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  • Most of the political stuff has just been all about the elections or tied into the elections somehow. I'm ready for that to be done a few months ago.
    I dunno, nothing is much different here. I live in Maryland about 30 minutes away from the edge of Washington DC. Last summer the most excitement was the Baltimore riots, where I could set on my porch and listen to the sirens in the distance all day...
    How are things going over in Paris? I don't think I got a chance to participate in your other thread a few weeks ago, but I hope things are settling over there with the anti-Muslim weirdness on the street.
    Yeah, like I said, it can be addressed elsewhere rather than derailing the thread that Cherry already derailed in such a spectacularly awful way three whole days ago.

    The staff probably should have moved that junk somewhere else.
    Lol. I just wanted to defend hunting but my dog isn't a hunting dog. He's a pure bred collie with three legs.. I got hungry one day. I was going to send a pic but can't remember my imgur password. His name is Albie ^^
    You startled me, friendly spontaneous human.

    Your Hitlerian parody gave me a laughing headache what with Bobhead Braun and the Heiling Heliums.

    Thanks for the startling and wishes of wellness upon your mental journeys ^.^
    hey thanks friendly anime person with the profile pic that made me laugh, I just might.
    Ah, memories...
    I hope that's what your avatar is, anyway.
    Otherwise, awkward...
    I might have on occasion had a dream about a site I was on. Not this one, I think, but others....

    It shows up most for me when I'm online and not thinking, and I catch myself just automatically opening up browsers windows and typing URLs without consciously being aware of what I'm going to type. Doh.
    The funny thing is, I found a huge article full of pics of those dolls a day or two before Yellow decided she would leave. Weird timing!
    Well, they both started painting each other as something unsuitable, although I guess that's just part and parcel for an actual election. Sanders wants to frame things in terms of ideology and has tried to insist Hillary isn't progressive because she's not as progressive as him (and now calls her "pandering" to blacks for tying herself to Obama, although she's been helping blacks since the 70's and was Obama's Secretary of State for four years), and yeah meanwhile she's portraying his plans as unrealistic, which is about method not ideology.

    Being a "moderate" means you see progress as incremental; it's more a method than an ideology. So when they get into those arguments, it's like personality types arguing, they're not actually talking about the same things and what they're really doing is wrestling over the framework to view a situation in.
    Yeah, I noticed that I'm just analyzing the race / explaining the dynamics, versus some thread participants who are heavily promoting a favored candidate... I find analysis more interesting, to be honest, especially watching the broad dynamics. It's a "system" & I'm trying to gauge what it'll produce by examining the parts & how they interact.

    Personally there are no Republican candidates I was ever seriously interested in & quite a few whose stance on issues I found abhorrent. On the democratic side, Bernie has some great ideals but I'm not at all convinced his plans are plausible. Hillary has her own issues, although I know she's competent. I haven't looked at third-party candidates much yet.

    I'm fiscally moderate and lean socially liberal, and desire balanced solutions, so...whatever aligns. I matched Clinton and Sanders in those online questionnaires as far as "shared ideas/values."
    studying to become a social worker at a university, moved away from stockholm up to a northern town cause i was guaranteed cheap housing, im slowly fucking it up but maybe i can actually get a complete education this time and not get sick of it all and switch tracks
    I have read just a bit but I appreciate that you enjoyed it because it was a new analogy for me to try out.

    I, in turn enjoyed this post of yours and relate strongly.
    Yeah I know. I'm the best at stuff. My reasonability comes from my Y chromosome, take that bitch! :p
    Hello, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your reply, and that I did so in particular because I can relate to so many of your own struggles and conflicts. I have tried responding to you and Adaire a few times, but, in short, I have been pretty shaken up the last few days, and there are a lot of things happening until monday, but I hope to respond soon. I really hope you are doing well, Higs, and it is nice to see that you are still around here as well:)
    ......................................Hodor !
    :0 have been absent once more.
    I hope this late Hodor! reaches you in time, before the apocalypse consumes us all.

    If I am too late, then this message shall be lost in the void of the internet, where humanity creates and discards ideas, relationships and entire communities with impunity.
    we are what we experience therefore not flesh puppets imo, who cares if there is no free will when we still feel like we make decisions and ice cream tastes good and sex and meaningful relationships and all

    dat abstract reduction of things into rules and all that is all very good but it doesn't change the reality of experience imo

    you gotta have the cake and eat it too
    In any case you are right of course, things do progress. I wonder what'll happen when the oil really starts running out though. Or when the ice age hits, haha. But, yeah it's not like at the break of world war I when people where all like "yay it's finally time for war, so long ma an pa I'll be back soon <3"
    I like to think I'm an optimist too, at least I'm not a pessimist! I'ma quote Leonard Cohen on this:

    "I don't consider myself a pessimist at all. I think of a pessimist as someone who is waiting for it to rain. And I feel completely soaked to the skin."

    But seriously, I think there's something really sad about the fact that everything has to be covered up or transformed, as if though the world is unbearable if we see it for what it is. Naturally I've been called a cynic by lots of people, and the people I hang out with are typically also cynics, but it's like all we do is sit around and lament together, we just don't try to tip toe around things. Of course there are the occasional bitter tangents as well.
    Looking at the Golden Dawn party in Greece I think it's pretty obvious that it could happen again. All it takes for people to become retarded is a fucked economy. Hitler shouldn't be taking the blame, humanity should be, humanity is stupid, we are stupid, Hitler was just a man. I'm pretty sure Trier is on to this -in my opinion- much more accurate and healthy view of WWII, I mean it pretty much follows from what he said. But people don't want to go down that road, because they are vain and they don't really want to see things for what they are, they would rather risk another world war than do that. They would rather pretend that what Von Trier said was awful, so that they can fight him like a strawman and feel like decent folks. They are just blinding themselves by making enemies of people like Trier, it's an easy battle to win and that's why they go for it.
    I dunno. I'm not sure it's a good thing, the whole thing being hot to touch also makes people ignorant of it. For the average person it's like Hitler was a bad bad man, what happened was awful and it ain't gonna happen again cause we know now and we wont let someone like Hitler fuck shit up like that and that's all we need to know. Whereas in truth Hitler was a little neurotic from the get go, but not a psychopath, rather just a man shaped by circumstance, when it's the circumstances that are interesting.
    P.S. my french is poor these days, so i will refrain from writing too much. but actually, i understand it in written form quite well, donc si tu peux m'ecrire en la langue ca serai excellente. j'aime regarder, par exemple, des filmes avec des sous-titres en francais, et je comprends cela. quelquefois, je m'amuse en faire des combinaisons...un peu bizarre. je parle aussi l'espagnol (mais pas tellement expertement), ainsi avec certaines filmes j'aime ecouter l'audio en espagnol et lire des sous-titres en francais, et ca c'est a la fois, et ma tete, ma pauvre tete en ces moments...i think of such activites as sort of Ni
    read anything good lately? do you write in french? english? i would want to read your writings.

    im going through a bit of a block. the written word seems futile at times. i was talking to my friend about what a conscious process language is, and how i would prefer a medium that goes beyond the conscious mind. film manages to do this very well...

    but then i realized that (the more abstract) poetry and foreign languages both circumvent the usual barriers. so if you have anything in french, i would be delighted, but also anything else...
    my life is also pretty evocative of 'P,' but i posit that this is normal for 4w5.

    actually, i havent been at all enthusiastic about music in the last few years. maybe it's strange, but silence is now my preferred form of music. im pretty sure im HSP, so im overly sensitive to sensory stimuli. and there doesnt seem to me to be a great deal of originality in music for the moment anyway. ive developed rather a distaste for the implementation of music as a status symbol (e.g., so-called 'hipster' types who think they're cool because they listen to such-and-such little-known band). ive grown to despise almost all groups, actually. i have a handful of dispersed friends, but mostly i like to be alone so that i have ample room to think for myself.
    You have bipolar disorder? It seems to be fairly common among the NFPs, whereas INFJs seem more likely to suffer from unipolar depression.

    Are you still passionate about art?

    I suppose my path through life winds and zigzags a lot but my dad says perseverance is what counts, and I persevere pretty well. I believe I am getting where I want to be, albeit at a tortoise's pace. But I sincerely believe it's the journey that counts. Some of my peers who have been more "centered" and "focused" are getting places, but I don't believe they've stopped to smell the roses as much as I have. There's this Lincoln quote I like:

    "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

    I wish I were better at French. I would want to talk to you in French. Maybe you can help me? :)
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