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    Who am I kidding?

    I've lost all wit with my security.
    Sony, Ran is the most amazing, beautiful person on this forum. You're the troll, troll.
    I thought you were Penguin's rl troll friend. :>
    I guess you guys know a lot of trolls irl.
    Souls are actually rather rare commodities here. You can get a pretty good price for them on the blackmarket, I hear.
    (To make soup. Apparently soup gathers its remedial properties from actual souls. Also, they're needed to seal the cans. You wouldn't believe how much research it took me to find this out.)

    Enjoy your meal. :D
    Fucking Lawl!

    wanna meet up, maybe blow some shit up with goblins and elves?...maybe beasts can come too? AND THAT STUPID FUCKER WITH THE GOGGLES!!!.....him and hisstupid little

    "Oh hai guis I have vigilance AND first strike...SUK MAH BALLZ!!
    I've known a few ENFPs. They are fun. You have curly hair. That's pretty much all I have. I've just burned through all my socializing for the day with those four sentences.
    You mean X-Babies ? That's right, it had to have happened.

    That said, I recommend soup. It's like, good for the soul, if you still have one. :)
    Sup Mang, I go by Either Add-uh-mus or Adeemus, which ever rolls off the tongue easier. It was intended to be pronounced "Adeemus", but I noticed people are more comfortable with Add-uh-mus, so I figured I'll just go with the flow.
    I need my fingers to count...jeez, 10 months to go for me.

    How's Florida? Surfing yet? BEACHES...weeee

    I'm weird.

    I apologize if I'm freaking you out.

    I'm not like this in rl.
    You guys are older than me? Irish is 18? WHAT THE HELL? IRISH LOOKS 15 TO ME....
    Brandoon, I r kidding wit u dawg, pea$e.

    Oh, and you're no ISFP.

    Don't listen to adymus, he told me I's an ESFJ. that old dawg.
    No need man. I brought some of that nice ass bread home with me ;). The appetizers we had was also awesome, it was like, garlic and mashed potatoes rolled around in yapanese bread crumbs and fried...or baked...it was fukkin good, and they were huge :D
    Basically everything on the menu was $10.00, even the appetizers and the salads, but they give you a crap load of food. They also have this amazing bread that looks like a brownie. I mean I was in shock that it wasn't a damn brownie. It looked like it had chocolate icing and everything, but nope, it was just some good ass bread
    Ah, at least it's getting better. And dude, Dad took me to McGuires Irish Pub yesterday, and that shit is good
    I recommend babies with barbecue sauce and cilantro.

    Or, you could irradiate them and build a circus out of super-powered toddlers. :D
    "sucked dick for cocaine" -...you got serious problems..

    But yeah, I can relate[to the video thing not the dick]. I've been trying to make a video but ugh, it doesn't me inspire me much and I'll probably regret it once I finished. meh.

    ENFP/INFP/ENTP ... does it matter[to you]?
    You think you so good with your batz eh?...I'm taking a guess that you're super bored right about now?
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