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Generally, does love find you or do you have to find it or work for it?


Spiritual "Woo"
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Today, 02:38
Jan 24, 2013
It is both. That is the honest truth. It is not that you are the one responsible for being in a relationship and it is not that the other is responsible for you being in a relationship. Think about a romantic relationship as a marriage. It takes both parties to agree to it.

If you alone pursue, you run the risk of having your advances seem like they are oppressing or harassment. If you leave it completely up to the other person, then you run the risk of not selling yourself for who you really are and this will reflect itself in the relationship.

Think of a romantic relationship like a game. There are rules for what you can and cannot do, but the other part is that it is a cooperative endeavor. The way it works best is for it to be mutual. It cannot be mutual if you do not have the right idea about how to approach the goal (of a relationship) of the game.
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