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  • "If you like this beet, wait until you taste my cauliflower!"

    Now we're cooking with power!

    ... I was going to make a joke about my youth subsisting on the lifeforce of children, but it's only 7:30am, I've been up an hour and half, and I'm still not quite awake. :p
    Not yet! I don't know how, but somehow I'm busy doing nothing. Time seems to melt away despite the fact that I'm not really using it.
    In fact, your approach is even better probably.
    Where are you going to play poker at ? just curious :P
    Don't give up trying to connect to people. Don't fade into the background. You exist.
    "I love a well put together rant. This thread, however, does not qualify. At least spell minimum correctly in the title."

    Well, we're even now. That one made me literally LOL for at least ten seconds.
    Like your douchebaggery quote? I LOVE IT! It is one from greatest quotes ever! :D Except one from some solar hours: No numero horas nisi serenas. But then I found out that those are instructions for using them :P
    The guy from Kitten With A Whip. I've got dirt on him, though. He helped some lame beatniks escape to Mexico.
    It's just spin, there's an election coming up. I'm not going to do anything, really.
    I'm gonna be enacting some radical reforms in your funny bone. I thought I should let you know.
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