
    - Never going out drives you insane
    - You feel like a spoiled child when living at home for free (I'm not saying you are, just giving you suggestions)
    - You want to afford a car and license
    - You need to do more in your life than sitting on the computer all day
    - You want to get to know more people
    - You want the learning experience working gives you (I learned efficiency, creativity and strategy when I worked).
    Yes, good!!!! Good luck at their office tomorrow!!! Remember to report back to me how it went!!! :):)
    One step at a time. You need to save up some money so you can afford moving, if that's what you want.

    Also, there are quite some jobs that don't require education. I don't know them all, but. I worked one and a half year at a laundry, for crying out loud! And it wasn't as terrible as imagined. I even made some friends there. Just apply wherever. Do you have a system like we have, NAV? That helps unemployed people?

    You're only 18, things will work out for you, dear.
    No, I don't think you told me that =(

    The only way out I see is if you start working. But I suppose it isn't easy finding any work if you live in a small town.
    Oh, still the charming gentleman, I see.

    Well, that idea doesn't seem to silly.

    What are you doing these days anyway?
    Yes, I have. It's okay. Making friends is a pain. I only have one subject in august. I'm looking forward to learning more next month. But I get kinda stressed because there are so many books I want to read, and I feel I need to be an expert right away. How can I write an article about cells if I don't know the complete history, every known person associated with it, how it's used, how it can be used etc etc.

    I put a lot of pressure on myself. So when I have homework, I get demotivated because I feel like I have tons to do and will NEVER finish.

    I'm working on it.

    I've started to drink coffee. I find I prefer strong coffees. Now this is part the reason I never started drinking, I'd surely be addicted sooner or later.
    How does your medical system work? Har dere fastleger? In such case, find another doctor and try again! Actually, you need to find another doctor anyway.

    Vegard, you are depressed and you need to do something about it! It's very understandable seeing the situation you're in. Your headaches might be migraine, which means you should get some medication for it, or it's caused by your depression.

    I took the difference
    between yours and
    mine, and calculated
    the letters after.
    Thanks man :) Yeah I just came back this morning and browsed for quite a while, thinking about what a good forum this is. Seriously. It's not until one goes to other forums that it becomes apparent how hard some INTPs try to be "hard." People are natural here. Anyhow thanks, I look forward to becoming reacquainted.
    My self confidence in school is about non-existent. I get what you're saying.

    Well, I do hope you figure something out eventually. Do update me.

    Let us change to another cheerier topic.


    Do you have one?

    Btw, I feel quite proud of my INTP meet deadline achievement, hope I'm able to unlock some bonuses on my xbox.
    Oh, I no longer know what's stupid and not.

    Have you started exploring your possibilities yet?

    Maybe it's possible to loan money from the bank or work a year or two so that you can afford taking the subject you need? You are very young, so postponing education doesn't have to be bad. You'll get money and experience.

    It's neat to have someone cooking for you. I hate cooking myself, it takes too long! And it usually doesn't taste good when I make it either...
    Oh, it's neither here nor there.

    I wish I had a friend here so that we could do something stupid and forget we exist for just one moment.

    I need to do something new!

    How are you, my dear neighbour?
    I know exactly what you mean! When I was still in school I was constantly thinking that sooner or later things would work out. I'll find a way. I suppose I'm still thinking that on my good days.

    I think it's quite possible to be a freelance web designer! If you find that interesting I'd definitively try it!

    I don't have anything planned. In some way I want to go back to school and become a biologist. On the other hand, it is such distress for me that I just want to escape back into my cave and live there.

    To summarize: I'm thinking about it.
    You're rather adorable.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't expect you to reply the second I write to you, waiting like a month and a day is fine. Though if you wait longer than that I'll be forced to throw bananas at you.

    There's nothing that can be done with your situation? That sucks =(

    Is it one year you have left now?

    Yeah, jobs like these are rather soul cracking. I kinda gave up on ambitions some time ago.

    I love card games, btw.
    Oh, I thought you had grown weary of my babbling. I know I do.

    Why won't you be able to get into uni?

    Tsh, I did horrible in school. I know how much school can suck. :\

    Good thing you get along better with your class, though. How long have you been with the people you are with now?

    I use about a year to get comfortable with people, you know, if we talk on a regular basis. I never initiate contact with people, so I've been fortunate people have done so with me throughout the years.

    What do I work with. Well, it's something I'm embarrassed about and in one way I'm quite miserable there. At the same time, I get along with my coworkers, and I'm one of the most efficient workers there. They constantly praise me. But it's not that difficult a job, so that doesn't matter much.

    Det er på et vaskeri, vet ikke helt hvilket ord jeg kan bruke for det på engelsk
    That's a better excuse than mine, actually.

    So, I suppose you're still in school? How's that?

    I'm working with something I don't really care for. But I don't have an education, and I live rurally, don't have much to pick from. I can't really complain, though, as I voluntarily quit school. Well, in a way. Working isn't that bad........ I get paid. And i don't have any homework.

    I'm sorry to disappoint the people of Swedia, but I have no intention of going there anytime soon. Mainly because I don't have anyone I'd want to travel with. And because Australia is first on my list.

    Where is your first choice and why haven't you gone there yet?
    Theory. Surely, an arm being severed is, subjectively and objectively, more painful than a pinch.
    Does it erase a need for altruism?
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