• OK, it's on.
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  • Done now. Domine miserere nobis.
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  • Thanks for letting me know. That's a damn shame, maybe I should change my avatar.
    Lol bloody roar... Never got into that.
    I haven't real played games that much for a while. I generally play 1-2 times a week. Probably gonna have no life when Marvel 3 comes out.
    I used to pla Marvel2 a LOT.
    Apology accepted.

    (Does this mean the offer is withdrawn?:()

    Lor is behind every malicious forum act!
    Public sodomy?


    I thought the purpose of such a threat was to erm... Threaten, as oppossed to enticing.

    I actually have no idea why I posted that earlier.

    Perhaps I was possessed.
    De-Loused is the Mars Volta album I own, i'll give it another listen and let you know how I get on.

    How are you enjoying your first few months on the forum? :)
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