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Phoenix Down
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  • Ahh...

    usually finding people like me is the prologue to mass volumes of existential despair, a cruel implosion of hopes, disillusionment and tears. Which may be a good thing, depending on perspective.

    Gender confusion? I'd recommend talking to cheese ;p
    I'm taken.

    (I've never said that before, nor felt proud of the fact... happy... what are these strange feelings?)

    Err... anyway! I recommend finding someone you like ;)
    tsk... who is spreading these rumours? Melkor?

    He just says I'm a girl 'cos I can pee higher up the wall than him.
    Oh, I can hear that song in my head! *can't remember who sang it or what it was called*

    Mind you... if I'm allowed to visit, it will need to be about cuckoo size.

    So, do I know you?
    ahh.. now waste. That I can discuss. It is such a particular human thing. Indeed, I venture human and waste are synonymous.

    Oh.. I may have found a literary passage into my mind. Thank you.
    A pinch of fire a pinch of ice.
    A cauldron of brine for the soul that next dares.

    Are you too young to die?
    Yep, it's by far my favorite avatar, that's why I went back to using it. Until I find something cooler, I think I'll keep it.
    Oh ok, whichever you want to choose is ok if you like it.

    Uh I have played some of them, so I know what's a phoenix down :/ Or was that question sarcasm? I use my powers for whatever I feel like, so I advise you not to get me in a bad mood :mad: Just kidding.

    That's a lie, the thing about the life of the party, right? I don't think an INTP would fit that role well. However, that's a good geek phrase I have to use more often... "Dude, you're like a phoenix down! You're the life of the party!"

    Clever one.
    Haha thanks!

    I think your profile picture would make a good avatar, you should use it as your avatar.

    Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Is that the reason you chose that username? I wish I had thought of it before.
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