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  • Thanks, I don't think it'll last much longer though, I've had some fun in the arena, and am already feeling much better :)
    Haha, flllaaab , you should hear my pronounciation of it. Even worse. Like 'Floib'.

    Hrm, maybe not shot, after all it is called 'soccer' on rare occassions.

    But not in Ireland anyway, because we have other sports we adore, meaning while we have many football crazies, they're not as fanatical. Not to mention the Irish footy teams are shite!

    I'm six two:D

    Yay! Gingers are undeniably sexy. Least I think so...
    At least you aren't overweight!

    Overweight people are hardly ever attractive.

    And I'm not so fond of football either!

    Uh, reason to hate me...

    Uhm, I'm Irish, and probably taller than you.

    Or are you religious?

    In that case, I'm a bisexual atheist.:D

    You may be rubber, BUT I AM GLUE!
    You're a yank?


    I was under the impression you were English.

    It's all grand, I need not come up with an excuse to hate you now.:D

    I want flat food. Minimal effort and more surface area=more sections/ taste.

    Heh-heh, excellent. I will CRUSH you!
    Late at night?

    What on earth do you mean, it's still morning!:P

    Gah, is it extremely wrong to note that despite being the least physical person alive, I am now under incredible temptation to squeeze you?


    Thats odd, very odd, or at least, normal enough to be odd in my eyes.
    Ah, greetings oh squeaky one.

    It is long since we last spoke, and an eternity since it was personal.

    How are you?

    Before you ask, I am not.
    Inception does look really good. DiCaprio has managed to prove to me that he's a competent actor due mostly to his performance in Shutter Island. I'm considering adding that movie to my top ten list.
    Hahah I really like pasta. but ASIDE from that, it sounds like my last name so everyone just calls me faithapasta =]
    Hehe, I've been busy! I just finished my finals last week so I've been taking a little time off before the summer work mayhem starts :D. I'll probably make one on Friday if I find something worthwhile to talk about!
    Nice! I'll check it out. I really like Ahmad Jamal. I've been on an international music kick lately. I discovered Rupa and the April Fishes a while back with their eXtraOrdinary rendition album. They've got a new one out called Este Mundo that's a lot of fun as well.
    Anamalech asked Claverhouse to ban him. I don't think it was done as a punitive measure. :)
    There we have it. In all likelihood, INTP is the most fitting answer answer. (On my terms, at least)

    I no longer doubt much about the effects of development. This brings down typing based on the judgment relying on development of articulation. Thanks.
    I actually am not sure what Ne or Ni is, heh :)

    But perhaps Ne is temporary and usually multiple possibility? Ni is permanent stored idea throughout life?

    Perhaps Ne works wherein a possibility is discussed and checked and if proven correct is stored in Si.

    And perhaps the method of Se-Ni is experience situations and store it within cognition in the form of an idea?

    Nonetheless, hypothetically speaking, which one would you be more familiar with?
    I also didn't consider much of you're information preference. You are an N simply because of what you say but I've never converted into either Ni or Ne. I believe your judgement whether you have Ni or Ne will be a determining point. It would also benefit my understanding of the theory. So, please, Ni or Ne?

    The development through video is now considered a fatal factor in articulation. Thanks.
    Er, just read your, uh "complaint". I typed you as Aux Je because of the "supposed" "Good" and "Relaxed" Articulation ability you have. Hey, if you're INTP, that's pretty cool considering the Inferior Fe handicap. But meh, my understanding of "Good" is only from indefinite experience.

    Typing from Je alone is probably not the most helpful approach. There are several external factors that I haven't considered enough.
    1. External Familiarity(Music + Low populated environment)
    2. Internal Cognitive Development.

    Those factors might have defeated my theory but might is only a possibility. And another possibility is that you are INxJ. :)
    It's interesting how people can draw such different conclusions while studying the same thing.

    Look at my first video, then look at my last 3. There's quite a change, I still don't know exactly what I did differently though.

    Oh look i posted a reply on my own profile :/
    Yeeeeaaaahhh... Words get's a little trigger happy when he thinks he has the theory down. Unfortunately in typing people you need more than just a theoretical understanding.

    Dude, you really are relaxed in your videos, I might just have to try the music thing to see if it helps me. Luckily, you have a good mic, so I don't find the music intrusive at all.
    It's not that. It's just that the PM controls show up weird for me, and I was ping-pong'd back and forth earlier today, I think. :P
    Yeah I've listened to those 3 as well. It's very hard to distinguish electronic music considering most modern artists incorporate elements of it... I love LCD Soundsystem, Caribou, Crystal Castles, The Knife... They all heavily feature electronics yet probably all enjoy ther own seperate genres. Idk, the only genres I've enjoyed referencing as of late are chillwave and witch house. And the best examples of those are in my opinion, Neon Indian and oOoOO.
    It's not really a good album to try to dissect and pick favorite tracks from, in fact it's really freakin' hard. I'd say my favorite songs are Zodiac Shit, Do The Astral Plane, and Drips//Auntie's Harp. However, ...And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke) is brilliant, and so are a handful of other tracks. It's just a great album. It's challenging and dense. Every listen reveals something new. Between that and his last album Los Angeles I'm just smitten. I've really falling in love with this guy. I'd advise getting Los Angeles first, I think it's a little more accessible. Either way, both albums require multiple listens before they can really be appreciated, I think. I didn't like either of them on my first listen, for the record. Now I can't stop playing them.
    I found a real life person who likes Captain Beefheart today.. and, and we played Where is my mind? by the Pixies, it made my day :D
    Nah, That's Newport. Aliso Viejo borders on Irvine.
    And yeah, I love Muse. Are you a fan?
    Sure am!

    You can come with Oresama and I, we intend to go to Japan in Samurai dress.

    T'will be fun!
    I ssuspect we will go to China, and form there realise that Japan is the home of the Manga, and then go to Japan to rectify the mistake of going to China.

    I'm not really a rabid anime fan either, I could probably become one easily..it just eent happened yet!
    Three sex slaves, all of them tops?


    (You said you liked hearing about reading things wrongs:p)


    I am not even slightly Chinese.

    No idea why I enjoy FF so much!

    Faulty genes?
    Hahahahha, I love reading things incorecctly.

    I mean, it sounded like you were saying you owned so many black people you occassionaly found one you hadn't used yet.

    Course, what you really mean is that stumble on something rare and precious is enjoyable/^_^

    Uh, Northern Ireland?

    It's the part of Ireland thats still part of the U.K, it was worse off than the rest of ireland for a while, but they've went downhill lately, and we're about the same.

    Coal mine huh?

    Yeah, and they got to play with pickaxes and TNT.

    Well from what i understand they were forced into small dangerous spaces and not much else, but I like my idea better.
    Hey Ducky, not at all i'm fairly open about most things anyway.

    I started living with a group of Christians when I came to university in october and we got on to a lot of discussions around the subject. So for a while I was involved in this disputation project arguing against Christianity, they made a lot of good points but of course I ignored it and shaped my viewpoints to get around what they were saying. I eventually realised I was lying to myself and prayed to God trying to be more open about it. After this I feel God started shaping me into a Christian. I'm still involved in the disputation project, I just argue on the Christian side now ;).

    I could go in to more detail about the prayers and responses, but there's no room here, pm me if you'd like me to :)

    How long have you been Christian yourself?
    Ha, I don't have cable either, so I know your pain. I simply have stopped watching tv all together. If I have a show that I really want to watch, I just watch it on my computer.

    Yeah, I kind of just skim through the videos. I made the same video like ten times, but something went wrong, so the audio was messed up every time I recorded, so I kind of gave up for the moment. Maybe I will make one when I'm at my friend's house, because she has a better webcam. It would be cool for everyone from that thread to try and do a multiple webcam chat, if that's possible. Maybe I will post something about that in a little bit.
    Yeah, I live right next to another theatre that's like that, it's alright. The vegan cookie theatre on the other hand.....AMAZING. The bathroom has a waiting room where all the walls except for the door are mirrors. It's a really cool building.
    Yeah...I mean, when I see a black person I'm all like 'oh, cool!'.

    It's hard not to stare, what with fascination of the exotic being easily mistaken for racism!:x

    Yes, well, I'm working for minimum minimum wage, or at least I was, but I still paid for mine!

    Minimum minimum being the least possible for the youngest possible, which is even less than minimum for adults!:P
    Ops, haha, I wasn't talking about Donnie Darko being weird (although it was kind of weird) I was talking about the Japanese movie called "Suicide Club". It was just....eh.

    I know, me too. I even have a hard time watching an entire one of the video clips on the Youtube thread. That's why I haven't posted any videos yet, because I simply don't have the patience to watch all the other videos.

    You should check around for theatres that play "different" movies then the current big releases. We have this one close to where I live that is really old, (but still in good condition) and they always have something interesting playing there. Plus, they serve vegan cookie :)
    Oh...and there are like, no Black people in Ireland.

    That ruins my conceptions considerably.

    user ripped?

    Does that mean stolen through vile means?

    Riiggghtt, I'd better play Chrono someday then, with any luck soon!

    Yes, the DS is interesting, but somewhat slower and less capable than the D.S, sadly.
    Haha, ohh the joys of procrastination. "Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now."-says the magnet on my fridge (:

    Director's cut of Donnie Darko.

    It was the strangest movie I have EVER seen. I just couldn't believe anyone had actually made a movie like that.

    Personally, I loved it. I'm not sure what others might think of it, because my best friend who I thought shared a similiar taste in movies, despised it. I found it to be a very enjoyable film, a bit disturbing though, but many of the best movies have some element of disturbing in them.
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