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  • Meh indeed you skiving git!

    Get back here or I'll send the search squad complete with rabid dogs out! :o
    Also, what do you really have to say to Melkor? I didn't think anyone ever had anything to say to him
    D: About time you replied! Watch out for Melly, he has become increasingly desperate!
    Yeah, though there are risks, leaving the battle system entirely as it is might look silly with the stunning graphics, but changing it seems like blasphemy... Perhaps something XIII's but with Materia factored in?

    ^.^ Oh, and a lot of sevens charm came from it's cartoony nonsense. Elena rolling down a hill, Cait sith's 'MOG', Sephiroth at the temple of the ancients, would look silly in the new game, and likely be removed.

    Off partying?:P Sorry I'm so slow myself, it takes a while to get the right mood to respond.

    Oh, there's been a lot of talk about a seven remake, what with Crisis Core, Dirge and Advent children showing just how pretty Gaia can be, the old game seems rather lack lustre. It would be rather brilliant to see the under city, gold saucer,Safer Sephiroth and of course Midgar in glorious high definition, wouldn't it?:D Not to mention voice acting, remixes and the tonnes of extra missions XIII style.

    My reaction? oh - hah. I decided it was an evil circumstance that the rest of humanity must be made to pay for! *coughs*

    Actually, it fucked me up. I'm only just sorting things out. I guess that's what happens when Ti gets all the glory over the years, and Fe and Ni get beaten into submission.

    But I'm getting better :D

    I'm yet to see the good side of the mystery in other people's eyes, but must admit my ego has built a castle from being cryptic and generally inaccessible to other people. Seems like INFJs can be blamed for everything. >>

    And you? Seems you're having a more positive transition :)
    Welcome to the club :D

    I think there's plenty of INFJs, but the tests will never pick us out. We're too tricksy ;)
    Haha, sadly, the new movie gives far too much weight to Cloud/Denzel fanfics, because that scene where he holds Cloud gloved hand after hopping onto Fenrir is just way too endearing to be natural.
    Curse you square enix, and your pronounced ability to use beauty as a marketing tool!

    Possibly-possibly, though if we're talking FF I relate to Squall more, or FF7 it has to be Vincent.

    Like him, I say relatively little, don't contribute to the plot of reality and anything I do say is tainted with rhetoric.:P I'll never be as cool as the valentine sadly.

    Yeah, Denzel would be an excellent choice for a spinoff set in the future. I hope they get a little more creative with the next plot, they had such colourful and divine characters that they put to small use. Sephiroth needs a bigger role, and it would be interesting if the party travelled together instead of ganging up to kill a summon for a few minutes.


    You excited about the possible remake and Dissidia duodecim?
    You know I've recently downloaded Advent children complete, took like three days, and for some odd reason which I cannot fully comprehend, everytime I see Denzel I think of you.
    ACC is somewhat Denzel-centric in compared to the original, for every time you saw him in the original, they have a new scene to go with it. They're pretty cool too, in one he fights off demons with a lead pipe, in another he has a flashback of the sector 7 bombings, and there's plenty of Mother/father scenes with Tifa/Cloud.
    My favourite is one where he picks up Clouds phone from Fenrir, and in the background you can see all the glorious industrial angst that is the under city.<3
    Oh, and Cloud is mystifying in it...o.o Though he gets rather beaten up...

    Well, yes, I try, and no I don't like it, but I don't think I actually suceed in appearing normal.
    Ack, sorry I'm so bad at getting back to you MG.

    I will henceforth make an effort to make an effort to get back to you at an improved rate.

    How I live?

    I try my best to live on the ridge of humanity without falling off. I despise the fact that I'm human and try, with some difficulty to deny it.

    At times I wish I could be the practical, norm-abiding creature that gets so much positive attention, but it just doesn't work for me...

    I don't live very well.
    It's rather difficult.

    I've been coping a little better than expected, though in reality that isn't great.

    I go out of my way to create rather feeble expectations so as to avoid dissapointment.

    I am glad to hear you deal so well.
    I figured I needed to include something new in my perception of aesthetics.
    Not really, I'm Serbian, but I like to travel, I think the guy was actually a Slovak who spoke 8 languages or something like that :confused:
    Yeah, Fringe is great. My local cinema is showing the first episode of season three live. My ENTP pal is going as the Observer. He bought a bald cap and everything. What an eccentric bastard!
    Thank you, a guy used to call me that, I mostly forgot the guy, but the name stuck :)
    Oh yes, I'm quite aware of such, little does he know that I'm really an undercover agent sent to track him down, silly boy, he only thinks he's ahead...
    I'm worried about soc
    ial interactions, contexts and problems.

    Oh, yeah, I love sudoku, crosswords and problem solving, but I could never do straight graphs, remember equations or keep track of my calculations.

    Heh-heh, beleive it or not, I actually enjoyed reading all that. No idea why. I suppose I enjoy lists.

    Your English is perfect by the way, better than my own I imagine.

    So, why don't you enjoy history or art? I rather enjoyed those myself, I hated french too, and was rather apathetic on Maths.

    Starting back to Uni in several days. Very worried:X
    Ah. That is a pity.

    Are you enjoying school at least?

    I just love education in general.:^^
    Nooo. Can't we swap Denzel for Tifa? She's sooo cute. Or Reno!
    Anyone who isn't Sephy.
    and yes, Zack was banker, he bought trafalgar sqaure twice and went to jail repeatedly.
    They played Monopoly duh!:D Cloud won of course.
    No copying my mraoow! Though it does suit you...Heh-heh.
    You just want it to be ILLEGAL.! Stupid Denzel!


    A stranger on my page!

    *Takes a mallet to your skull *

    Out! Out!

    Oh, but Zack is too sexy for words! And Aeris... In that dress... With her flowers... And those lips drenched with lifestream dew... Mraoooww.

    Plus, Zack is the only character to derobe Cloud on screen!:D
    Er... We can pretend Polyamoury is illegal in Midgar, ya know, to stop the geostigma getting around. It's clearly an STI!

    Oh, also, *Casts Ultima*

    Take that!:D
    I've played the Metroid games, too. They're pretty cool. I like anime, as well. And sleeping is always good. ;) I've never heard of The World Ends With You.
    Oh you're so thoughtful sweetheart! Sand to torture my enemies and water to drown them in!:D

    Oooh, I was playing Crisis core today, it's so beautiful.

    Honestly, screw CloudxDenzel, it's CloudxAerisxxZack:D

    Hope you have a wondrous day!
    Whoops. Copied a bit too much.

    Oohh, souvenir? What like? Something edible? A weapon? An embarassing photo of you buried beneath the sand?

    :D Or seashelllsss!?
    Noooo! Not ebay! Then all those
    innocent auctioners will get Melkoritis,
    thus becoming crazed and insecure,
    and I'll lose my individuality!D:
    Oooh, music and window gazing. I love
    doing that. Especially when all is fields
    and hills.
    Edit Report
    "An INTP guy, more common than you" - Yeah, I know. :slashnew:

    Well, as you have already guessed, I play videos, especially RPGs. My favorites are (in no particular order) various Final Fantasy games (IV, VII, X - I haven't played them all, though), Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, and Chronotrigger. Aside from that, I read quite a bit. I used to be mostly into Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but nowadays, I just read whatever looks interesting to me. I'm also dabble a little in philosophy and politics.

    How about you?
    Oh, yeah, I'm a bit impatient with replies. I tend to assume, solely on paranoia, that no reply means I've said something wrong...

    Oh, a beach? Rawesome. What are beaches like where you're from?

    Ours are frothy, deserted and mournful. I love them:)
    Aha! You're too short and fat for my clothes! MWahaha!

    Though I should prolly label them all just in case...

    *Sly look*
    Hehe! That's so me! And thanks for the welcome! If I may ask, are you a guy or a girl? Just so I don't screw up the pronouns later...
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