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  • It is an awesome site and I'm almost certain that the author, Jamie Andreas, is INTP. I can't look at your video now cos I'm at work but I'll check it out later.
    Two weeks is nothing: be patient. Also, go to that site I told you about, Guitar Principles dot com, and read the article on chord changes. Also, start changing chord before the end of the bar and strum a couple of open chords to give you more time to change. Everyone does this. Listen to Wonderwall by Oasis for a good example of it in action.
    You smoke cloves?

    And sorry about the girlfriend thing, man. Don't know what else to say about that.

    And if cryptonia reads this - sure it wasn't due to the forum outages? I wouldn't trust the log.
    I have duel citizenship. I went to high school in the states, but I'm living back in Canada now. You live in seattle right? We're only about a 3 hour drive from each other.
    You ignored me? Why would you ignore me dude? I thought we were always cool. I wonder what that ignore function does if you can still read my posts and messages.
    yeah... I just saw your thread, and I understand. You seem pretty cool too. I've liked you steadily more and more since face left :).

    also: I didn't realize it til I just hit the "view conversation" thing to respond to you, but I just realized I ignored you sometime back near the end of July. I could have sworn I replied to that.... but I can't imagine the forum log lies. So... er... sorry, if that bugged you at all.
    I dunno, maybe.
    Edit: I don't think so, not cannon anyway.
    Don't play through pain!! Muscle fatigue is one thing, but sharp pain, stop immediately and re-adjust - exactly like what you did, very good :D
    It's worth trying. There's more potential benefit if you try than if you don't.
    Yeah, that is tough. :/ The only thing I can think of is joining some sort of group - a club, or a class, or a community centre. Somewhere you can meet people somewhat similar to yourself.

    Maybe you could do volunteer work. Help out people struggling with drug problems. You might benefit from it as well.
    I miss smoking too... Don't even get me started on that ;__; Damn. I used to smoke Marlboro Soft hence my question.
    It's funny, I've been debating whether to take my prescription medication or not (olanzapine for bipolor). What kind of meds do you take?

    I'm Canadian so I don't smoke Marlboro. The smokes in my pocket are DuMaurier...the smoothest god damn smokes in the world. God I miss smoking now...:slashnew:
    Oh it means two things.
    Ran is my nickname for many years now so it's for Me_on_drugs (prescription drugs) and using it's literal sense in English as: I ran on drugs (as in i used to smoke weed as if it was a fuel for my body rofl).

    Nice photo man, is that some marlboro on your pocket ?
    11 years or so. Kinda over it now though. You got a teacher? I recommend Jamie Andreas's Guitar Principles. It's more technical than most (read: any) other books but it's worth it.
    Hmmm maybe when you're starting out to help you learn, but ultimately, no. The good players don't have to watch their fingers. Thinking of learning?
    Yeah, I suppose it's kinda part of the whole teenager thing. We gotta screw up enough so that we know to get our shit together when we're older :]
    Mmmm, that's a really good idea =]
    I wish I was that organized, I'm not even sure if I have any goals right now =P
    That's awesome that you actually care enough to put up reminders for yourself :]
    My stepdad just started smoking again, and he wont even admit it.
    I had no idea people even noticed my absences of hello. I tend to get kind of lazy about it =P
    but I guess better late then never!
    Hello there =]
    (interesting avatar btw, what inspired you to put it up?)
    But ... but... making people feel weird is my specialty! Don't you like me for who I am :'(
    thats fine.. i often have feelings for/against people who look like people i once knew.
    im thinking about changing my profile picture anyway, because anyone from my highschool area would be able to identify what highschool i went to, and from there could find out allot of information about me that i wouldnt necessarily want stalking strangers to know.
    im sorry. it is me.
    why do you want to punch me.
    it was a joke really.. it was my senior picture in highschool.. and i didnt feel like just smiling.
    have you noticed the necklace yet?
    that is not, by any means, a face i do normally.. lol.
    Ohhhh okay, I thought you were saying you still lived there. I was going to ask if you wanted to hang out, haha.
    No. I just joined in Oct. I don't believe it's even been a full month. Is 200 a lot of posts? ^_^;
    lol, I'm starting to think I need to take down that picture.. you damn INTPs are freaking me out!
    As surely as there are downs, there will be ups. Life feels awful for you right now, as you are feeling trapped by your situation.

    Take one step at the time. I think the first thing you need to do is find a job, so concentrate on that. There is nothing more depressing than having nothing to do.

    There is no point in thinking about the money situation if there is nothing you can do right now.

    As far as your family are concerned, maybe you need to take the first step. Sometimes after a crisis, people around you don't always know how to approach you. It may just be a matter of calling home and saying: mum/dad: I really need your support right now. But then, I don't know what kind of relationship you have with them.

    I wish you all the best, and yes: things can only get better after what you have been through. You are stronger than you think.
    umm, "pree-la-muss" i guess...

    though "that dude" could also work for the sake of your mental pronunciation :p
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